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Hobbit AU (crack) fan fic rec: "Love Pays No Indemnity" by Jana (Bilbo/Sauron)
After the Battle of the Five Armies and return to home, Bilbo feels strangely restless. Well, the way his family tries to marry him off might be contributing to this. The One Ring decides it needs to understand its bearer better in order to properly manipulate him - the hobbit is proving unexpectedly good at resisting its influence.
Hobbit-fic  Bilbo/Sauron  ringfic  fanfic  fanfiction  wip  recommended 
july 2015 by msilverstar
Hobbit AU fan fic rec: "Frailty" by flollius (gen)
As the Company recuperates at Beorn's house, Kili is captured on a solitary hunt and presented to Azog by a band of rogue goblins.
Hobbit-fic  fanfic  AU  fanfiction  gen  recommended 
july 2015 by msilverstar
Hobbit AU fanfic rec: "Devices Of The Heart" by stewardess (Thorin/Thranduil)
While visiting the outskirts of Mirkwood on business, a young Thorin meets a white stag determined to ruin his life. Or so it seems. In Thorin's first adventure, he must learn courage, loyalty, love – and lay bare the stag's secret.Inspired in part by a The Desolation Of Smaug deleted scene, in which Thranduil projects himself as a white stag, and appears in that form to Thorin. Story takes place both pre-Smaug and post-Smaug.
Hobbit-fic  fanfic  fanfiction  Thorin/Thranduil  AU  slash  recommended 
july 2015 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic - Thranduil/canonical wife, AU, romance
Hobbit kinkmeme prompt, fantastically well-filled! (Bard POV)

Thranduil's wife did not die at Gundabad, but was captured and managed to escape after some years. She also arrives with her part of the army to fight alongside Thranduil in BotFA. Give me some episodes of them working perfectily in sync in battle and not liking orcs VERY, very much in a quiet but extremely determined way of slaying them (Legolas's voice in my head adding: The best way to piss off my ada is to offend my mom. The best way to piss off my mom is to offend my ada. Guess who are unhappy guys?)
Give me also them making love after battle (no angry stress-off-to-hell-with sex, but rather romantic appreciation of survival kind), with their scars exposed during it - for diversity's sake make her scars not on the face, but, I don't know, her breast or shoulder?
+100 if Bard catches a glimpse of their lovemaking
+1000 if Balin presents the queen with that necklace after the battle, and Thranduil and Legolas feel dwarves may not be such bastards after all... a tiny bit, of course.
Hobbit  fanfiction  Thranduil/wife  recommended 
march 2015 by msilverstar
Fic: On Swefnum, Incuthra Eorthan (Merlin tv show, Morgana/Gwen)
Summary: Morgana sleeps, and sees other facets of the archetypes in her life.

It could have been crack and that would have been good, but this balances the silliness with sadness and love.
fanfiction  BBC-Merlin  crack!fic  AU  Morgana/Gwen  recommended  f/f 
october 2014 by msilverstar
Sherlock fanfic: Mrs. Hudson's Uneventful Week (Mrs. Hudson/Sherlock)
Author's summary: Written for the prompt on the Sherlock kink meme…Sherlock/Mrs Hudson. I don't care how, I don't care why. Just make it happen. If anyone can do it, it you guys! Though I don't see why it needed to be a dare, Mrs. Hudson is adorable. [...]

Reccer's comments: yay! sex-positive and wonderful
het  Sherlock(TV)  SherlockHolmes  fanfiction  recommended 
july 2014 by msilverstar
LOTR fan fic: "The Study of the Blade" (Elrond genfic)
Summary: Elrond makes a study of the Morgul blade, though he is not sure how he will put the knowledge to use.

Just glimpse at another view of the End of the Third Age
Elrond  LOTR  fanfiction  gen  movieverse  recommended 
april 2014 by msilverstar
LOTR fan fic "The Mercy of the Fallen," The Silmarillion, Elrond gen
The Silmarillion, Elrond gen (+ Elros, Elwing, Maglor, and Maedhros), rated PG, ~6500 words.

