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collect/select, by sakuraba
Hinata wakes up dead in Shibuya. It's not the most exciting thing to happen to him that week.

(Or: the The World Ends With You inspired AU that Kodaka has been dangling overhead since the dawn of time.)
&favorite  fandom:danganronpa  pairing:hinata/komaeda  type:fic  genre:au  genre:fusion  genre:action/adventure  char:hajime.hinata  char:nagito.komaeda  char:chiaki.nanami  char:fuyuhiko.kuzuryuu  char:ibuki.mioda  char:ryota.mitarai  words:10k-25k  rating:pg 
september 2018 by muchasabejas
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or: fandom au, where joker is a bnf, crow is his favorite fic author, and there is no possible way to write or read this without engaging in cringe culture
&favorite  (♥)  fandom:persona5  pairing:akira/akechi  type:fic  genre:au  theme:fic-writing  char:akira.kurusu  char:goro.akechi  char:yusuke.kitagawa  char:ann.takamaki  char:makoto.niijima  words:25k-50k  rating:pg-13 
may 2018 by muchasabejas
Just Like Heaven, by shamusiel
Ten years hardened Ryo’s soft edges, created a steel barrier around his heart, and no matter how much he tries to open up Akira still can’t quite reach him.
&favorite  fandom:devilman  pairing:akira/ryo  type:fic  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:fluff  genre:h/c  genre:introspection  theme:highschool  char:ryo.asuka  char:akira.fudo  char:miki.makimura  char:miki.kuroda  words:25k-50k  rating:pg-13  status:wip 
february 2018 by muchasabejas
Please Give Me A Red Pen, by Einhorn
"Ryo/Akira fics in a modern, college-age AU. Because it makes a bit more sense for someone to have a PhD at 21 than at 16."
fandom:devilman  pairing:akira/ryo  type:fic  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:backstory  theme:mental.illness  char:ryo.asuka  char:akira.fudo  char:miki.makimura  words:10k-25k  rating:r  status:wip 
february 2018 by muchasabejas
Doggone Strays, by grand_mephy
"Huh," Ouma says by way of greeting.

The object of his confusion paws his pant leg with sharp, sharp claws, tongue darting in and out of its mouth. Close by, Momota grins.

"You like him? I think it's a him, I don't really know."

(Or: Momota adopts a stray dog. It's cute. Ouma hates it.)
fandom:danganronpa  pairing:momota/ouma  type:fic  genre:au  genre:domestic  genre:fluff  theme:jealousy  char:kokichi.ouma  char:kaito.momota  words:1k-5k  rating:g 
january 2018 by muchasabejas
Skinsuits, by grand_mephy
"So you're telling me," Akamatsu says with a raised brow, "that you, Momota Kaito, spent all of last week talking to everyone in Ouma's prank squad, getting Shirogane-san to make his clothes in your size, and practicing that annoying laugh of his willingly, without killing yourself?"

Momota slowly nods.

They stare at him.

"Yeah, you've got it bad," Iruma snorts.
fandom:danganronpa  pairing:momota/ouma  type:fic  genre:au  genre:domestic  genre:humor  genre:pre-slash  theme:holiday  theme:pranks  char:kaito.momota  char:kokichi.ouma  char:miu.iruma  char:shuuichi.saihara  char:kaede.akamatsu  char:rantarou.amami  words:10k-25k  rating:pg  status:wip 
january 2018 by muchasabejas
A Certain Romance, by corgasbord
Kaito, Shuuichi, and Kokichi share an apartment, a bed, and almost everything else. It's only natural that they would have their fair share of disputes.
fandom:danganronpa  pairing:momota/ouma/saihara  pairing:momota/ouma  type:fic  genre:au  genre:fluff  genre:domestic  char:kaito.momota  char:kokichi.ouma  char:shuuichi.saihara  words:1k-5k  rating:pg 
december 2017 by muchasabejas
Reaching, by kokichiouma
Even if that hand reaches out to him, Ouma won't pull it, or let himself be pulled. A helping hand is useless if the person being helped spurns it. The loop continues again.
&favorite  fandom:danganronpa  pairing:ouma/saihara  type:fic  genre:au  theme:time.loop  char:kokichi.ouma  char:shuuichi.saihara  char:miu.iruma  char:rantarou.amami  char:kaede.akamatsu  char:kirumi.tojou  char:kaito.momota  char:maki.harukawa  char:kiibo  words:50k-100k  rating:pg  status:wip 
december 2017 by muchasabejas
Villainous Pursuits, by chashmish
“What are you wearing, by the way? And why did you interfere? Do you consider yourself some kind of superhero?”

