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LOTR fan fic "The Mercy of the Fallen," The Silmarillion, Elrond gen
The Silmarillion, Elrond gen (+ Elros, Elwing, Maglor, and Maedhros), rated PG, ~6500 words.

Summary: In which Elrond and Elros have a complicated childhood.
fanfiction  LOTR  Elrond  Silmarillion  gen  recommended 
april 2014 by msilverstar
Silmarillion fanfic "Leaving Bliss" AU (Galadriel/Celeborn)
The Flight of the Noldor as Southern Gothic, or how one girl left her small town (pursued by the law). Galadriel POV
LOTR  fpf  fanfiction  Silmarillion  AU  recommended  gen  Galadriel  Galadriel/Celeborn 
december 2013 by msilverstar

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