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snaptoken/kilo-tutorial at v1.0.0beta11
Really well formatted tutorial that shows how to build the kilo text editor
github  tutorial 
11 weeks ago by mrnugget
Partial Evaluation Tutorial
"This is a short tutorial introduction to online partial evaluation. We show how to write a simple online partial evaluator for a simple, pure, first-order, functional programming language. In particular, we show that the partial evaluator can be derived as a variation on a compositionally defined interpreter. We demonstrate the use of the resulting partial evaluator for program optimization in the context of model-driven development."
haskell  paper  tutorial  interpreters  computerscience 
april 2017 by mrnugget
Build Your Own Text Editor
A tutorial that shows in 184 steps how to build antirez's `kilo` text editor.
c  code  tutorial  ebook  editor 
april 2017 by mrnugget
Learning Lisp Fast
Wow! A really succint, REPL-driven tutorial for Common Lisp
cheatsheet  lisp  tutorial 
march 2017 by mrnugget
Compiling Scheme to C with flat closure conversion
Great blogpost by Matt Might about compiling scheme to C. Includes the full code, which is easy to read and understand.
scheme  compilers  c  tutorial  blogpost 
march 2016 by mrnugget
Writing a compiler in Ruby, bottom up
A 40 part blog series about writing a compiler in Ruby, targeting x86.
asm  ruby  compilers  parsers  blogpost  tutorial  lexers 
december 2015 by mrnugget
The little book about OS development
An awesome, free, one-page "book" that shows how to build a x86 operating system with C and assembler
asm  c  operatingsystems  tutorial  ebook  lowlevel  unix 
august 2015 by mrnugget
How parsers and compilers work
Tutorial that shows how to write a recursive descent parser in Python
python  compilers  tutorial 
april 2015 by mrnugget
How to implement a programming language (tutorial for beginners)
This is genius. An extensive tutorial showing how to implement a programming language in JavaScript. Includes the parser, the interpreter and the evaluator. Also: compiling to JavaScript.
javascript  tutorial  computerscience  interpreters  compilers 
march 2015 by mrnugget
DIY Ruby CPU profiling - Part I
Great blogpost looking at how CPU profiling works and how it can be implemented in Ruby
profiling  ruby  blogpost  tutorial 
march 2015 by mrnugget
Learning Racket #1: Introduction
Funny and loose introduction to Racket by following the author going through Racket and its documentation
racket  lisp  tutorial  blogpost 
march 2015 by mrnugget
Little Lisp interpreter - Blog - Hacker School
Great and easy to understand tutorial on how to write a small Lisp/Scheme interpreter in JavaScript. It reminds me a lot of Peter Norvig's
javascript  lisp  scheme  interpreters  blogpost  tutorial 
march 2015 by mrnugget
kanaka/mal · GitHub
mal - Make a Lisp. Lisp implementations in a lot of different languages. great documentation.
lisp  github  interpreters  tutorial 
february 2015 by mrnugget - Scheme from Scratch - Introduction
Tutorial explaining how to build a small scheme from scratch. seems to be more low-level than Build your own Lisp.
scheme  lisp  interpreters  lowlevel  tutorial  blogpost 
february 2015 by mrnugget
Start your small operating system in Assembly
A small tutorial with complete code snippets that show a minimal, bootable operating system written in NASM assembly language.
tutorial  blogpost  asm  lowlevel  operatingsystems 
january 2015 by mrnugget
Josh Haberman: Hello, JIT World: The Joy of Simple JITs
A blogpost explaining in detail how to write a small JIT compiler for Brainfuck, using DynASM (the library by Mike Pall, written for LuaJIT). Extremely good.
tutorial  blogpost  compilers  jit  asm  c 
january 2015 by mrnugget
BashGuide - Greg's Wiki
Named as one of the best bash guides around.
bash  linux  unix  shell  tutorial 
december 2014 by mrnugget

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