“Hmm,” said Mask Guy, scratching his head. “That’s a lot of questions. But I’ll go ahead and answer them all. First off, I consider myself more of a supervillain. They’re much cooler, you know. What I’m wearing is my costume. For doing supervillain things. Oh, and about interfering– I only saved you because I thought you were cute.”

Goro bristled. “What?”
fandom:persona5  pairing:akira/akechi  type:fic  genre:au  genre:action/adventure  genre:first.kiss  char:goro.akechi  char:akira.kurusu  words:10k-25k  rating:pg 
november 2017 by muchasabejas
Uncomfortable Truths, by VanityShion
Neku steps forward again and leans his forehead against the glass. His eyes scan the room inside. There might be a door against the wall just beside the window, barely visible from Neku's position.

"There's no way in here, Neku," says Joshua firmly. "You can try, of course. But you won't like what you find."  pairing:joshua/neku  type:fic  genre:au  genre:science.fiction  genre:angst  char:neku.sakuraba  char:yoshiya"joshua"kiryu  words:>1k  rating:pg 
november 2017 by muchasabejas
With Mournful Tread, by Yustiel
There's Akechi, bandaging his wounds in the dusty summer evenings with gentle hands; Akechi, reading the English aloud for his sake; Akechi, with undue viciousness, tearing at the shadow that had threatened them.

"Don't worry," he said. "I won't let them touch you." But oh, they're not the ones he's afraid of.

There's no Haru, this time. No Makoto or Yusuke or Ann or Ryuji or Morgana to tell him that he's making a mistake (again) and he'll regret this (eventually) and this won't end happily (or peacefully); no, it's just him and Akechi and a list of palaces to rip through in record time. What did they call it? Thick as thieves?

Akira tries to remember what he's here for.
fandom:persona5  pairing:gen  pairing:akira/akechi  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:dark  genre:atmospheric  theme:time.loop  theme:character.death  char:akira.kurusu  char:goro.akechi  words:5k-10k  rating:pg-13 
november 2017 by muchasabejas
Anyone's Ghost, by chashmish
“I agree. We need a strategy. Maybe if I make out with Akechi in the bathroom, it’ll distract the ghost,” Akira suggested.

Yusuke frowned. “Really? I can’t see how that action would accomplish anything.”

(The Phantom Thieves are on Ghost Adventures. Akira has no boundaries.)
fandom:persona5  pairing:akira/akechi  type:fic  genre:au  genre:fluff  genre:humor  genre:paranormal  char:goro.akechi  char:akira.kurusu  char:yusuke.kitagawa  words:1k-5k  rating:pg 
november 2017 by muchasabejas
There Are Listed Buildings, by sakuraba
And the city smiles and says, "We know."

