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GitHub - convox-examples/django: Django 1.9.7 app configured for Convox
Convox loves . Check out this example to see how easy it is to develop and deploy a Django app on Convox.
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july 2016 by mwarkentin
LyricalSecurity/django-yubikey-admin · GitHub
Hey #python friends. Just added TFA (@yubico yubikeys) to #django admin console. Update to pypi tonight. But for now
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july 2015 by mwarkentin
Awesome Django
Awesome Django is about to reach 2,000 stars, to celebrate, it now has its own domain: " "
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may 2015 by mwarkentin
Security releases issued | Weblog | Django
Django security releases issued - Django 1.4.20, 1.6.11, 1.7.7 and 1.8c1.
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march 2015 by mwarkentin
django-haystack/celery-haystack · GitHub
I just transferred the celery-haystack app to the new django-haystack GitHub org to improve maintenance:
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february 2015 by mwarkentin
Development dashboard | Django
The Django development dashboard got a facelift yesterday: Many thanks to for the porting help!
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february 2015 by mwarkentin
tryolabs/metamon · GitHub
Collection of Ansible playbooks to quickly start your Django Application
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january 2015 by mwarkentin
heroku/heroku-django-template · GitHub
heroku-django-template - A Django 1.7 base template featuring best practices for deployment on Heroku
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january 2015 by mwarkentin
django-hosts 1.1 : Python Package Index
Just released django-hosts 1.1 with a fix to improve handling requests with disallowed hosts
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january 2015 by mwarkentin
jezdez/django-constance · GitHub
I've taken over django-constance from of Comoga, release imminent: \o/
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december 2014 by mwarkentin
Django speaking JSON
I found a blog post on reddit and it turned out to be about one of my libraries, neat!
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october 2014 by mwarkentin
Ultimate Front End Development Setup
Frank's ultimate front end setup guide. With or without Django you want to read this for time saving tips!
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october 2014 by mwarkentin
11 Things I Wish I Knew About Django Development Before I Started My Company
[Please Retweet] 11 Things I Wish I Knew About Django Development Before I Started My Company

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june 2014 by mwarkentin
joke2k/django-environ · GitHub
Django-environ - allows you to utilize 12factor inspired env variables to configure your app
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june 2014 by mwarkentin
juanriaza/django-tempus · GitHub
‘Django Tempus’ provides url tokens that triggers custom actions version 0.6.0
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may 2014 by mwarkentin
chibisov/drf-extensions · GitHub
DRF-extensions - a collection of custom extensions for Django REST Framework
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april 2014 by mwarkentin
In which I try Django storages with Python 3 and end up with ’s whitenoise and Fastly instead.
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march 2014 by mwarkentin
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