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The King Of Human Error | Michael Lewis | Vanity Fair | 08 November 2011

"When I first met Kahneman he was making himself more miserable about his unfinished book than any writer I’d seen. It turned out to be just a warm-up for the misery to come, the start of an extraordinary act of literary masochism"

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The Priest-Physicist Who Would Marry Science To Religion | Zeeya Merali | Discover | 14 July 2011

John Polkinghorne is an elder statesman of British physics. And also an Anglican priest. His mission? To reconcile science and the divine: “The mysteries of quantum objects leave room for God in an explanation of the physical world"

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Taking A Stab At Cost-Effectiveness | Jessica Wapner | Work In Progress | 06 April 2011

Fascinating investigation into cost of healthcare. Standout point: to establish cost-effectiveness of treatments requires putting a monetary value on life. And this has been done: "a year of life is worth $50,000 in medical bills"

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Why Spring Starts Today | Anonymous | Live Science | 20 March 2011

Simple explanation of science behind the seasons. First day of Spring changes each year because of earth's non-circular orbit and the gravitational pull of other planets. Whilst our seasons change regularly, Neptune's last 40 years

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