[a collection of unrelated drabbles ft. the twewy kids. joshua/neku and shiki/eri + various platonic group-bonding sessions are prominent. multiple genres/universes.]  pairing:joshua/neku  type:fic  genre:fluff  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:friendship  char:neku.sakuraba  char:yoshiya"joshua"kiryu  char:shiki.misaki  char:eri[twewy]  char:sanae.hanekoma  timeline:pre-canon  timeline:post-canon  words:1k-5k  rating:pg 
august 2017 by muchasabejas
your possessions will possess you, by graveExcitement
A ghost story is the past nipping at the heels of the present. Or sometimes, gnawing. Your name is Vriska Serket, and you are Terezi Pyrope's own personal ghost story.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:terezi/vriska  type:fic  genre:au  genre:bittersweet  theme:haunting  char:vriska.serket  char:terezi.pyrope  words:1k-5k  rating:pg-13 
april 2017 by muchasabejas
don't need no halloween, by runobody2
The fact that Vriska was a ghost had never been a secret. Terezi asked her how it had happened, once when she was seven. She had been lying awake in the bed, covered by that same teal and red comforter, and Vriska, perched at the foot of the bed, hadn’t said anything.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:terezi/vriska  pairing:rose/terezi  type:fic  genre:au  genre:bittersweet  theme:haunting  theme:character.death  char:terezi.pyrope  char:vriska.serket  char:rose.lalonde  words:1k-5k  rating:pg-13 
april 2017 by muchasabejas
A Thirst and a Drink, by Barkour
After defeating Dr Junkenstein, Hanzo retrieves arrows, McCree figures the score, and two strangers make an exchange.
fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/mccree  type:fic  genre:au  char:hanzo.shimada  char:jesse.mccree  words:1k-5k  rating:pg 
february 2017 by muchasabejas
A Little Office on Helium Boulevard, Just Past Crypt Street, by bramblePatch
Jane Crocker is as hardboiled as the next private eye, but when the main squeeze of a crime boss's rebellious little sister goes missing, she's going to need a little backup from Detective Terezi Pyrope of the New Midnight PD if she's going to crack the case.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:calliope/roxy  type:fic  genre:au  genre:case!fic  genre:established  theme:noir  theme:crime  char:jane.crocker  char:terezi.pyrope  char:calliope  char:roxy.lalonde  char:meenah.peixes  char:the.condesce  char:snowman  char:vriska.serket  char:damara.megido  words:5k-10k  rating:pg 
april 2016 by muchasabejas
Love Comes In, by Barkour
The only reason Detective Kotetsu T. Kaburagi registered at Blazing Hearts Matchmaking Service was as a favor for a friend. He didn't expect to run into Barnaby Brooks, Jr. He certainly never expected to fall in love.
&favorite  fandom:tiger&bunny  pairing:barnaby/kotetsu  type:fic  genre:au  genre:domestic  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:fluff  genre:first.kiss  theme:family  theme:matchmaking  char:kotetsu.kaburagi  char:barnaby.brooks.jr.  char:kaede.kaburagi  char:anju.kaburagi  char:antonio.lopez  char:nathan.seymour  words:25k-50k  rating:pg-13 
march 2016 by muchasabejas
Dear Rustin, by blackeyedblonde & hartcohle
Two hours until dusk and Marty can't take it anymore, snatches the card off the table and pulls up a chair at his father's old rolltop desk, brushing off the filmy layer of dust that had gathered on its surface. He draws out a piece of stationery paper and palms a pencil, still sharp, and wonders why it feels like a weapon in his hand. His eyes graze over the soldier's name again.

"Rustin Cohle," Marty murmurs out loud, weighing the words on his tongue while he presses the tip of the pencil there and scoffs. "What the hell kind of name is that?"
fandom:true.detective  pairing:rust/marty  type:fic  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:friendship  genre:romance  theme:epistolary  theme:note-writing  theme:war  theme:historical  theme:long-distance  char:marty.hart  char:rust.cohle  char:maggie.hart  timeline:td-season1  words:25k-50k  rating:pg-13  status:wip 
september 2015 by muchasabejas
(untitled), by scioscribe
He’s a minute away from saying he loves her, is the general feeling she has. It would be interesting, being loved by Rust Cohle. But Marti has never been a big fan of interesting. When she thinks about his life she gets weary.
fandom:true.detective  pairing:rust/marty  pairing:maggie/marty  type:fic  genre:au  genre:first.time  theme:genderswap  char:marty.hart  char:rust.cohle  char:maggie.hart  timeline:pre-canon  timeline:post-canon  timeline:td-season1  words:1k-5k  rating:r 
september 2015 by muchasabejas
Lone Star, by blackeyedblonde
Marty’s grip on his gun wavers but comes back quick. “What the fuck?” he says, and doesn’t know if he’s ever asked that question in any purer sense of the phrase. “How the fuck did you—why’s there—why’s there a twelve-foot wide hole in my fucking yard?”

