ivyfung1/syllabus: Syllabus for Blockchain Training
Features of Blockchain What is Blockchain? 2 hours
• Define Blockchain
What are the characteristics of Blockchain?
• Distributed Network (Peer-to-peer)
• Secure
• Immutable
• Transparent but anonymous (auditable)
• Fast and economic
The Technology of Blockchain What issues Blockchain solved? 2 hours
• Trust
o Transparency
o Traceability
o Immutability
How does Blockchain works?
• Create transaction
• Candidate block
• Consensus Protocol
o Proof-of-Work
o Proof-of-Stake
o Proof-of-Importance
• Block gets added to the honest chain.
• The limitations of Blockchain
History of Blockchain When was Blockchain started? 1 hour
• Pre-Bitcoin
o DigiCash
o HashCash
o Bit Gold
o B-Money
• 2008. The Bitcoin White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto
• 2015. Altcoins: Ethereum, NEM etc.
The future of Blockchain and Its Use Cases Whom is it for? 2 hours
How Blockchain changes our lives:
• Fintech
• Notarization
• Data storage
• Social Media
• Copyrights

How Blockchain will impact us?
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6 weeks ago
Overview of Virtual CurrencyDefinition Purported benefitsoIncreased access to financial services to the “unbanked”oInnovative technology, blockchainPurported risksoUnregulatedoOutside of conventional banking systemCentralized vs. decentralizedVirtual currency exchangeHistory of Virtual CurrencyWhy history isimportantoPatternsoThreats are the sameChronological history and regulatory evolutionoe-Gold, the first digital currencyoWebMoneyoThe “Silk Road”marketplaceoState laws regarding digital currencyoBitcoin BTC-ECurrent currenciesBitcoin and blockchain
bitcoin  course  syllabus 
6 weeks ago
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