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Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund Author of NYTimes Bestseller "CRUSOE THE CELEBRITY DACHSHUND".
16 hours ago
The trouble with saying you don't want children - BBC News
When Holly Brockwell spoke to the BBC about her decision not to have children, she knew she might be criticised on social media. But the attacks went far beyond what she had expected - accusations of selfishness soon turned into vitriolic abuse that made her deactivate her Twitter account.
17 hours ago
J’ai été otage de l’État islamique. Daesh craint plus notre unité que nos frappes aériennes | Nicolas Hénin | Comment is free | The Guardian
Ils vont suivre l’actualité et les réseaux sociaux, à l’affût des répercussions que pourront avoir leurs attaques meurtrières à Paris. Je les imagine, en ce moment même, scander : « Nous sommes en train de gagner ». Ils seront encouragés par tous les signes de réaction excessive, de division, de peur, de racisme, de xénophobie. Ils seront attentifs aux monstruosités qu’ils pourront lire sur les médias sociaux.
18 hours ago
Belgium Terrorizes Itself | World Affairs Journal
If a handful terrorists are planning an imminent attack and don’t get rolled up even more imminently, all they have to do is wait until Tuesday when the city is back to “normal” to strike.
4 days ago
Boko Haram have just murdered 2,000 people - so why aren't we talking about it? | Comment | Voices | The Independent
On Saturday, Boko Haram murdered 2,000 people. Amnesty International called it the "deadliest massacre" in the history of the extremist group. Homes were burnt down and buildings destroyed as corpses of men, women and children lay in the street. A survivor harrowingly spoke of  'stepping on dead bodies' as he escaped. Those that could grabbed what they could and fled. The attack has been described as "heartbreaking," "barbaric," and "senseless". And it is. But it won't change anything in Nigeria.
5 days ago
Detectify Labs
Popular Google Chrome extensions are constantly tracking you per default, making it very difficult or impossible for you to opt-out. These extensions will receive your complete browsing history, all your cookies, your secret access-tokens used for authentication (i.e., Facebook Connect) and shared links from sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The third-party services in use are hiding their tracking by all means possible, combined with terrible privacy policies hidden inside the Chrome Web Store.
advertising  privacy  security 
7 days ago
A New Biography of John le Carré Offers Insight into the Cold War Author’s Life - The Atlantic
And in the middle of it all is the spymaster Smiley, as much priest as agent, dense with subterranean knowledge, blinking, suffering, doughily pliable and razor-sharp. His wife cheats on him; his colleagues at the Circus, le Carré’s fictional version of British intelligence, corral him with a bruising, bullying affability. Quietly goes Smiley: memory spy, an artist of recollection, traveling back into the files, back into the memory banks of frazzled ex-Circus types such as Connie Sachs, back into his own mind, to find the truth of what is happening around him.
9 days ago
After a year, Google's effort to get ad-avoidant site visitors to pay flounders - Digiday
A year after launching Google Contributor to give publishers a way to charge for their content, uptake has been slow.
10 days ago
What Americans thought of Jewish refugees on the eve of World War II - The Washington Post
Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie of New Jersey was one of the many governors who on Monday said they would oppose settling Syrian refugees in their states; Christie insisted that he would not even permit "3-year-old orphans" entry. Today's 3-year-old Syrian orphan, it seems, is 1939's German Jewish child
10 days ago
Letter to Baghdadi - Open Letter to BaghdadiOpen Letter to Baghdadi
Join hundreds of Muslim leaders and Scholars worldwide in their Open Letter to Baghdadi.
10 days ago
The Saudis Are Stumbling. They May Take the Middle East with Them. - FPIF
America’s leading Sunni ally is proving how easily hubris, delusion, and old-fashioned ineptitude can trump even bottomless wealth.
12 days ago
Saudi Arabia's Curriculum of Intolerance | Freedom House
"What is being taught today in Saudi public school textbooks about how Muslims should relate to other religious communities will poison the minds of a new generation of Saudis," said Nina Shea, Director of the Center for Religious Freedom and principal author of the report. "Whatever changes have been made in the Saudi educational system, clearly more needs to be done."
