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Easily test your website's security headers and get an understandable report about how to make improvements
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december 2015 by mwarkentin
Continuous visual integration for web apps
ci  development  ui  testing  devops  saas 
october 2015 by mwarkentin
Drip :: Email Marketing Automation for Visitors, Trials and Customers
I've used everything for email automation under the sun, and built internal apps for it, and is my favorite by far.
email  marketing  saas  from twitter_favs
april 2015 by mwarkentin
StatusCake | Website Uptime Monitoring & Alerts – Free Unlimited Downtime Monitoring
Loved Pingdom for years, but their interface and pricing got kinda lame. StatusCake is a solid replacement:
monitoring  analytics  service  web  server  saas  from twitter_favs
january 2015 by mwarkentin
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