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Sorry about just getting back to this, I didn't think there'd be such an interes... | Hacker News
Really great thread. Security salaries, what it takes to get there. tqbf chimes in too.
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Who Wants The Job? | Don't Worry About the Vase
Scott Alexander’s take:

Two important lessons I take from this: first, if you hear that a hundred other people have applied for the job you want, this isn’t as much reason for despair as it sounds. Second, if you (like me) have heard the advice “show interest in the job/company you’re applying for”, you don’t necessarily need to agonize about exactly how best to express your enthusiasm – the advice is probably aimed at morons who apply for places without even caring what industry they’re in.
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Hi, I’m Jason.
A cover letter example... this person applied to 37signals with this very long and extremely custom tailored letter
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