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Illustrated Guide To Kubernetes Networking // Speaker Deck
I've meant to write this for a while. An illustrated guide to networking. It's not as pretty as I hoped.
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september 2016 by mwarkentin
Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes | Udacity
Learn by doing in this Udacity course on managing application containers using
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august 2016 by mwarkentin
Deis Workflow, Now Stable!
We're excited to announce Deis Workflow is stable! Read how we re-platformed to & other details here:
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june 2016 by mwarkentin
Queue App Digital Edition Index
Our article on , Borg and Omega is out in ACM Queue:

Many thanks to my co-authors and the ACM!
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february 2016 by mwarkentin
Kubernetes on AWS
The CoreOS team makes it easy to get Kubernetes up and running on AWS with the kube-aws tool:
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january 2016 by mwarkentin
Hacker News on Twitter: "Docker Orchestration"
Fundamentals of orchestration. Can't wait for the next one about why they choose over ECS
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november 2015 by mwarkentin
deis/helm · GitHub
The Deis team is working on a packager manager for . Think homebrew but for distributed applications.
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october 2015 by mwarkentin
Current Job Openings at CoreOS
We are hiring! Want to work on upstream & ? Reach out at careers(@),
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october 2015 by mwarkentin
Pachyderm - Containerized Data Analytics
Big data stack written in , in containers, on top of ! - Containerized Data Analytics.
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august 2015 by mwarkentin
CoreOS is Linux for Massive Server Deployments
We are hiring! Want to work on upstream #Kubernetes & #CoreOS? Reach out at careers(@),
linux  cloud  deployment  docker  coreos  Kubernetes 
may 2015 by mwarkentin

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