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LOTRIPS: "Collide" by kiltsandlollies (Billy/Dom)
"Billy's suddenly become the One Who Sings. Billy supposes there are worse fates--he could be the One Who Never Shuts Up, or the One Who Smokes Too Much. Or the One Who Does All Three." Angsty but wonderful.
BillyBoyd  DominicMonaghan  rating-R  posting-date-unknown  slash  fanfiction  recommended  from_delicious  RPF  LotRiPS  from delicious
july 2012 by msilverstar
House fanfic: "Pathogenesis and Intervention" by shalott (aka astolat)
Really snarky House voice, appropriate brusque and even brutal manner, but also serious and good at what he does. Some House/Wilson, but it's really about a pandemic. And it was so refreshing to have House get it right fairly early, instead of a long lo
posting-date-unknown  rating-R  slash  fanfiction  recommended  from_delicious  non-lotrips  fpf 
august 2008 by msilverstar
LOTRIPS: AU "Idaho Mortensen and the Obelisk of Osiris" by pferdekarl (Viggo/Orlando)
Parody of Indiana Jones with Viggo as "Idaho" and Orlando as his comely assistant, in 1938 Cairo, looking for Egyptian treasures. Very very silly with intimations of hot sex.
ViggoMortensen  OrlandoBloom  AU  crack!fic  posting-date-unknown  rating-PG-13  slash  fanfiction  recommended  from_delicious  RPF  LotRiPS 
march 2008 by msilverstar
LOTRIPS: "Pictures, Postcards, and Scribbled Words" by gonnafeelgood (Viggo/Billy)
Lyrical short piece, Viggo's view of several young men and one who is not so young, who has learned a lot from life.
ViggoMortensen  BillyBoyd  rating-PG-13  posting-date-unknown  slash  fanfiction  recommended  from_delicious  RPF  LotRiPS 
february 2008 by msilverstar
LOTRIPS: "half-world" by circe (Viggo, Billy)
New Zealand snippet, in which Viggo contemplates the half-world between off- and on- camera, Billy's neck, and Billy's eyes in Pippin's face.
ViggoMortensen  BillyBoyd  rating-G  posting-date-unknown  fanfiction  recommended  from_delicious  RPF  LotRiPS 
october 2007 by msilverstar
LOTR FPS AU: "A Fleeting Glimpse of Shadow" by Le Rouret (OMC/Faramir)
This is completely weird, but fun and hot anyway. The LOTR characters are all immortal and living in the modern US. The well-written OMC falls for Faramir and there are Adventures and Capers and Growing Maturity.
crossover  crack!fic  slash  rating-nc-17  fanfiction  recommended  posting-date-unknown  from_delicious  fpf 
september 2007 by msilverstar
Doctor Who: "Tiny Human Heads", by kalima (10/Sarah Jane Smith)
Sarah Jane Smith opens the door and there's the Tenth Doctor, come to say out loud what he never did before. Fabulous dialog, wonderfully explicit sex, angst and love.
het  posting-date-unknown  fanfiction  recommended  from_delicious  DoctorWho.and/or.Torchwood  fpf 
june 2007 by msilverstar

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