13 days ago
Tufte CSS
Tufte CSS provides tools to style web articles using the ideas demonstrated by Edward Tufte’s books and handouts. Tufte’s style is known for its simplicity, extensive use of sidenotes, tight integration of graphics with text, and carefully chosen typography. Tufte CSS was created by Dave Liepmann and is now an Edward Tufte project.
css  design  presentation  tufte  typography 
13 days ago
How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name
Today’s Apple has eliminated the emphasis on making products understandable and usable, and instead has imposed a Bauhaus minimalist design ethic on its products. Unfortunately, visually simple appearance does not result in ease of use, as the vast literature in academic journals on human-computer interaction and human factors demonstrates.
apple  design 
13 days ago
‘Amandeldrank is een hype: geen superfood en al helemaal gee... - De Standaard
Waarom we zwichten voor de verpakkingen van amandelmelk waar een knapperige noot wordt opengebroken en het sap eruit spat? ‘Omdat we gewoon een nieuwe hype hebben: meer moet je daar niet achter zoeken’, zegt professor Theo Niewold van de faculteit bio-ingenieurswetenschappen aan de KU Leuven. ‘Net zoals we enkele jaren geleden sojamelk “ontdekten”, zien we nu plots amandeldrank in reclames en kookboeken.’
14 days ago
Doing Something About the ‘Impossible Problem’ of Abuse in Online Games | Re/code
As a result of these governance systems changing online cultural norms, incidences of homophobia, sexism and racism in League of Legends have fallen to a combined 2 percent of all games. Verbal abuse has dropped by more than 40 percent, and 91.6 percent of negative players change their act and never commit another offense after just one reported penalty.
14 days ago
Homeopathy 'could be blacklisted' - BBC News
Dat het tijd werd. "Ministers are considering whether homeopathy should be put on a blacklist of treatments GPs in England are banned from prescribing, the BBC has learned."
14 days ago
Europese waarden - De Standaard
Wat rest nog van de Europese waarden als vrijheid er alleen is voor de handel en niet voor mensen? Of van de humanistische verlichting als individuele gelijkheid van kansen er alleen is voor autochtonen en niet voor lui met een badge? Vicepremier Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) begreep het al. Hij trachtte de christelijke waarde van de naastenliefde te discrediteren door snerend te vragen hoeveel veldbedjes de kerk in haar lege kloosters neerpootte. Ziedaar zijn oplossing, ziedaar zijn mensbeeld.
15 days ago
Facebook's traffic to top publishers fell 32 percent since January - Digiday
While Facebook makes headlines for cooking up new initiatives with publishers, the actual traffic it’s sending those publishers has fallen sharply. Referral traffic (desktop + mobile) to the top 30 Facebook publishers (as defined by their reliance on Facebook) plunged 32 percent from January to October, according to SimpleReach, a distribution analytics company. The more reliant the publisher on Facebook, the bigger the hit: Among the top 10, the drop was a steeper 42.7 percent.
17 days ago
Larry McCaffery -- On Encompassing the Entire Universe: An Interview with Gene Wolfe
The only way I know to write is to write the kind of thing I would like to read myself, and when I do that it usually winds up being classified as SF or "science fantasy," which is what I call most of my work. Incidentally, I'd argue that SF represents literature's real mainstream. What we now normally consider the mainstream—so called realistic fiction—is a small literary genre, fairly recent in origin, which is likely to be relatively short lived. When I look back at the foundations of literature, I see literary figures who, if they were alive today, would probably be members of the Science Fiction Writers of America. Homer? He would certain belong to the SFWA. So would Dante, Milton, and Shakespeare. That tradition is literature's mainstream, and it has been what has grown out of that tradition which has been labeled SF or whatever label you want to use.
20 days ago
Genre Snobbery Is a 'Bizarre Act of Self-Mutilation' | WIRED
Literary writers find their creativity hemmed in on all sides by close-minded attitudes about what a novel should be, and fantasy and science fiction writers find their work dismissed out of hand by large numbers of readers and critics. But the biggest losers are readers themselves. “It’s a bizarre act of self-mutilation to say that ‘I don’t get on with science fiction and fantasy, therefore I’m never going to read any,'” Mitchell says. “What a shame. All those great books that you’re cutting yourself off from.”
20 days ago
Google Is Beta Testing Its Answer To Header Bidding, Called 'DFP First Look' | AdExchanger
Google is beta testing a solution within DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) that will allow publishers to bring in high-value impressions before reserved inventory in their ad server.
