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Write your Own Virtual Machine
In this tutorial, I will teach you how to write your own virtual machine (VM) that can run assembly language programs, such as my friend's 2048 or my Roguelike. If you know how to program, but would like to gain a deeper understanding of what is going on inside a computer and better understand how programming languages work, then this project is for you. Writing your own VM may sound a little scary, but I promise that you will find it to be surprisingly simple and enlightening.

The final code is about 250 lines of C. All you need to know is how to read basic C or C++ and how to do binary arithmetic.
virtualmachines  emulator  c  tutorial 
5 weeks ago by mrnugget
snaptoken/kilo-tutorial at v1.0.0beta11
Really well formatted tutorial that shows how to build the kilo text editor
github  tutorial 
september 2018 by mrnugget
Partial Evaluation Tutorial
"This is a short tutorial introduction to online partial evaluation. We show how to write a simple online partial evaluator for a simple, pure, first-order, functional programming language. In particular, we show that the partial evaluator can be derived as a variation on a compositionally defined interpreter. We demonstrate the use of the resulting partial evaluator for program optimization in the context of model-driven development."
haskell  paper  tutorial  interpreters  computerscience 
april 2017 by mrnugget
Build Your Own Text Editor
A tutorial that shows in 184 steps how to build antirez's `kilo` text editor.
c  code  tutorial  ebook  editor 
april 2017 by mrnugget
Learning Lisp Fast
Wow! A really succint, REPL-driven tutorial for Common Lisp
cheatsheet  lisp  tutorial 
march 2017 by mrnugget
Compiling Scheme to C with flat closure conversion
Great blogpost by Matt Might about compiling scheme to C. Includes the full code, which is easy to read and understand.
scheme  compilers  c  tutorial  blogpost 
march 2016 by mrnugget
Writing a compiler in Ruby, bottom up
A 40 part blog series about writing a compiler in Ruby, targeting x86.
asm  ruby  compilers  parsers  blogpost  tutorial  lexers 
december 2015 by mrnugget
The little book about OS development
An awesome, free, one-page "book" that shows how to build a x86 operating system with C and assembler
asm  c  operatingsystems  tutorial  ebook  lowlevel  unix 
august 2015 by mrnugget
How parsers and compilers work
Tutorial that shows how to write a recursive descent parser in Python
python  compilers  tutorial 
april 2015 by mrnugget
How to implement a programming language (tutorial for beginners)
This is genius. An extensive tutorial showing how to implement a programming language in JavaScript. Includes the parser, the interpreter and the evaluator. Also: compiling to JavaScript.
javascript  tutorial  computerscience  interpreters  compilers 
march 2015 by mrnugget
DIY Ruby CPU profiling - Part I
Great blogpost looking at how CPU profiling works and how it can be implemented in Ruby
profiling  ruby  blogpost  tutorial 
march 2015 by mrnugget
Learning Racket #1: Introduction
Funny and loose introduction to Racket by following the author going through Racket and its documentation
racket  lisp  tutorial  blogpost 
march 2015 by mrnugget
Little Lisp interpreter - Blog - Hacker School
Great and easy to understand tutorial on how to write a small Lisp/Scheme interpreter in JavaScript. It reminds me a lot of Peter Norvig's
javascript  lisp  scheme  interpreters  blogpost  tutorial 
march 2015 by mrnugget
kanaka/mal · GitHub
mal - Make a Lisp. Lisp implementations in a lot of different languages. great documentation.
lisp  github  interpreters  tutorial 
february 2015 by mrnugget - Scheme from Scratch - Introduction
Tutorial explaining how to build a small scheme from scratch. seems to be more low-level than Build your own Lisp.
scheme  lisp  interpreters  lowlevel  tutorial  blogpost 
february 2015 by mrnugget
Start your small operating system in Assembly
A small tutorial with complete code snippets that show a minimal, bootable operating system written in NASM assembly language.
tutorial  blogpost  asm  lowlevel  operatingsystems 
january 2015 by mrnugget
Josh Haberman: Hello, JIT World: The Joy of Simple JITs
A blogpost explaining in detail how to write a small JIT compiler for Brainfuck, using DynASM (the library by Mike Pall, written for LuaJIT). Extremely good.
tutorial  blogpost  compilers  jit  asm  c 
january 2015 by mrnugget
BashGuide - Greg's Wiki
Named as one of the best bash guides around.
bash  linux  unix  shell  tutorial 
december 2014 by mrnugget

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