Summary: In which Elrond and Elros have a complicated childhood.
fanfiction  LOTR  Elrond  Silmarillion  gen  recommended 
april 2014 by msilverstar
Ever so slightly longer but not quite as thick: Toward a quantitative literary sexology of Harry Potter fanfiction - blythely, Circe_Tigana - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Science - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
Discussion regarding fanfiction tropes produced the observation that in one subset of Harry Potter fanfiction, "Harry/Draco slash" [HDS], Harry has a short, thick dick, while Draco's penis is long and thin. We tested the hypothesis that there was a consistent difference in how these two characters' genitalia were described. Additionally, we tested the hypothesis that slash fiction authors in this subset of fandom did not place equal emphasis on the description of testicles as compared with penii. We surveyed 100 HDS stories in online fanfiction archives and collected data on sexual description and content. Here we present the first quantitative test of fanon stereotypes and show that these explicitly sexual stories contain low levels of visual/sensory genital descriptions. Qualitative comparisons demonstrate trends in support of both hypotheses, although sample sizes prevent statistical significance. We use these findings to discuss how fanon may develop despite the incorrect assumption of perceived ubiquity.
meta  slash  Harry.Potter  Harry/Draco  fanon  fandom  recommended 
march 2014 by msilverstar
LOTR fan fic "Of Spiders and Other Menaces" by artaxastra (Arwen genfic)
In which, before the events of LOTR, Arwen visits Thranduil's court with her grandfather Celeborn and discovers aspects of her human heritage that make her later choices more explicable.
LOTR  fanfiction  fpf  gen  Arwen  recommended 
february 2014 by msilverstar
LOTR RPS fan fic: "Take a Left at Lederhosenstrasse" by giselleslash (Sean/Orlando AU)
AU in which Sean gets lost on holiday in Germany and meets Orlando who owns a coffee shop there. Banter and appropriate instant attraction ahoy!
LotRiPS  LOTR  RPF  RPS  fanfiction  AU  posted_2014  rating-PG  slash  Bean/Orlando  recommended 
february 2014 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfict "Love Pays No Indemnity" - Jana - The Hobbit (Bilbo/The One Ring)
It's not quite crack, but it's certainly *different*, and a lot of fun to read.

"After the Battle of the Five Armies and return to home, Bilbo feels strangely restless. Well, the way his family tries to marry him off might be contributing to this. The One Ring decides it needs to understand its bearer better in order to properly manipulate him - the hobbit is proving unexpectedly good at resisting its influence."
The.Hobbit  Hobbit  fanfiction  series  WIP  recommended 
february 2014 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic AU "These Binary Souls" Vera_DragonMuse (Bofur/Bilbo, Fili/Kili)
AU, fusion with Almost Human.

A fantastic story, even for those of us who don't normally like dystopias and have limited tolerance for violence. It's related to the Hobbit and LOTR, but not limited to those stories and goes its own way, with cameos by Thorin, Elrond, Galadriel and an independent Tauriel. For me, wounded cyborgs Kili and Fili steal the show, though Bofur and Bilbo are lovely.

