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LOTR fan fic: "The Study of the Blade" (Elrond genfic)
Summary: Elrond makes a study of the Morgul blade, though he is not sure how he will put the knowledge to use.

Just glimpse at another view of the End of the Third Age
Elrond  LOTR  fanfiction  gen  movieverse  recommended 
april 2014 by msilverstar
LOTR fan fic "The Mercy of the Fallen," The Silmarillion, Elrond gen
The Silmarillion, Elrond gen (+ Elros, Elwing, Maglor, and Maedhros), rated PG, ~6500 words.

Summary: In which Elrond and Elros have a complicated childhood.
fanfiction  LOTR  Elrond  Silmarillion  gen  recommended 
april 2014 by msilverstar

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