The man groans and rolls around onto his back, gritting his teeth as his head drops into the soft dirt. He closes his eyes against the sky when he answers. “I fell.”
fandom:true.detective  pairing:rust/marty  type:fic  genre:au  genre:fantasy  genre:fluff  genre:romance  genre:domestic  genre:first.time  theme:magical.realism  theme:fairytale  char:marty.hart  char:rust.cohle  timeline:td-season1  words:25k-50k  rating:nc-17 
august 2015 by muchasabejas
Under a Swollen Silver Moon, by blackeyedblonde
“He’s a monster,” Colleen says without any bitterness or resentment in her voice, pulling a long drag off the cigarette between the second and third fingers of her left hand.

“I heard of kids in this situation being called a bastard before,” Travis says as he thumbs along the line of his jaw, “but I don’t know nothing ‘bout any kinda monster. Kid looks fine to me.”

“His name’s Rustin,” Colleen says. “He looks fine right now, but you ain’t seen it happen yet.”

“Seen what happen? Throw a fuckin fit? The kid’s two years old.”

“Not that,” Colleen says, and her hands are shaking, just a little. “But you will.”
fandom:true.detective  pairing:rust/marty  type:fic  genre:au  genre:fantasy  genre:bittersweet  genre:romance  theme:creature!fic  theme:magical.realism  char:rust.cohle  char:marty.hart  char:travis.cohle  char:claire.cohle  timeline:td-season1  timeline:pre-canon  timeline:post-canon  words:5k-10k  rating:pg-13 
august 2015 by muchasabejas
The Last Time I Saw You, by scioscribe
By the time Rust met Marty, he hadn’t said his own name in ten months.

Longer than that since anyone had called him Rust. Morales, always precise, called him Cohle, or sometimes Officer Cohle, like Rust needed a reminder of which side of the line he was on: Rust had appreciated that. To everyone since Morales he had only been Crash.

Only two people had ever called him Rust. He didn’t like how easily Marty slipped into the number three spot, like it was waiting for him.
&favorite  (♥)  fandom:true.detective  pairing:rust/marty  type:fic  genre:au  genre:dark  genre:angst  genre:case!fic  genre:friendship  genre:romance  genre:h/c  genre:first.time  theme:undercover  theme:drugs/alcohol  theme:identity  char:marty.hart  char:rust.cohle  char:maggie.hart  char:steve.geraci  char:reggie.ledoux  char:ginger  timeline:td-season1  words:25k-50k  rating:r 
may 2015 by muchasabejas
So Long and Thanks for all the Fucks, by SoAshamed
TT: On a sexual technique scale of one to ten, with one being a "I have never even seen my own cock before" and ten being myself, I would give this guy a zero.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:dirk/jake  type:fic  genre:au  genre:first.time  genre:humor  theme:magical.realism  theme:pesterlog  char:dirk.strider  char:roxy.lalonde  char:jake.english  words:1k-5k  rating:pg-13 
may 2015 by muchasabejas
And the home of the wolf shall be my home, by Dienda
When he's sixteen Rust seals his soul in a bottle and throws it into the sea.

If he's stuck in one place at least the most important part of him will get away.
fandom:true.detective  pairing:gen  pairing:rust/marty  type:fic  genre:au  theme:magical.realism  char:rust.cohle  char:marty.hart  timeline:td-season1  timeline:pre-canon  timeline:post-canon  words:1k-5k  rating:pg-13 
may 2015 by muchasabejas
The War Outside Our Door Keeps Raging, by thescrewtapedemos
The news barks at him every time he turns the television on. The media is scrambling, inexplicable deaths and human-shaped bite-marks. There's shaky footage. A man in Florida tearing off another man's face, not dying until one brave cop nails him between the eyes.