24 days ago
How ISIS Spread in Syria and Iraq—and How to Stop It - The Atlantic
“It is perfectly true, as the philosophers say, that life must be understood backwards. But they forget the other proposition: that it must be lived forwards.” This observation was made in 1843 by the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard in a journal entry, but it might have been written about the contemporary Middle East. We have been living the Islamic State forwards, surprised at every turn, but we can perhaps begin to understand it backwards. Although ISIS took most of the world by surprise when it swept into the Iraqi city of Mosul in June 2014, the group and its forebears had been proclaiming their goals for a decade. Like many consequential events, this one didn’t sneak up on policymakers; they simply didn’t see what was taking shape in front of them. ISIS told us exactly what it was going to do, and then did it. This was a secret conspiracy hiding in plain sight.
27 days ago
all ur faves are trans
"my disorders include but are not limited to: autism, bpd, dpd, ocd, adhd, aspd, hpd, avpd, gad, psychosis, chronic depression and did. all of them are self-diagnosed, but pls dont say that i dont have them bc i do."
27 days ago
'De Europese hypocrisie en schizofrenie over ggo's moet stoppen' - België - Knack.be
En iedereen doet rustig mee. We mogen ggo's invoeren als dierenvoer (ongeveer 30 miljoen ton per jaar), maar we mogen het hier niet telen. Dat is de - op zijn zachtst gezegd - onlogische stand van zaken na de stemming in het Europees Parlement vanochtend. Het wordt tijd dat Europa luistert naar de wetenschappelijke adviezen van EFSA en niet naar ngo's en politici die hun ganse ideologie, van anti-globalisering tot anti-kapitalisme, projecteren op de problematiek van de ggo's. Je zou het kunnen vergelijken met de klimaatonderhandelingen in Parijs. Daar laat Europa toch ook zijn agenda niet bepalen door ontkenners van de klimaatopwarming en een stelletje gemarginaliseerde wetenschappers? Waarom doet ze dat dan wel in het GGO-debat? Want de wetenschappelijke consensus rond GGO is minstens even groot als deze rond klimaatopwarming.

Sinds wanneer wordt beleid immers gevormd door diegene die het luidst praat of door een buikgevoel en niet door wetenschappelijke argumenten op basis van objectieve data en heldere procedures?
29 days ago
Why Homejoy Failed — Backchannel — Medium
Homejoy is far from being the lone example of a Silicon Valley startup to prioritize growth over revenue. Silicon Valley’s investors have published countless blog posts urging entrepreneurs to focus on expanding the customer base and to worry about a sustainable business model later.
4 weeks ago
Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It) — Bad Words — Medium
Twitter’s a cemetery. Populated by ghosts. I call them the “ists”. Journalists retweeting journalists…activists retweeting activists…economists retweeting economists…once in a while a great war breaks out between this group of “ists” and that…but the thing is: no one’s listening…because everyone else seems to have left in a hurry.
6 weeks ago
How Long Can Heavy Metal Legends Like Lemmy Kilmister Keep Rocking? - The Atlantic
This is the scalar difference between Motörhead and AC/DC: Lemmy has always spoken profoundly and poetically to his constituency of banged-up bikers and disaffectees; Angus is global. But when it’s done—and it’s almost done—there will be no more Anguses, no more Lemmys. The bloody-minded, death-demolishing longevity of AC/DC and Motörhead cannot be counterfeited or repeated.
6 weeks ago
Kristof Calvo: ‘Dit ruikt naar amateurisme’ - De Standaard
‘Natuurlijk hadden wij de nettoverhoging graag onmiddellijk helemaal doorgevoerd, maar we moeten ook rekening houden met de stand van het land dat we geërfd hebben’, beet N-VA’er Hendrik Vuye terug. ‘We kuisen de rommel op van 25 jaar socialisme. Het land dat we van u geërfd hebben, is een ziek land.’ Vuyes partijgenote Sarah Smeyers ging nog een stap verder, en noemde het socialisme ‘een ziekte die al tweehonderd jaar duurt’. ‘Het beleid van de federale regering zal opnieuw groei en jobs creëren’, maakte Vuye zich sterk. ‘We verlagen de lasten voor ondernemingen, verbeteren de competitiviteit en gaan voor jobs, jobs jobs.’ Dat werd bij PVDA op hoongelach onthaald. Raoul Hedebouw wees er bijvoorbeeld op dat ‘Coca-Cola vorig jaar nauwelijks belastingen betaalde in ons land, maar wel een kwart van de banen in Zwijnaarde schrapt’.
