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Hobbit RPF fanfic "By Hook Or By Crook" - neut - (Aidan/Graham)
prompt: "Graham, Richard, or some other big, strong manly-man standing behind Aidan, one arm across Aidan's chest while the other hand is fingering the hell out of Aidan's ass"...
fanfiction  Graham/Aidan  PWP  recommended  RPF  RPS  Hobbit-RPF 
june 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit RPS - After Work Activities - Graham/Richard... by wave of sorrow
"In which Graham is in an open relationship with his wife and sex among the cast is no big deal, and then there's Richard."

[started lightly, later an angsty exploration of conflicting desires, polyamory, and why it's a bad idea to sleep with your co-workers, one of my favorite themes. All twisty-chesty and missed opportunities]
The.Hobbit  RPF  fanfiction  Graham/Richard  Graham/Aidan  Graham/Martin  recommended  Hobbit-RPF 
february 2013 by msilverstar

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