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LOTR RPF: "It Does Not Do To Dwell on Dreams and Forget to Live" by mellacita (vaguely Viggorli)
Set at the 2013 Berlin premiere of the Desolation of Smaug, Orlando remembers Viggo and then sees him again. Very nicely done, a light hand and good characterization.
lotrips  fanfiction  OrlandoBloom  ViggoMortensen  Orlando/Viggo  rating-PG  posted_2013  slash  RPF  RPS 
january 2014 by msilverstar
LOTR RPF fanfic "Creaking floorboards" by afra_schatz (Viggo/Sean Bean)
"Viggo likes drawing things out, likes lingering sensations, shifting between featherlight kisses and touches that leave bruises for a week, Viggo likes gasping for air, drowning in sensations, slowly losing his grip on reality. Sean likes orgasms."

Vivid details and delightful voices
LotRiPS  Viggo/Bean  ViggoMortensen  SeanBean  posted_2013  rating-R  fanfiction  RPF  slash  recommended 
october 2013 by msilverstar

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