6 weeks ago
Ze zijn zo lief voor de N-VA meneer | Salon van Sisyphus
Jarenlang stonden de redacties , alle redacties, onder politieke druk. Vandaag de dag zijn de redacties daarvan bevrijd maar hun pas verworven vrijheid hebben ze zelf verkwanseld. Ze hebben de politieke druk vervangen door een commerciële. Zoals toenmalig hoofdredacteur Siegfried Bracke het ooit zei tegen zijn onderhorigen : “steek Filip De Winter in uw uitzendingen, dat is goed voor de kijkcijfers.” Vandaag doen Bracke’s opvolgers hetzelfde met zijn  huidige partijvoorzitter.
6 weeks ago
Waarom is het gemakkelijker om een linkse mens rechtser te maken dan omgekeerd? - België - Knack.be
Angst maakt ons in elk geval conservatiever. Dat lees ik weer in The Republican Brain van Chris Mooney. 'Je kunt liberals gemakkelijk conservatiever maken', schrijft hij. 'Niet met argumenten, maar door hen bang te maken of dronken te voeren.' De verklaring zou in beide gevallen dezelfde zijn: angst en alcohol remmen het complexe denkvermogen af
6 weeks ago
De VRT is onpartijdig genoeg, dank U. | Jan Blommaert (en z'n gedachten)
Is het zo moeilijk om de betoging en de staking te zien als vormen van conflict waarin diverse partijen tegenover mekaar staan met diametraal tegengestelde belangen? En als onderdeel van een groot proces van sociale en politieke strijd waarin voorvallen niet op zich, maar in relatie tot mekaar gezien moeten worden? En is het zo moeilijk toe te geven dat men zich doodwerkt op zinloze thema’s zoals peilingen, terwijl datgene wat mensen echt iets over hun samenleving leert verwaarloosd wordt, of herleid tot amusement en geweld? En als dit zo moeilijk is, is dat dan zo moeilijk toe te geven? Het is nochtans best dit te doen, aangezien de eenzijdigheid van deze berichtgeving moeilijk te weerleggen is. Enkel wanneer men de ziekte identificeert zal men de remedie vinden, zegt mijn boerenverstand. Begin er eens aan, mijn geliefde VRT-journalisten.
6 weeks ago
The Fascinating Life and Tragic End of the Polish Countess Who Became a Heroic British Spy
Krystyna Skarbek was said to be “Winston Churchill’s favorite spy;” she led an extraordinary life that peaked with clandestine acts of heroism during World War II—and ended tragically just a few years later. Six decades after her death, a biopic is said to be in the works. It’s about time.
6 weeks ago
Why Kindergarten in Finland Is All About Playtime (and Why That Could Be More Stimulating Than the Common Core) - The Atlantic
“[Children] learn so well through play. They don’t even realize that they are learning because they’re so interested.” When children play, Osei Ntiamoah continued, they’re developing their language, math, and social-interaction skills. A recent research summary “The Power of Play” supports her findings: “In the short and long term, play benefits cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development…When play is fun and child-directed, children are motivated to engage in opportunities to learn,” the researcher concluded.
8 weeks ago
Surprisingly Turing-Complete - Gwern.net
Turing-completeness (TC) is the property of a system being able to, under some simple representation of input & output, compute any program. TC, besides being foundational to computer science and understanding many key issues like “why a perfect antivirus program is impossible”, is also weirdly common: one might think that such universality as a system being smart enough to be able to run any program might be difficult or hard to achieve, but it turns out to be the opposite and it is difficult to write a useful system which does not immediately tip over into TC. It turns out that given even a little control over input into something which transforms input to output, one can typically leverage that control into full-blown TC.
8 weeks ago
What Old Age Is Really Like - The New Yorker
What does it feel like to be old? Not middle-aged, or late-middle-aged, but one of the members of the fastest-growing demographic: the “oldest old,” those aged eighty-five and above? This has been the question animating me for a couple of years, as I’ve tried to write a novel from the perspective of a man in his late eighties.
