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A machine with 64 GB of RAM is the ideal sweet spot, but 32 GB and 16 GB machines are also common. Less than 8 GB tends to be counterproductive (you end up needing many, many small machines), and greater than 64 GB has problems that we will discuss in Heap: Sizing and Swapping.
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december 2015 by mwarkentin
Convox Launch a Private Cloud in Minutes ()
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august 2015 by mwarkentin
CoreOS is Linux for Massive Server Deployments
We are hiring! Want to work on upstream #Kubernetes & #CoreOS? Reach out at careers(@),
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may 2015 by mwarkentin
Deployment with Fabric
My slides from the talk at last night's Django SF Meetup on deploying Django w/ Fabric:
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november 2009 by mwarkentin
I've put my slides on my Deploying Django talk online — #djangocon
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october 2009 by mwarkentin

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