"Bofur loves his job. Sure he's in deep with one of the largest crime families of the day and his boss' creepy nephews are his new bosses, but every day he gets to work with synthetics and that makes it all worth it. Until those creepy nephews bring him something entirely new."
Hobbit  The.Hobbit  fpf  Bilbo/Bofur  Fili/Kili  fanfiction  recommended 
february 2014 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic "Be Careful What You Eat" - Antarctica_or_bust - (Bilbo/Kili/tentacles)
Kíli and Bilbo run afoul of one of the Mirkwood's weirder plants.(Really the brazen tentacle porn fic)
fanfiction  Bilbo/Kili  Hobbit  The.Hobbit  recommended  tentacles 
february 2014 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic - An Unexpected Facebook Event (no pairing)
The events of movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, as told via Facebook. Quite cleverly done!
fanfiction  crack!fic  hobbit  The.Hobbit  gen  recommended 
january 2014 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic "Elves in Love" by Hikari no Evandar (many pairings)
(Glorfindel/Fili, Tauriel/Kili, Thranduil/Thorin, Elros/Bofur Legolas/Gimli, Celebrimbor/Narvi)
hobbit  The.Hobbit  interspecies  fanfiction  fpf  recommended 
january 2014 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic - "The Last Alone" - (Thorin/Thranduil, NC17, orgasm denial, dubcon, bondage)
hobbit-kink prompt (perfectly filled): "Thorin has defeated Thranduil's army in the big war of Whatever It's Just Porn, finds the king himself, alone, ties him up and fucks him. Thranduil never gets to come, and Thorin just leaves him there, bound, naked, well-fucked but still painfully hard, when Thorin himself is done. Maybe they were always attracted to each other, maybe Thranduil finds he likes it way more than he should, whatever you feel like."
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  slash  bondage  angst  Thranduil/Thorin  recommended  The.Hobbit 
january 2014 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic "Don't Disturb the Knitter" (Kili/Ori ish)
Excellent kinkmeme fill for the prompt: "Ori Knits Intensely. And when someone breaks his concentration, he gets angry." Sorta slight pre-Kili/Ori.
fanfiction  Hobbit  The.Hobbit  fpf  gen  recommended 
december 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPF fanfic "Crossed Wires" - foreverdistracted (Richard/Lee)
Set in New Zealand filming and pickups, portrays Richard as awkward but not pathetic, the cast and crew as well-meaning meddlers and Lee as a delightful man.
fanfiction  RPF  rps  Hobbit-RPF  recommended  Richard/Lee 
december 2013 by msilverstar
Silmarillion fanfic "Leaving Bliss" AU (Galadriel/Celeborn)
The Flight of the Noldor as Southern Gothic, or how one girl left her small town (pursued by the law). Galadriel POV
LOTR  fpf  fanfiction  Silmarillion  AU  recommended  gen  Galadriel  Galadriel/Celeborn 
december 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic rec: "The Lay of Dwalin the Dwarf" series - by Glorfindel (Zana) - (Dwalin/Bofur)
Stellar fanfiction, set after events of The Hobbit, with great setting and characters that fit into the source, and enough gorgeously-written UST to sink a battleship! Also a great trans character, politically brilliant Dis, sympathetic Elves, and mine worker organizing, which in my book is a giant plus.

It's mainly movieverse as there isn't much to go on in bookverse, but (probably) AU in some important ways. It's also epic: a complete series of 4 works, 205,982 words.

Fic like this makes me so happy to be in fandom.
hobbit  The.Hobbit  fanfiction  series  Bofur/Dwalin  recommended 
december 2013 by msilverstar
LOTR RPS fan fic: "I'll Be Home for Christmas, If Only In My Dreams" - princessofg (Elijah/Viggo)
"Elijah visits Viggo for Christmas at the ranch, and learns something about holding on and letting go."

The summary is accurate, but this story is so much more than the events, it's full of complicated sensations and inarticulate desires, very fine characterizations.
LotRiPS  fanfiction  RPF  rating-R  slash  Elijah/Viggo  ElijahWood  ViggoMortensen  posted_2006  recommended 
november 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPS fanfic "Wanting" by Savageseraph (Richard/Andy)
"Richard wanted things Thorin would never tolerate."

mmmyes slightly angsty Richard/Andy
RPF  fanfiction  Richard/Andy  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
october 2013 by msilverstar
LOTR RPF fanfic "Creaking floorboards" by afra_schatz (Viggo/Sean Bean)
"Viggo likes drawing things out, likes lingering sensations, shifting between featherlight kisses and touches that leave bruises for a week, Viggo likes gasping for air, drowning in sensations, slowly losing his grip on reality. Sean likes orgasms."

Vivid details and delightful voices
LotRiPS  Viggo/Bean  ViggoMortensen  SeanBean  posted_2013  rating-R  fanfiction  RPF  slash  recommended 
october 2013 by msilverstar
than all the gold under the ground (Hobbit fic, Kili/Fili)
“Yeah,” Kili answers, and closes his eyes. He’s seeing gold even behind his eyelids, heaps of the stuff, goblets and swordhilts and necklaces, and in his mind’s eye the mountain itself seems to glimmer with its light – and then he thinks of his brother, of Fili’s smile, of his shoulders, square and ever-ready to meet the coming dawn. Eyes still shut, he says, “This will all be yours, one day.”