8 weeks ago
The Pointless Cowardice of John Boehner - The New Yorker
The mainstream reaction to the forced resignation of John Boehner as the Speaker of the House has been a kind of weary admiration. He fought the good fight against the extremists in his Republican caucus, the narrative goes, but his solid Midwestern virtues (he’s from Ohio) were ultimately no contest for the extremism of the Tea Party. This interpretation is far too generous to Boehner, whose failures, political and substantive, were due mostly to cowardice. The tragedy of Boehner is that he could have been a great Speaker, even on his own terms, but instead his legacy is one of almost complete failure.
8 weeks ago
Hollywood history podcast: Buster Keaton’s move to MGM in 1928.
MGM was paying Buster Keaton $3,000 a week and seemed literally afraid to let him open his mouth. But as sound fully took hold at MGM, Keaton would long for the days of silence. Listen to the episode to find out how, over the next three years, Keaton lost everything—his house, his kids, his job at MGM—and how, over the three decades after that, he got his dignity back.
8 weeks ago
Applying to College Shouldn't Require Answering Life's Great Questions - The Atlantic
There are innumerable sites that offer advice for college applicants, and almost all of them involve admissions experts pleading with students to “be genuine.” But I don’t blame a 17-year-old girl for thinking her authentic answer to “What makes you happy?” won’t get her into college. My honest response—which probably would have involved Ben and Jerry’s and a new episode of Gossip Girl—certainly would not have gotten me into school. It’s not reasonable to tell a 17-year-old kid to “Be yourself!” while asking him to evaluate the meaning of knowledge in the 21st century or to discuss philosophical theories.
8 weeks ago
BBC - Earth - Why don’t you ever see baby pigeons?
Baby pigeons have been described as 'butt ugly'
9 weeks ago
BBC - Earth - Rats will save their friends from drowning
If one rat is drowning, another will step in to save it. The new finding suggests that these rodents feel empathy
9 weeks ago
Ignore Pope on climate, says Republican Marsha Blackburn - BBC News
Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, the second-highest ranking member on the House energy committee, says the jury is out on global warming. Asked what scientific evidence would persuade her that climate change was a threat, she replied - "I don't think you will see me being persuaded." Asked whether she accepted the theory of evolution she said: "No I do not."
climate  environment  research  science 
9 weeks ago
U leidt een stad vol schorremorrie, Burgemeester | Jan Blommaert (en z'n gedachten)
De bewoners van Uw stad blijken in de wereld zoals U ze beleeft bovenal veroorzakers van overlast te zijn, potentiële misdadigers en ordeverstoorders, profiteurs, labbekakken, links uitschot en ranzige bakfiets-egoïsten “die ge vijf frank zou geven als ge ze ziet”. Volk dat zomaar (zomaar!!) door het rood licht loopt of fietst, dat automobilisten hindert in de uitoefening van hun vrijheid, en het efficiënte bestuur van Uw kleine Rome saboteert. U bestuurt een stad die, volgens Uw eigen beeld ervan, bevolkt wordt door schorremorrie dat zoniet goedschiks dan kwaadschiks – met para’s en oorlogswapens – moet leren zich te gedragen. Uw bevolking ziet U als een collectie zwakkelingen die dringend wat discipline moeten aanleren. Kogels van negen centimeter lang kunnen daarbij helpen. U lijkt de bevolking van de stad, waarvoor U een soort surrogaat-vader zou moeten zijn, eigenlijk te haten. Uw houding is die van Basil Fawlty die een hotelgast in zijn Fawlty Towers, die om zijn aandacht had gevraagd, toeschreeuwde: I’m trying to run a hotel here!!
9 weeks ago
The bitter rivalry behind the world’s smallest chess program
“You only have one life and so many minutes in your day—in your life—to accomplish things and to focus on things that matter,” Olivier Poudade says. His heavily accented voice comes crackling down the line from his cellphone, bounced and beamed from Savoie, in the French Alps, where he’s vacationing and visiting his mother. While overlooking the mountain ridges of the Tarentaise Valley, the 44-year-old Frenchman is talking about the things that matter in life, and how the time in which we have to do them is finite and always diminishing, ticking away whether or not we spend it wisely. With his time—he figures about 600 hours over three months—he wrote a computer game called BootChess. It’s a chess game crammed into an impossibly small 487 bytes of code; the Wikipedia page explaining the rules of chess, in contrast, runs 53,162 bytes, more than 109 times larger. When he released BootChess in January 2015, it broke a 32-year-old record for the smallest computer implementation of chess on any platform.