Dave stops turning the television on, after politicians stop dismissing the claims and start avoiding cameras, faces gray and pinched.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:dave/karkat  pairing:dave/rose  pairing:gamzee/karkat  type:fic  genre:au  genre:horror  genre:dark  genre:angst  genre:paranormal  genre:first.kiss  theme:apocalypse  theme:zombies  char:dave.strider  char:karkat.vantas  char:rose.lalonde  char:ms.paint  words:5k-10k  rating:pg-13 
may 2015 by muchasabejas
Tech Support of the Apocalisp (And Other Tumblr Tinyfics), by VastDerp
Aradia saves Sollux from being Indiana Jonesed to death. / Karkat protects John against Earth Human Rabies. / Mituna can't say "Tallulah". / Sollux Captor suspects Latula Pyrope's intentions toward his big brother are less than honorable.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:latula/mituna  pairing:aradia/sollux  pairing:john/karkat  type:fic  genre:au  genre:domestic  genre:fluff  theme:family  theme:disability  char:latula.pyrope  char:mituna.captor  char:sollux.captor  char:aradia.megido  char:karkat.vantas  char:john.egbert  char:chronus.ampora  char:meenah.peixes  words:1k-5k  rating:pg 
may 2015 by muchasabejas
For Whom My Tears Have Made Me Blind, by anxiousAnarchist & isozyme
Terezi’s the demon’s name. She’s a crossroads but not yours. She’s older than the Sun and she licks ketchup from her fingers in great drippy blobs and she made a deal with your brother in exchange for his soul.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:dave/rose/terezi  fandom:supernatural  type:fic  type:fanart  genre:fusion  genre:au  genre:paranormal  genre:first.time  theme:creature!fic  theme:possession  char:rose.lalonde  char:dave.strider  char:terezi.pyrope  char:eridan.ampora  words:1k-5k  rating:pg-13 
may 2015 by muchasabejas
Lies On the Lips of a Priest, by postcardmystery
Harlan's burning, because it was the only way left to own it, and he's Boyd Crowder. Harlan's his, and ain't no lawman or carpetbagger or zombie gonna take it away from him, neither.
fandom:justified  pairing:boyd/raylan  type:fic  genre:au  genre:friendship  genre:paranormal  genre:first.kiss  theme:apocalypse  theme:zombies  char:boyd.crowder  char:raylan.givens  words:>1k  rating:pg-13 
march 2015 by muchasabejas
The Lamb That Gave You Your Name, by abel
Arlo simply didn't want a girl because they never really made back what they cost you. You couldn't set them on the mines during the summer and they weren't suited to his 'businesses', couldn't crack knee caps or stand shoulder to shoulder with him, block a doorway and put a fist against a face. They were useless, and he growled as much often enough; gave his girl the name Raylan so everyone would know he didn't have a say in the matter, but it was clear as crystal what his say would have been.
fandom:justified  pairing:boyd/raylan  type:fic  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:first.kiss  theme:genderswap  char:raylan.givens  char:boyd.crowder  timeline:pre-canon  words:5k-10k  rating:pg-13 
february 2015 by muchasabejas
You Can Run On For a Long Time
It doesn’t surprise Raylan as much as it probably should. If you had asked him ten years ago how Boyd Crowder would turn out, he might’ve said one of three things: two-bit criminal, rotting six feet underground, or running the whole of Kentucky.
fandom:justified  pairing:ava/boyd  type:fic  genre:au  genre:established  theme:politics  char:raylan.givens  char:boyd.crowder  char:ava.crowder  words:1k-5k  rating:pg 
february 2015 by muchasabejas
To Know Me as Hardly Golden is to Know Me All Wrong, by norgbelulah
Tim Gutterson goes on an investigation down into a very different Harlan County, one where Raylan never left, one where he and Boyd are compelled to sort out what's between them on their own, with the eyes of their daddies and an entire community watching them.
fandom:justified  pairing:boyd/raylan  type:fic  genre:au  genre:dark  genre:established  theme:crime  char:raylan.givens  char:boyd.crowder  char:tim.gutterson  char:ava.crowder  char:johnny.crowder  char:bo.crowder  char:bowman.crowder  char:arlo.givens  char:helen.givens  words:10k-25k  rating:r 
february 2015 by muchasabejas
Fuoco Infernale, by adesso
AU: Lovino Vargas goes to a church camp, meets a new friend, and learns a little bit about himself.
fandom:hetalia  pairing:romano/spain  type:fic  genre:au  genre:humor  genre:friendship  genre:first.time  theme:religion  char:romano  char:spain  char:italy  words:5k-10k  rating:r 
january 2015 by muchasabejas
It's Something of a Peril of the Job, by suitablyskippy
You need a new whisk, you need a lot of life insurance, you need a vacation, you need a home in the country. What you have is a coat, a hat, and a spork. You put them on and go out of the room.