“It belongs to our people,” Fili says, “not to their king.”
fanfiction  Hobbit  slash  Fili/Kili  recommended 
september 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPF fanfic "Make me blush" - chemicaldefect (Richard Armitage/Aidan Turner)
Hot amazing smut that turns into a wonderful angsty relationship, gorgeously written characters and dialog, I can read this over and over.

fanfiction  RPF  RPS  The.Hobbit  Richard/Aidan  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
august 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit & LOTR fanfic "Doubles" - paladinpalindrome - (genfic)
The youngest members of the fellowship remind Gandalf a little too closely of young dwarves on another quest, and the wizard finds himself buried again by the weight of the dead.
Hobbit  LOTR  fanfiction  gen  recommended 
august 2013 by msilverstar
LOTR RPF fanfic: "Arena" AU by brainofck (Viggo/Sean)
Viggo suddenly transported to the arena at the Roman Colosseum meeting Sean the Gladiator, epic slavery angst, true love, great characters (even the OCs), and surprises all the way along.

I don't actually remember this from the Lotrips heyday, but that makes it an even better find now! Highly recommended.
lotrips  Viggo/Bean  ViggoMortensen  SeanBean  AU  slash  fanfiction  RPF  RPS  recommended 
july 2013 by msilverstar
Sherlock fanfic "he Uncanny Mrs Hudson" - ifonlynotnever
For a kinkmeme prompt: "Mrs Hudson knew precisely what kind of person she was offering tea to. The assassin, however, did not know what she'd added to the tea."
Or: Mrs Hudson is the biggest BAMF of all.
sherlock  gen  recommended 
july 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPF fanfic "Beflowered & Inebriated" - mangocianamarch (Dean/Aidan)
Flower crowns are the thing. Dean and Aidan are drunk, but Aidan moreso. Aidan won't stop talking. Also: FLOWER CROWNS.
Hobbit-RPF  fanfiction  RPF  rps  Aidan/Dean  recommended 
july 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic "Long Live The King" - HereBe_Dragons (genfic)
A stream-of-consciousness story of Fili being crowned (so therefore, AU). My favorite parts are Kili's snarky moral support and the image of a coronation ceremony with a mithril blade plunging into the stone floor.
fanfiction  fpf  gen  Hobbit  The.Hobbit  thehobbit  recommended 
july 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic - "Small Kindness" - Elsajeni (no pairings)
Legolas is curious about the dwarf prisoners, makes a gesture, and a friendship ensues.
fanfiction  Hobbit  gen  recommended  fpf 
june 2013 by msilverstar
LOTR RPS fan fiction: "Nail Varnish and the Yellow Brick Road" by sandelwood (Dom/Billy)
Set in New Zealand during filming, perfectly written banter between the guys and Liv holding her own.
fanfiction  LotRiPS  RPS  RPF  posted_2013-06  Dom/Billy  DominicMonaghan  BillyBoyd  recommended  Billy/Dom 
june 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPS fanfic "Military Efficiency" - St_Germaine (Graham/Richard) AU
The desert sun makes Graham and Richard a little hot under the collar. [Second chapter is also fabulous]
RPF  RPS  fanfiction  Graham/Richard  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
june 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic "Break the Quaking Heart" (Kili/Fili)
kinkmeme prompt: "When they agreed to follow Thorin, all the dwarves took an oath : they are ready to give their life for the quest if necessary, to protect their king under all circumstances, and to never let anything get in the way of finishing this journey.

aka the one where Fili has to leave a wounded Kili, and Elrond talks about Elros
Hobbit  thehobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Fili/Kili  complete  recommended 
june 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic AU "Glass Arrows" by jynx (Kili/Fili)
AU, all the dwarves, living in modern Boston, start remembering their previous lives in Middle Earth as Azog attacks and things go wrong. Focused on the relationship of non-siblings Fili and Kili (including gorgeously hot sex), with some interesting bits about the other dwarves. Spoiler: happy ending.
Hobbit  TheHobbit  fanfiction  fpf  AU  series  complete  Fili/Kili  recommended 
june 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfiction - "Shadows fall over Erebor" - Liaskye - (Kili/Fili, Fili/Bilbo)
[Very plotty AU, somewhat melodramatic but very readable, especially in serial form]

"The Gold Sickness mounts a heavy toll on the line of Durin. Thorin loses his mind and perhaps his soul to the very thing that fell his grandfather. Fili will not permit his family to go into darkness. With Kili's help, he makes a simple decision that will change the entire fate of Middle Earth. The two brothers face terrors unimagined, separated and desperate."
Hobbit  The.Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  AU  series  WIP  Fili/Kili  Bilbo/Fili  recommended 
june 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPS "Experience" liadan14- (Kili/Thorin)
This is wonderful, just the right amount of tension and release (as it were)