9 weeks ago
Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” Is Our Most Misread Poem
Most readers consider “The Road Not Taken” to be a paean to triumphant self-assertion (“I took the one less traveled by”), but the literal meaning of the poem’s own lines seems completely at odds with this interpretation. The poem’s speaker tells us he “shall be telling,” at some point in the future, of how he took the road less traveled by, yet he has already admitted that the two paths “equally lay / In leaves” and “the passing there / Had worn them really about the same.” So the road he will later call less traveled is actually the road equally traveled. The two roads are interchangeable.
culture  literature  poetry 
10 weeks ago
The sad state of web app deployment / fuzzy notepad
My experience is admittedly limited here, but as far as I can tell, installing a Rails app is impossible. It reads configuration from the source directory. It logs to the source directory. You have to manually precompile all the assets, which are of course also written to the source directory. Rails is one of the most popular web frameworks in the world, championed by developers everywhere. And you can’t actually install anything written with it. This is a joke, right?
10 weeks ago
An Odd Couple: Samuel Beckett & Buster Keaton | Moving Image Archive News
Some 50 years ago, the playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett and the silent-era film star Buster Keaton worked together on a singular creation of cinematic art.
10 weeks ago
Hebden Bridge Chess Club: The Hardest chess problem in the world?
Hebden Bridge Chess Club members will be well acquainted with my passion for digging up chess curiosities from across the ‘interweb’. Recently I came across the perplexing puzzle below. It’s White to play and mate in 1.
10 weeks ago
Anil Dash
To be fair, Will.I.Am’s interest in technology has become clearer in recent years; he recently put out a smartwatch called PULS, which is a good alternative to the Apple Watch for people who prefer a smartwatch that doesn’t work.
10 weeks ago
West 'ignored Russian offer in 2012 to have Syria's Assad step aside' | World news | The Guardian
Russia proposed more than three years ago that Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, could step down as part of a peace deal, according to a senior negotiator involved in back-channel discussions at the time. Former Finnish president and Nobel peace prize laureate Martti Ahtisaari said western powers failed to seize on the proposal.
10 weeks ago
Slipping Away | Maclean's Magazine
Jo Aubin has Alzheimer's. He's 38.
11 weeks ago
That Facebook post you just liked is an ad—and you didn’t even realize it
In the gold rush for Facebook traffic, brand and celebrity pages are the final frontier. Liquid Social’s strategy circumvents that problem facing most publishers by letting people with influential social media accounts do the legwork.
11 weeks ago
Longread: "Schaam u, meneer De Wever" | Vluchtelingen | De Morgen
Hij kon zijn oren niet geloven toen Bart De Wever deze week verkondigde dat erkende vluchtelingen een apart sociaal statuut moeten krijgen. Henri Heimans, voormalig topmagistraat en voorvechter van de geïnterneerden, is zelf de zoon van een politiek vluchteling. 'Dit is dwaze, populistische praat.'
august 2015
See Very Early Concert Footage of the B-52s, When New Wave Music Was Actually New (1978) | Open Culture
Pop music, I had already decided, was for suckers. The only sounds that spoke to me were loud, abrasive, and deliberately unlovely. Then someone in our dorm put on “Rock Lobster” and it blew my narrow mind.
august 2015
The Art of Onfim
The drawings from Novgorod that we have found appear to all come from a Russian boy named Onfim, who lived at the end of the twelfth century or beginning of the thirteenth century in the city of Novgorod. By the estimate of the archaeologists who unearthed his works, he was around seven years old at the time that he made these drawings.
august 2015
‘Spreek elkaar aan op asociaal kalasjnikovgebruik’ | De Speld
Het is een groeiende frustratie in de publieke ruimte: mensen die een terreuraanslag willen plegen met een kalasjnikov, terwijl omstanders daar last van hebben. Een bewustwordingscampagne moet ervoor zorgen dat mensen elkaar durven aan te spreken op terroristisch gedrag.
