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Reflecting on Top-Down or Bottom-Up System Design: Vaughn Vernon at MicroXchg Berlin
Should software design be driven by a top-down or bottom-up approach? Vaughn Vernon asked the question in his presentation at MicroXchg Berlin, where he discussed different approaches to software desi
vaughn_vernon  domain_driven_design  restapinotes  jan_stenberg  software_architecture 
april 2019 by mreinbold
The seven make-or-break API challenges CIOs need to address | McKinsey
Application programming interfaces hold great promise for tech modernization--if CIOs develop a coherent strategy in advance.
keerthi_iyengar  ling_lau  srinivas_ramadath  vik_sohoni  restapinotes  metrics 
january 2019 by mreinbold
Microservices and the Inverse Conway Manoeuvre - James Lewis on Vimeo
Go faster than your competitors. That’s the promise of microservices – deploy faster, scale faster, be more robust. It’s all about outcomes and…
video  james_lewis  microservices  mel_conway  restapinotes 
january 2019 by mreinbold
Taking a Timeout from Poor Performance – APIs You Won't Hate
In a system-oriented architecture, it is crucial to communicate with other systems. In an ideal world each service knows enough information to satisfy its clients, but often there are unfortunate…
phil_sturgeon  performance  api_design  restapinotes 
january 2019 by mreinbold
Netflix Play API: Building an Evolutionary Architecture
At QCon SF, Suudhan Rangarajan presented “Netflix Play API: Why We Built an Evolutionary Architecture”. Key takeaways included: services that have a single identity/responsibility are easier to upgrade; spend time identifying core decisions that need to be made when building a service; and designing an “evolutionary architecture” using tools like fitness functions provides many benefits.
suudhan_rangarajan  netflix  daniel_bryant  software_architecture  restapinotes  microservices  api_design 
january 2019 by mreinbold
A Design-based Approach to Microservices and APIs
Organizations around the world are transforming their core applications to expose microservices through APIs. The success of these efforts will depend less on the technologies themselves, and more on how well their deployment is aligned with the business goals of the organization. Join this session to learn the key aspects of executing a microservice- and API-based transformation initiative, and how design thinking can steer the effort toward sustainable success.
matt_mclarty  microservices  restapinotes  video  api_design 
january 2019 by mreinbold
Why Intuit’s Strategy for Monetizing APIs Starts with the Customer Experience | ProgrammableWeb
In Intuit’s case, the business strategy started with the right customer experience. Once they had an idea of the end-to-end customer experience it needed to enable, next came some strategic platform and ecosystem decisions.
david_berlind  alex_barnett  intuit  restapinotes  quickbooks 
january 2019 by mreinbold
How we serve 25M API calls from 10 scalable global endpoints for $150 a month
I woke up on Black Friday last year to a barrage of emails from users reporting 503 errors from the ipdata API. Our users typically call our API on each page request on their websites to geolocate…
jonathan_kosgei  aws  ec2  lambda  software_architecture  dynamodb  kenesis  amazon_gateway  restapinotes 
january 2019 by mreinbold
A brief history of Web APIs - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
A quick summary of Web APIs, both prior to and subsequent to the REST revolution
mike_ralphson  soap  rest  restapinotes  graphql 
january 2019 by mreinbold
Shaping Chick-fil-A One Traffic in a Multi-Region Active-Active Architecture
In this post, we will share about the architecture behind north-south routing and traffic shaping in the API tier of our Chick-fil-A One mobile application. Chick-fil-A’s mobile application continues…
christopher_lane  jamey_hammock  kubernetes  chick-fil-a  microservices  software_architecture  restapinotes 
december 2018 by mreinbold
How Facebook Made a Universal Open Source Language for the Web | WIRED
GraphQL is a widely used tool allowing applications written in different programming languages to talk to one another.
klint_finley  graphql  facebook  restapinotes 
december 2018 by mreinbold
Notifying our Developer Ecosystem about a Photo API Bug - Facebook for Developers
Our team discovered and fixed a photo API bug that may have granted third-party access to Facebook Login user photos from September 13 to September 25, 2018.
