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Hobbit fanfic - 'The Queen of Sausages and the Queen of the Mountain' (gen, anthropomorfic Ring)
Post-Erebor (everybody lives AU) Bilbo is back in the Shire, decides to go on a trip, and meets Dis with the Dwarf women caravaning to Erebor, but slightly lost. All the while, The Ring is trying to gain power over him. This story goes in amazing directions and is a great strange trip; it isn't exactly finished but oddly satisfying.

"The One Ring wasn’t quite baffled with its new bearer because bafflement is a feeling, but it had never encountered a mind like this before and it suffered a lack of point of reference."
fanfiction  gen  AU  Hobbit  The.Hobbit  thehobbit  movieverse 
january 2014 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic "Long Live The King" - HereBe_Dragons (genfic)
A stream-of-consciousness story of Fili being crowned (so therefore, AU). My favorite parts are Kili's snarky moral support and the image of a coronation ceremony with a mithril blade plunging into the stone floor.
fanfiction  fpf  gen  Hobbit  The.Hobbit  thehobbit  recommended 
july 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic "Break the Quaking Heart" (Kili/Fili)
kinkmeme prompt: "When they agreed to follow Thorin, all the dwarves took an oath : they are ready to give their life for the quest if necessary, to protect their king under all circumstances, and to never let anything get in the way of finishing this journey.

aka the one where Fili has to leave a wounded Kili, and Elrond talks about Elros
Hobbit  thehobbit  fanfiction  fpf  Fili/Kili  complete  recommended 
june 2013 by msilverstar
Hobbit fanfic AU "Glass Arrows" by jynx (Kili/Fili)
AU, all the dwarves, living in modern Boston, start remembering their previous lives in Middle Earth as Azog attacks and things go wrong. Focused on the relationship of non-siblings Fili and Kili (including gorgeously hot sex), with some interesting bits about the other dwarves. Spoiler: happy ending.
Hobbit  TheHobbit  fanfiction  fpf  AU  series  complete  Fili/Kili  recommended 
june 2013 by msilverstar

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