august 2015
Isis blinds journalists with its barbarity, but we must continue to report - Comment - Voices - The Independent
Why does Isis never attack Israel – indeed, why does its hatred of Crusaders and Shias and Christians and sometimes Jews rarely if ever mention the very word “Israel”? And why do Israel’s air raids on Syria always target Syrian government or pro-Syrian Iranian forces, but never Isis? Indeed, why are Turkey’s air assaults on Isis – happily supported by Nato – far outnumbered by their air raids on the Kurdish PKK, some of whose forces in Syria are fighting Isis? And how come the Turkish press have publicised a convoy of weapons being taken across the Syrian border to Isis by Turkish intelligence agents? Are Turkish engineers running the Isis-controlled oil wells, as Syrian oil engineers claim?
august 2015
COLUMN. Nico Dijkshoorn: 'Marc Coucke is een lichtvreter en ... - Sportwereld
Dolgraag zou ik Marc Coucke eens in gesprek zien met zijn nieuwe spectaculaire aankoop voor het volgende seizoen, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Marc stelt zich voor aan Zlatan. ‘Hi, Ibra, I’m Marc Coucke, the crazy president of the Kustboys. Everybody likes me because I am a crazy guy. I sing Couckenbak and everybody says, hahaha, that’s Marc Coucke again. I dance on tables. Thats what I do.’ En daarna de reactie van Zlatan. ‘I am Zlatan. Fuck off, fatso.’
august 2015
Stephen Colbert on Making The Late Show His Own | GQ
Since last winter, after laying to rest the blowhard host of The Colbert Report and inheriting Letterman’s seat on The Late Show, the most inventive comic of his generation has been consumed with one very large question: Who will he be now? Stephen Colbert—the real one—gives a sneak peek. And in revealing his truest self (and boy, does he go deep), he shows us how he might just reinvent late-night, too
colbert  tv 
august 2015
Israel hit by rockets fired from Syria amid confusion over who is to blame | World news | The Guardian
Israeli defence sources initially blame Palestinian Islamic Jihad, before switching to Iran’s Quds Force, then blaming Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad
august 2015
Kim Jong Un Guides Emergency Enlarged Meeting of WPK Central Military Commission
The situation of the country is now inching close to the brink of a war due to the continued anti-DPRK political and military provocations by the U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet forces. The broadcasting for anti-DPRK psychological warfare, resumed by the south Korean puppet military gangsters in all sectors of the front under the pretext of doubtful "mine explosion" case which occurred in the demilitarized zone of the western sector of the front on August 4, is still going on day and night. And the leaflet-scattering operation against the DPRK, kicked off with mobilization of die-hard reactionary organizations, has gone beyond a tolerance limit. Psychological warfare against the DPRK is, in essence, an open act of war against it. In this regard, the General Staff of the Korean People's Army on August 20 sent an ultimatum to the south Korean puppet Ministry of Defense that a strong military action would be launched at once unless it stops the anti-DPRK broadcasting for psychological warfare and removes all psywar means within 48 hours.
august 2015
What Paleo diet experts think – and why they're wrong | Life and style | The Guardian
Claims by proponents of the carbohydrate-averse food regimen supposedly based on what our paleolithic ancestors ate do not stand up to scientific scrutiny
august 2015
Information Consumerism: The Price of Hypocrisy - Überwachung - FAZ
many Europeans are finally grasping, to their great dismay, that the word “cloud” in “cloud computing” is just a euphemism for “some dark bunker in Idaho or Utah.”
august 2015
With hundreds of thousands of new supporters, Labour is on the verge of something big – what a complete disaster! - Comment - Voices - The Independent
The fervour around Jeremy Corbyn is extraordinary, but it wouldn’t be fair to suggest he’s the only Labour politician who can bring large crowds on to the streets to greet him. Tony Blair is just as capable. In his case the crowds are there to scream that he should be arrested for war crimes and to throw things at him, but that’s being pernickety; he can certainly draw an audience.