Based on the prompt "Kili had quite a chance to fuck around in his youth and have lots of casual sex, so he's pretty experienced. Thorin never had a chance and is still a virgin. Kili doesn't find this out until he gets Thorin in bed."
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Thorin/Kili  incest  recommended 
june 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPS fanfic "The Golden Mean" - bluepeony (Dean/Graham) AU
Dean's side of "One of These Days" (Aidan/Richard student/teacher AU), confusing relationships with Luke Evans, and Graham, not happily ever after and the more interesting because of it.
RPF  RPS  fanfiction  Graham/Dean  series  complete  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
june 2013 by msilverstar
The Hobbit RPF "One of These Days" - bluepeony - (Aidan/Richard)
"University student Aidan sets out to seduce his shy, dorky, mild-mannered, unbearably-sexy-yet-oblivious-to-it professor"

[Goes beyond the usual teacher/student trope to a complicated relationship with a fun supporting cast.]
RPF  RPS  fanfiction  Richard/Aidan  series  complete  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
june 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPF fanfic "By Hook Or By Crook" - neut - (Aidan/Graham)
prompt: "Graham, Richard, or some other big, strong manly-man standing behind Aidan, one arm across Aidan's chest while the other hand is fingering the hell out of Aidan's ass"...
fanfiction  Graham/Aidan  PWP  recommended  RPF  RPS  Hobbit-RPF 
june 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic "More Than Meets the Eye" - Antarctica_or_bust (genfic)
Fíli and Kíli aren't actually stupid, they're just pretending to be idiots to mess with Thorin's head. And it's working.
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  gen  crack!fic  recommended 
june 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic "Adulthood" by LittlestSecret (Kili/Fili)
[Sensuous explicit gorgeous writing, so hot it's embarrassing to read in public.]

"The dumb descendants of Durin are pretty much poster boys for dorks in love. With the arrival of adulthood for both young dwarrows comes a shift in their relationship from uncommonly close brothers and best friends into lovers - a role which Kíli takes to a bit more easily at first than the naturally more recalcitrant Fíli."
Hobbit  fpf  fanfiction  Fili/Kili  recommended  incest 
may 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic "Bored in Valinora" (Hobbit crack fic)
The Valar are shipping the Dwarves. Mandos likes Balin/Ori.
fanfiction  crack!fic  fpf  recommended  Hobbit  LOTR 
may 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic "Parallel" AU- dothraki_shieldmaiden -(Kili/Fili)
"When tragedy strikes the Line of Durin, Thorin decides to separate his infant nephews in order to keep them safe. Sixty-five years later Fili is the bored, dutiful heir in Ered Luin while elsewhere Kili is simply trying to stay alive between alleyway brawls. "

[Very satisfying story, the settings and characters and sex really work, a bit melodramatic. Particularly fun to read as a serial]
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Fili/Kili  recommended  series  complete  incest  AU 
may 2013 by msilverstar
Merlin fanfic rurounihime "A Persistent Curiosity, or Why Merlin is So Bloody Fascinating" (Arthur/Merlin)
teaser: Arthur knew his mouth was open. He knew it and was too affronted to care. “You can’t just put my hands anywhere, you know.”

[sexy and itense switchfic]
fanfiction  Merlin/Arthur  recommended 
may 2013 by msilverstar
Being Human UK fanfic - "What's Done in the Dark" - queenmab_scherzo
"The sordid history that molded John Mitchell into the wreck of a person he is now. (Shabby exploration of character development) Mitchell is not a good guy. He's my baby, don't get me wrong ... but very much a broken, misguided, selfish, bad person. Herein lie snapshots which fit together to make him that person."

Warning! Serious instances of rape/non-con/dub-con and violence
Being.Human.UK  fanfiction  fpf  recommended 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPF fanfic "Bury Your Head" - naity_sama - (Aidan/Richard)
Aidan pushing Richard's lusciously long legs up and licking, sucking and tonguing Richard's ass until Richard is a babbling, turned-on mess, who doesn't know if he wants to fuck or BE fucked.

