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Canadian army disassembles and reassemables Jeep in under 4 min - YouTube
Canadian army disassembles and reassemables Jeep in under 4 min. *brain explodes*
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november 2013 by mwarkentin
Landscapes: Volume Two on Vimeo
Full screen, turn up the sound, and enjoy your Sunday:
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may 2013 by mwarkentin
Triage: real-world error logging for web applications - YouTube
Triage: real-world error logging for web applications - Lars Yencken,Luke Cawood
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august 2012 by mwarkentin
SublimeVideo - HTML5 Video Player
@ryangiglio I liked SublimeVideo (), but pricing hasn't been set yet.
html5  video  player  service  saas 
august 2010 by mwarkentin
Video JS | HTML5 Video Player
Nice open source HTML5 video player UI. View source to see "Video For Everybody" markup extended for WebM:
video  html5  javascript  webm  mp4  flash 
may 2010 by mwarkentin

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