labour  politics  uk 
august 2015
Les Forges | Cours de pixel art 1 : préface
Le pixel art, même s'il a aujourd'hui perdu beaucoup de son importance à l'échelle de l'industrie du jeu vidéo, demeure un médium très utile aux créateurs indépendants et aux petites productions. Sa patte immédiatement reconnaissable a le don d'émouvoir une large frange de joueurs, tout en offrant aux créateurs l'occasion d'utiliser des techniques uniques en leur genre. C'est de ces techniques que nous allons parler aujourd'hui, dans cette édition revue et augmentée du cours de pixel art original des Forges.
august 2015
One Book’s Cover | Brightweavings Journal
This spring I was working with my American and Canadian editors, and an art director, and a gifted artist to devise and shape the cover those territories are sharing for Children of Earth and Sky.
august 2015
sbdc » Betrayed
I used to be able to trust that Apple products would just work. Now I can’t. I feel betrayed. And that’s on top of the massive piece of shit that iTunes has become. While I’ve been reassessing my digital interactions I now find myself reassessing what tools I use as well. Suddenly a dumb music player that reads 256GB MicroSD cards sounds like a more appealing travel companion than my iPhone. And that makes me reassess everything else.
august 2015
How Trigger Warnings Are Hurting Mental Health on Campus - The Atlantic
Something strange is happening at America’s colleges and universities. A movement is arising, undirected and driven largely by students, to scrub campuses clean of words, ideas, and subjects that might cause discomfort or give offense.
august 2015
Het Islamdebat en hoe ik het probeer te voeren | Jan Blommaert (en z'n gedachten)
“levensbeschouwelijke neutraliteit” is dan ook niet de afwezigheid van religieuze symbolen uit het publieke theater, het is de onverschilligheid tegenover religieuze symbolen
august 2015
Google’s $6 Billion Miscalculation on the EU - Bloomberg Business
Oops. "Whatever goodwill it had stored up, Google started to lose in 2014, in the aftermath of the Snowden affair. Several of the leaked NSA documents revealed how Google and other companies had given the spy agency access to users’ accounts. Google said it was following the law and fought the NSA practice, but the damage was done. “What’s the use of a two-factor authenticated e-mail if the NSA is reading it, too?” Wagner says. “There was a huge shift.”"
business  eu  politics  google 
august 2015
DUNE: The Insanely Complete 3-Hour Fan Cut
You think you’re a fan of Dune? Michael Warren has you beat. He put together this massive super-cut of David Lynch’s cult-classic 1984 film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune comprised of footage from the original theatrical cut, the extended TV cut, and deleted scenes. This labor of fan love resulted in the following three-hour version. Originally done two years ago, an update earlier this year improved sound and video quality of the TV cut insertions.
august 2015
The Five Characteristics of An Ideal SaaS Company – Redpoint Ventures
With more than 80% of venture capital investments occurring in enterprise and with the public markets disproportionately rewarding SaaS companies with huge enterprise value-to-revenue multiples (median is 7.6), it’s no surprise that interest Software-as-a-Service is booming. After meeting quite a few SaaS companies, I’ve compiled a list of my ideal characteristics for a SaaS business below.
august 2015
Trello CSS Guide
Writing CSS is hard. Even if you know all the intricacies of position and float and overflow and z-index, it’s easy to end up with spaghetti code where you need inline styles, !important rules, unused cruft, and general confusion. This guide provides some architecture for writing CSS so it stays clean and maintainable for generations to come.
css  styleguide 
august 2015
Why write Python in Visual Studio? - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Recently, Visual Studio 2015 was released with support for Python. Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS) are available to help throughout Visual Studio in all the places you’d expect, from editing and IntelliSense, to debugging, profiling, and publishing to Azure. You can find all the details and some video walkthroughs, documentation, and other resources on visualstudio.com, and the post announcing Python Tools 2.1 and Python Tools 2.2 beta. In this post I want to talk about some of the reasons to consider using Visual Studio next time you are working in Python.
microsoft  python  tools  software 
august 2015
Doing Terrible Things To Your Code
believe a key turning point in every professional programmer's working life is when you realize you are your own worst enemy, and the only way to mitigate that threat is to embrace it. Act like your own worst enemy. Break your UI. Break your code. Do terrible things to your software. This means programmers need a good working knowledge of at least the common mistakes, the frequent cases that average programmers tend to miss, to work against. You are tester zero. This is your responsibility.
july 2015
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