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FiloSottile/mkcert: A simple zero-config tool to make locally-trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.
Using certificates from real CAs for development can be dangerous or impossible (for hosts like localhost or, but self-signed certificates cause trust errors. Managing your own CA is the best solution, but usually involves arcane commands, specialized knowledge and manual steps.

mkcert automatically creates and installs a local CA in the system root store, and generates locally-trusted certificates.
security  ssl  webdev 
11 weeks ago by mwender
Dockerized LAMP/MEAN stack
february 2018 by mwender
What are NPM, Yarn, Babel, and Webpack; and how to properly use them?
Most of us who got into building interactive web apps, started from building normal websites using libraries such as jQuery. As we move forward to starting our adventure, we first encounter these four technologies. Setting up a React project becomes a painful experience. In this article, we will try to alleviate this painful experience by explaining these technologies one by one and how they work together.
javascript  webdev  yarn  babel  webpack 
february 2018 by mwender
cell.js - a self-driving web app framework
A self-constructing web app framework powered by a self-driving DOM. Implemented in vanilla javascript
framework  javascript  webdev 
february 2018 by mwender
Web Developer Roadmap - 2018 -
Below you find a set of charts demonstrating the paths that you can take and the technologies that you would want to adopt in order to become a frontend, backend or a devops. I made these charts for an old professor of mine who wanted something to share with his college students to give them a perspective.
programming  webdev 
january 2018 by mwender
brandonweiss/discharge at producthunt
A simple, easy way to deploy static websites to Amazon S3
aws  webdev  staticsites 
october 2017 by mwender
Perfect widgets for your website | GetSiteControl
"Perfect widgets for your website:
surveys, lead forms, contact forms,
live chats, popups, social media buttons
— all in one place!"
marketing  tools  webdev 
october 2017 by mwender
The Cloud CMS for Jekyll - CloudCannon
Build Jekyll or static websites, have your team and clients update inline
cms  jeykll  webdev 
september 2017 by mwender
WordPress-Gear is a compendium of useful developer tools for working with WordPress.
webdev  wordpress  development 
march 2017 by mwender
micro-github/ at master · mxstbr/micro-github · GitHub
A tiny microservice that makes adding authentication with GitHub to your application easy.
github  authentication  webdev 
february 2017 by mwender
Reduce email development time by hours » MailDeveloper
Reduce email development time by hours

Create bulletproof emails with minimal coding. Spend the time on something else.
webdev  html  Email 
january 2017 by mwender
A lot of information on AWS is already written. Most people learn AWS by reading a blog or a “getting started guide” and referring to the standard AWS references. Nonetheless, trustworthy and practical information and recommendations aren’t easy to come by. AWS’s own documentation is a great but sprawling resource few have time to read fully, and it doesn’t include anything but official facts, so omits experiences of engineers. The information in blogs or Stack Overflow is also not consistently up to date.
webdev  aws 
october 2016 by mwender
Introduction | WordPress The Right Way
This book is a condensed resource of best practices for and by WordPress developers, intended to fast track developers past common mistakes and painful problems.
webdev  wordpress 
october 2016 by mwender
Simple user authentication for web apps -
This blog post shows how you can use and a database to develop an application where users can sign up with your app and get access to their own data.
webdev  javascript 
september 2016 by mwender
Easy Query - a visual query builder for WordPress
Visually build a custom easy_query shortcode and WP_Query code snippet based on the content of your website by adjusting various parameters in the Query Builder.
webdev  wordpress  wp_query 
september 2016 by mwender
intercooler.js - Simple AJAX using HTML attributes
AJAX With Attributes: There is no need to be complex
webdev  ajax  javascript 
september 2016 by mwender
Database Merging Made Easy: Something We've Been Working On for the Past Year
Mergebot combines the benefits of scripting and the (fictional) magic merge tool without any of the negatives.

You install the Mergebot plugin on your local and live sites. Then as you make changes locally your changes are sent to our cloud app (

Later, you can safely refresh your local database by replacing it with the live database then running Mergebot to apply your changes. Not only have you refreshed your local database, you’ve also just tested a database deployment locally. You can continue developing and refresh your local database regularly, testing your deployment regularly.
wordpress  webdev  versioncontrol 
august 2016 by mwender
A simple CMS that's easy to setup, easy to use, and perfect for clients · Surreal CMS
Connect Surreal CMS to your site via SFTP, add `class="editable"` to the content you want your clients to edit, and Surreal takes care of the rest. Great solution for static sites that you need to let your clients edit.
cms  webdev 
august 2016 by mwender
FallibleInc/security-guide-for-developers: Security Guide for Developers
The intended audience

Security issues happen for two reasons -

1. Developers who have just started and cannot really tell a difference between using MD5 or bcrypt.
2. Developers who know stuff but forget/ignore them.

Our detailed explanations should help the first type while we hope our checklist helps the second one create more secure systems. This is by no means a comprehensive guide, it just covers stuff based on the most common issues we have discovered in the past.
programming  security  webdev 
july 2016 by mwender
Download Blisk - a browser for web developers
Develop and test websites that look great and work fine on any device

Fully emulated phones and tablets inside
URL and scroll of desktop and mobile are in sync
Blisk refreshes pages automatically on file change
Debug desktop and mobile with DevTools
Blisk works with any IDE, language and framework
browser  programming  webdev 
july 2016 by mwender
Our Enclosed Space ∙ An A List Apart Column
Really well said. Article about realities of 'real-world' web dev... Our Enclosed Space -
webdev  from twitter_favs
march 2014 by mwender

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