tomer_bar  facebook  restapinotes  security 
december 2018 by mreinbold
Building Services at Airbnb Part 3 – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medium
Airbnb is moving its infrastructure towards a Service Oriented Architecture. A reliable, performant, and developer-friendly polyglot service platform is an underpinning component in Airbnb’s…
airbnb  restapinotes  liang_guo  weibo_he  software_architecture  event-based_architectures 
december 2018 by mreinbold
Analyzing Polyglot Microservices – Capital One Tech – Medium
One topic that has piqued our curiosity recently is a platform architecture that supports the development of polyglot microservices and the prospect of how it could allow our mobile teams to deliver f
tripta_gupta  microservices  polyglot  restapinotes  capital_one 
december 2018 by mreinbold
The Microservice Workflow Automation Cheat Sheet – berndruecker
Your company might want to go for a microservice architecture and apply workflow automation (I do not go into the motivation why in this blog post, but you might want to read about 5 Workflow…
software_architecture  restapinotes  bernd_rucker  microservices  event-based_architectures 
december 2018 by mreinbold
The Three Principles of Excellent API Design | Nordic APIs |
We feature Arnaud Laruet on building purposeful, usable, and properly constrained APIs: 3 qualities he explores in his book The Design of Everyday APIs.
arnaud_lauret  apidesign  restapinotes  thomas_bush 
december 2018 by mreinbold
What APIs Are Digital Financial Services Providers Opening?
What types of APIs are digital financial service providers opening in developing countries? CGAP has been keeping track and spotting trends.
mark_boyd  michel_hanouch  fintech  restapinotes  CGAP  banking 
december 2018 by mreinbold
QSC18: API Security, Enabling Innovation Without Enabling Attacks and Data Breaches | Qualys Blog
Without APIs, it would be near impossible to see enterprises being able to digitally transform themselves. After all, APIs are the connective-tissue between…
mark_o'neal  security  restapinotes 
november 2018 by mreinbold
Introducing the GraphQL Foundation – Lee Byron – Medium
nalizing a list of founding members, establishing a governance structure, raising funds, and electing committees.
lee_byron  graphql  restapinotes 
november 2018 by mreinbold
5 things you need to fix in your API documentation - Osaango - Open the right doors using APIs!
It was a good thing there was a bar at the party after the first day of NordicAPIs Platform Summit 2018 in Stockholm. After token validation (the beer tickets were in text messages), I needed a bottle of beer. Ok, I was thirsty, too. I needed the bottle to demonstrate my point to Ted Epstein on...
marjukka_niinioja  api_documentation  restapinotes 
october 2018 by mreinbold
Making the Most of Your API Specification – Stoplight API Corner
By leveraging the features available — especially when using the OpenAPI Specification — you have more chance of increasing the breadth and depth of understanding in your developer community.
chris_wood  api_documentation  restapinotes 
october 2018 by mreinbold
JSON-HAL and JSON-LD are pretty popular formats for desiging APIs. They both have their merits, but they aren’t compatible with each other. However, with som...
json-hal  json-ld  restapinotes  hypermedia 
october 2018 by mreinbold
GitHub - approov/shipfast-api-protection
Contribute to approov/shipfast-api-protection development by creating an account on GitHub.  restapinotes 
october 2018 by mreinbold
Mobile API Security Techniques – Hacker Noon
API keys and tokens play an important role in application security, but they have a fair number of gotchas to watch out for. We iteratively improve API security using good key and token practices.
skip_hovsmith  security  restapinotes 
october 2018 by mreinbold
Kong Inc. Launches Kong 1.0 Open Source API Platform
Kong Inc. launched Kong 1.0, the feature-complete release of its core open source technology -- and foundation for Kong's vision of building a service control platform.
kong  platforms  restapinotes 
september 2018 by mreinbold
5 reasons you shouldn’t be using GraphQL – LogRocket
GraphQL allows you to work in a declarative style by enabling you to select only the information or operations that you need. But don’t forget to choose the right tool for the right job.
esteban_herrera  graphql  api_design  restapinotes 
september 2018 by mreinbold
Our API Specification Workflow – WeWork Technology
A year ago we started trying to figure out the best way to not just document HTTP APIs, but to leverage API specifications to avoid duplicating efforts on loads of similar-but-different tasks…
phil_sturgeon  api_design  restapinotes 
september 2018 by mreinbold
API World: The service-mesh landscape
Service-mesh technology promises to deliver a lot of value to a cloud-native application, but it doesn't come without some hype. In this talk, we'll look at wh…
christian_posta  service_mesh  slides  api_design  restapinotes 
september 2018 by mreinbold
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