[Makes rimming incredibly hot]
fanfiction  RPF  RPS  Richard/Aidan  PWP  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPF fanfic "The Wedding Charm" - AndreaLyn - (Dean/Aidan)
Dean's in love with his straight boss, he hasn't dated in years, and he's become a consummate grooms-man and wedding-photographer. That all changes when he meets Aidan. An AU in which Aidan is a writer, Dean's a photographer, and it's basically a romantic comedy.
RPF  RPS  fanfiction  Aidan/Dean  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPS fanfic: "found a new country" - dandelionweed - (Richard/Other, Richard/Graham)
"During those weeks when friends and family are allowed on set, everyone gets to meet and know Richard's asshole boyfriend.

Graham doesn't like him one bit."

[rec: I love the way this swerves and twists, doesn't follow the tropes but makes its own way. And the characters are delightful, not just Graham and Richard but Martin and James too. Some fabulous dialog and the end is not what I expected and therefore even more satisfying.]
fanfiction  RPS  RPF  Graham/Richard  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic: "In Living Memory" by spospes (Fili/Kili); WARNING: self harm
kinkmeme prompt, essentially Fili mourning Kili

[Fill unable to let go of Kili to the point of believing his ghost is still there. Said ghost argues that Fili should let go. An emotional punch, beautifully done]
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  AU  Fili/Kili  recommended  incest 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic: Those Who Wait (Fili/Kili) by sospes
kinkmeme prompt: "long drawn out agony of self-sacrificing!good-big-brother!Fili, and still-somewhat-naive-but-getting-there!Kili"

[fabulous fill, really got to me]
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Fili/Kili  recommended  incest 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic: untitled Figging fic (Tauriel/Thranduil)
Request was for figging (with ginger) and the fill works it a very Elvish way. And Tauriel topping!
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Tauriel/Thranduil  elves  recommended 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPF fanfic: bottom!Graham (Graham/Richard)
kinkmeme prompt gist: I'd like Graham to bottom for once

[Fantastic writing, so much going on between them, feels like a real established relationship, done beautifully. Richard's primness at the end is particularly delightful. ]
fanfiction  RPF  RPS  Graham/Richard  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPF fanfic: (Graham/Richard, Other/Richard)
kinkmeme prompt: "During those weeks when friends and family are allowed on set, everyone gets to meet and know Richard's asshole boyfriend. Graham doesn't like him one bit."

[Fantastic fill, subtle and quiet and still packing a punch. Contains an abusive relationship.]
fanfiction  RPS  RPF  Graham/Richard  ensemble  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic: "Intense Bofur" (Dwalin/Bofur)
kinkmeme prompt: "Show me intense Bofur. Dirty talk Bofur. Bofur having his way with a moaning partner (Dwalin? ALL THE GOLD IN EREBOR FOR DWALIN!) bent back on the nearest piece of sturdy furniture."

[meltingly hot fill!]
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Bofur/Dwalin  pwp  recommended 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Bride and Bridegroom - Elsajeni - The Hobbit (2012), Dwalin/Ori
It's not that Dwalin is unfamiliar with the tradition of bridal kidnapping, and the rules governing the ritual. It's just that this is... not exactly how he expected it to go.
Hobbit  The.Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Dwalin/Ori  recommended 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic AU "The Highwayman" - (Thorin/Bilbo)
Bilbo is the world's most genteel highwayman. Thorin's carriage gets waylaid.

[Fun ensemble piece with merry men in general and Arwen with agency]
Hobbit  AU  fanfiction  fpf  Bilbo/Thorin  recommended 
april 2013 by msilverstar
Axe Omakes - Thorinsmut - The Hobbit (Dwalin/Nori)
This is a place for little bits of headcannon that didn't make it into my Nori/Dwalin fic your Axe to my throat, my Knife to yours
Includes bits and pieces of things that people asked about that didn't make it into the final product, as well as quite a bit of smut.
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Nori/Dwalin  recommended 
march 2013 by msilverstar
Knapped Flint - inkling - The Hobbit (Kili/Other)
"They've escaped Thranduil's dungeons, but all is not yet well in the House of Durin. Non-graphic, mostly just ALL THE FEELS and how in the world do the dwarves deal with a situation like this in a world without Freud or Oprah?"

[extreme h/c premise beautifully addressed with ritual and love.)
Hobbit  fanfiction  violence  recommended  fpf  cv 
march 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fic - "Stumbling Toward Paradise" by rata_toskr (Kili/Bilbo)
kinkmeme prompt: "while Dwarves like it fast, laud, filthy and kinky Hobbits are prudes. Sex with-- lights on? Well I've never! Doggy style? Is that, like, a Dwarf dance or something? YOU WANT TO KISS ME WHERE?!?!?!?"