- Philip Marlowe (or close enough)
fandom:homestuck  pairing:jane/roxy  type:fic  genre:au  genre:first.kiss  theme:noir  char:jane.crocker  char:roxy.lalonde  char:dirk.strider  char:jake.english  words:1k-5k  rating:pg 
november 2014 by muchasabejas
We Ride In, by gatty
If you ask they’ll say they burnt like matches in a bottle of jack, blue pop crackle flames and exploding glass.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:terezi/vriska  type:fic  genre:au  genre:atmospheric  genre:established  theme:crime  char:terezi.pyrope  char:vriska.serket  words:>1k  rating:pg-13 
november 2014 by muchasabejas
The Single Glimpse, by magnificentbastards
When she speaks to you it sounds like her throat is contracting and twisting around the words, or her tongue has split into five tongues and they’re tangling themselves into knots.
&favorite  fandom:homestuck  pairing:dave/rose  type:fic  genre:au  genre:horror  genre:established  genre:atmospheric  theme:southern.gothic  theme:horrorterrors  char:dave.strider  char:rose.lalonde  words:1k-5k  rating:pg-13 
november 2014 by muchasabejas
Searching for Cigarettes in the Zombie Apocalypse, by inkandcayenne
“Society was always a collective delusion, Marty, but now it's even less than that. It's just an outdated relic, like the trebuchet or the VCR. We ain't got any more use for it.” Rust digs a cigarette out of the pack and lights it. “Just the two of us, Marty. Lone wolves.”

He mulls this over. “How can we be lone if there's two of us?”

“It's just like you to argue semantics in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.”
fandom:true.detective  fandom:walking.dead  fandom:zombieland  pairing:gen  genre:au  genre:paranormal  genre:humor  genre:crossover  theme:apocalypse  theme:zombies  char:rust.cohle  char:marty.hart  char:tallahassee  char:rick.grimes  timeline:post-canon  timeline:td-season1  words:1k-5k  rating:pg-13 
november 2014 by muchasabejas
Pillar Spun of Dust and Blood, by vain_glorious
A man in a hat meets a boy in a hat, following the zombie apocalypse.

"Can’t just leave him here,” Loretta says.

