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How we built a distributed, self-funded, family-friendly, profitable startup
“Atomic”: This is the codename for a new project we will release soon, built on top of AWS Lambda, Node, and TypeScript. Atomic will provide the “glue” between all the different DevOps tools you use today—e.g., AWS, Terraform, Docker, Packer, Jenkins, GitHub, JIRA, CloudWatch, etc.—offering a single, central place to manage all of your infrastructure.
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february 2018 by mwarkentin
Increment: On-Call
@mipsytipsy I assume you saw this a while back?
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april 2017 by mwarkentin
New on blog! How to centrally manage AWS Config Rules across multiple accounts:
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july 2016 by mwarkentin
Manage AWS EC2 SSH access with IAM
What an awesome workaround for SSH key management to EC2
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april 2016 by mwarkentin
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