[Delightfully cracky and sincere at the same time. And Galdalf has books!]
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Bilbo/Kili  recommended 
march 2013 by msilverstar
I Called, You Followed Me Down - deadonarrival - The Hobbit (2012) RPF (Dean/Aidan)
"It was never supposed to be more than a fleeting image of happiness, but it turns out to be far more."

[Sensuous, luxurious prose, fabulous story, satisfying end]
fanfiction  RPF  RPS  Aidan/Dean  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
march 2013 by msilverstar
Whispers Down the Lane - octopus_fool - The Hobbit (genfic)
Bilbo thinks he notices something about Fíli and Kíli... and soon the others do as well. Only Fíli and Kíli have no idea what is going on and just continue being their silly selves.
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  funny  gen  recommended 
march 2013 by msilverstar
Fastening One Heart to Every Falling Thing - thefourthvine - Hockey RPF
"Geno can't. Sidney won't."

[Psychic universe AU, lashings of angst and clueless boys]
RPF  RPS  hockey  fanfiction  recommended 
march 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fan fic: "Chatoyance" by rubynye (fem!Bilbo/Thorin)
"female!Bilbo revels in how tall and broad and sturdy and hairy and big Thorin is, and/or Thorin can't get enough of how little and plump and round and sweet she is. Size Kink 4 Evr, basically."

[gorgeous sensuous smut! with added gold fever]
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Bilbo/Thorin  gender-swap  recommended 
march 2013 by msilverstar
The Art of the Tongue - windchijmes - The Hobbit (Kili/Bilbo, Dwalin/Fili)
Dwalin has a proper fetish for Fili's arse. Groping, fingering, fucking, you name it. Fili is very supportive - enthusiastic, actually - of Dwalin's little kink. Then one day, Dwalin stumbles upon the Hobbit with his head buried between Kili's legs and the angle is just...Too. Far. Down. And Kili is wailing and sobbing like his life depends on it. So, of course, like the tactician he is, Dwalin must have a talk with the Hobbit to find out about this exotic tongue business so he can go practice on his own golden lad.

[hot and sexy! so not my kink but wow!]
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Fili/Dwalin  recommended  Bilbo/Kili 
march 2013 by msilverstar
Wild Geese - madame_faust - The Hobbit (gen)
an AU fic where Dis only agrees to send Fili and Kili along with Thorin’s adventure if she is to also come. She’ll not be left behind, waiting.
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Dis  gen  WIP  series  recommended 
march 2013 by msilverstar
All the Gold in Erebor - LaMademoiselleRouge - The Hobbit (Kili/Fili)
To Kili, Fili is worth more than a mountain full of gold and wealth

[sensual Kili/fem!Fili]
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Fili/Kili  gender-swap  recommended  incest 
march 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fic - "Not the Usual Type" by rata_toskr (genfic)
"Kíli and Fíli get abducted, but things don't go according to plan. For their kidnappers."

[reminds me a bit of the Ransom of Red Chief, just basically fun]
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  ensemble  funny  recommended 
march 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fic: Foundation of Sorrow, Kingdom of Ash by rata_toskr (Bilbo/Thorin Dis/Bilbo)
kinkmeme prompt: "BAMF! Dis becomes queen under the mountain after the BoFA"

[Dis and Bilbo mourning together, making sure the line of Durin continues]
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  AU  Dis  Bilbo/Thorin  recommended  het 
march 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fic - Sacred Dawn - by laoraa (Fili, Kili, Ori, Dori, genfic)
kinkmeme prompt: "Everyone lives and Ori and Kili are in a healing tent together, comforting each other because their brothers have yet to be found."

[anguished and guilt-ridden Kili, beautifully done]
Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  gen  ensemble  recommended 
march 2013 by msilverstar
Courtly Manners - FunkyinFishnet - The Hobbit (Fili/Kili)
"Dwarf courtships take a long time. Fili knows from a young age that his One is his brother and can't wait to start courting him. He's forced to tortuously wait until Kili's of age though. It's worth it. Along the way, Fili helps Bilbo begin his own courting."

Hobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Fili/Kili  recommended  incest 
march 2013 by msilverstar
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