“Yes, we can,” Raylan counters. “Our camp has a full count of crazy hillbillies with crossbows.”
fandom:justified  fandom:walking.dead  pairing:gen  type:fic  genre:au  genre:crossover  genre:action/adventure  genre:humor  genre:friendship  theme:zombies  theme:apocalypse  char:raylan.givens  char:carl.grimes  char:loretta.mccready  char:boyd.crowder  char:ava.crowder  char:rachel.brooks  char:tim.gutterson  char:daryl.dixon  char:michonne  words:10k-25k  rating:pg-13 
april 2014 by muchasabejas
Sorry for the Blood in Your Mouth, by engage_protocol
Boyd’s got a look in his eyes that promises. She’s never been too sure what, but they’ve cast their lot in together already. It was never a question, that they'd be side by side.
fandom:justified  pairing:ava/boyd  pairing:ava/boyd/raylan  type:fic  genre:au  genre:horror  genre:angst  genre:established  genre:first.time  genre:paranormal  theme:apocalypse  theme:zombies  char:ava.crowder  char:boyd.crowder  char:raylan.givens  words:>1k  rating:pg-13 
april 2014 by muchasabejas
Clover Hill, by scioscribe
Men who live on Clover Hill will always try to hire Boyd Crowder to do their dirty work for them. It's just that in this universe, one of those men is Raylan Givens.
fandom:justified  pairing:gen  type:fic  genre:au  theme:crime  theme:identity  char:boyd.crowder  char:raylan.givens  char:arlo.givens  words:5k-10k  rating:pg-13 
april 2014 by muchasabejas
To Call the Darkness Home, by scioscribe
The last thing Raylan ever wanted was to go back to Kentucky, where Boyd Crowder was carving crosses into his hands and what was down in the coal mines never did close its eyes to sleep.
&favorite  fandom:justified  pairing:boyd/raylan  type:fic  genre:au  genre:horror  genre:romance  genre:paranormal  theme:possession  char:raylan.givens  char:boyd.crowder  char:ava.crowder  char:art.mullen  words:25k-50k  rating:pg-13 
april 2014 by muchasabejas
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char:nate.fick  char:nathan.seymour  char:neeve  char:neku.sakuraba  char:nick.fury  char:noah.czerny  char:nymphadora.tonks  char:odin  char:olivia  char:ophelia  char:orpheus  char:orsino  char:osric  char:owen.harper  char:pearl  char:peggy.carter  char:pepper.potts  char:persephone  char:peter.pettigrew  char:phil.coulson  char:pierce.hawthorne  char:q  char:rachel.brooks  char:rantarou.amami  char:raven.darkholme  char:ray.kowalski  char:ray.person  char:ray.vecchio  char:raylan.givens  char:reggie.ledoux  char:renly.baratheon  char:richard.gansey.iii  char:richard.harrow  char:rick.grimes  char:robb.stark  char:robert.baratheon  char:robert.fischer  char:robert.frobisher  char:romano  char:ronan.lynch  char:rose.lalonde  char:rose.teller  char:rosencrantz  char:roxy.lalonde  char:rufus.sixsmith  char:rust.cohle  char:ryo.asuka  char:ryota.mitarai  char:sanae.hanekoma  char:sansa.stark  char:scott.summers  char:sean.cassidy  char:sebastian  char:shiki.misaki  char:shirley.bennett  char:shuuichi.saihara  char:sif  char:skyler.white  char:snowman  char:sollux.captor  char:sophia.cohle  char:spain  char:stannis.baratheon  char:steve.geraci  char:suzie.costella  char:tallahassee  char:tekhartha.zenyatta  char:terezi.pyrope  char:the.condesce  char:thor  char:thorin.oakenshield  char:tim.gutterson  char:tony.stark  char:toshiko.saito  char:travis.cohle  char:troy.barnes  char:tyrion.lannister  char:usagi.tsukino  char:veronica.fisher  char:viola  char:voldemort  char:vriska.serket  char:webb.pepper  char:will.graham  char:winston  char:yoshiya"joshua"kiryu  char:yusuf  char:yusuke.kitagawa  fandom:american.gods  fandom:arrested.development  fandom:boardwalk.empire  fandom:breaking.bad  fandom:captain.america  fandom:cloud.atlas  fandom:community  fandom:danganronpa  fandom:devilman  fandom:disney  fandom:due.south  fandom:fairy.tales  fandom:fargo[fx]  fandom:game.of.thrones  fandom:generation.kill  fandom:glee  fandom:good.omens  fandom:greek.mythology  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genre:first.time  genre:fix-it  genre:fluff  genre:friendship  genre:fusion  genre:h/c  genre:horror  genre:humor  genre:introspection  genre:meta  genre:paranormal  genre:pre-ship  genre:pre-slash  genre:romance  genre:science.fiction  pairing:abed/annie/troy  pairing:abed/troy  pairing:aisha/clay  pairing:akira/akechi  pairing:akira/ryo  pairing:alex/hank  pairing:alex/sean  pairing:angela/lucy  pairing:aradia/sollux  pairing:ariadne/yusuf  pairing:arnold/carolyn/lucky  pairing:arthur/eames  pairing:arthur/robert  pairing:ava/boyd  pairing:ava/boyd/raylan  pairing:barnaby/kotetsu  pairing:belle/beast  pairing:belle/mulan  pairing:bilbo/thorin  pairing:blaine/kurt  pairing:bond/q  pairing:boyd/raylan  pairing:brad/ray  pairing:britta/jeff  pairing:brutus/cassius  pairing:bucky/steve  pairing:calliope/rose  pairing:calliope/roxy  pairing:cecil/carlos  pairing:cersei/jaime  pairing:cesare/lucrezia  pairing:charles/erik  pairing:claudius/gertrude  pairing:clint/loki  pairing:clint/natasha  pairing:cougar/jensen  pairing:dave/jade/john/rose  pairing:dave/john  pairing:dave/karkat  pairing:dave/rose  pairing:dave/rose/terezi  pairing:dave/terezi  pairing:dcu  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:dirk/jake  pairing:dom/ariadne  pairing:dom/mal  pairing:enjolras/courfeyrac/combeferre  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  pairing:erik/raven  pairing:eurydice/orpheus  pairing:eurydice/persephone  pairing:fraser/kowalski  pairing:fraser/victoria  pairing:frobisher/sixsmith  pairing:gamzee/karkat  pairing:gen  pairing:geoffrey/darren  pairing:hades/persephone  pairing:hamlet/horatio  pairing:hamlet/ophelia  pairing:hannibal/will  pairing:hanzo/mccree  pairing:hinata/komaeda  pairing:ianto/owen  pairing:james/lily  pairing:jane/darcy  pairing:jane/roxy  pairing:john/karkat  pairing:john/margaret  pairing:joshua/neku  pairing:joshua/sanae  pairing:kanaya/rose  pairing:karkat/terezi  pairing:latula/mituna  pairing:loki/darcy  pairing:loki/thor  pairing:loras/renly  pairing:luther/alice  pairing:maggie/marty  pairing:momota/ouma  pairing:momota/ouma/saihara  pairing:olivia/sebastian  pairing:orsino/viola  pairing:ouma/saihara  pairing:owen/suzie  pairing:reaper/soldier:76  pairing:remus/sirius  pairing:robb/sansa  pairing:romano/spain  pairing:rose/terezi  pairing:rosencrantz/guildenstern  pairing:rust/marty  pairing:scott/logan  pairing:stannis/melisandre  pairing:steve/thor  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:terezi/vriska  pairing:usagi/mamoru  pairing:valjean/javert  rating:g  rating:nc-17  rating:pg  rating:pg-13  rating:r  status:wip  theme:afterlife  theme:americana  theme:apocalypse  theme:assassins  theme:asylum  theme:banter  theme:bed-sharing  theme:break-up  theme:character.death  theme:college  theme:creature!fic  theme:crime  theme:curse/magic  theme:cyberpunk  theme:darkest.timeline  theme:disability  theme:dreams  theme:drugs/alcohol  theme:dubcon  theme:dystopia  theme:epistolary  theme:fairytale  theme:family  theme:fic-writing  theme:folklore  theme:forced.proximity  theme:gender.identity  theme:genderswap  theme:haunting  theme:highschool  theme:historical  theme:holiday  theme:horrorterrors  theme:identity  theme:jealousy  theme:journal  theme:kismesis  theme:long-distance  theme:magical.realism  theme:marriage  theme:matchmaking  theme:mental.illness  theme:mind.control/brainwashing  theme:mind.melds  theme:mobsters  theme:music  theme:mythology  theme:noir  theme:note-writing  theme:outsider.pov  theme:pesterlog  theme:politics  theme:possession  theme:pranks  theme:projections  theme:ptsd  theme:rehab  theme:reincarnation  theme:religion  theme:roadtrip  theme:robots  theme:southern.gothic  theme:spies  theme:substance.abuse  theme:superpowers  theme:telepathy  theme:texting  theme:theater  theme:time.loop  theme:transformation  theme:undercover  theme:war  theme:zombies  timeline:fargo.season.1  timeline:post-canon  timeline:pre-canon  timeline:td-season1  type:fanart  type:fic  type:mixed-media  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