The Holloway Syllabus on Company Culture — Holloway
230+ resources you need to learn the ins and outs of company culture.
culture  management  leadership 
2 days ago
Trojan Attacks on Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents
"Poisoning just 0.025% of the data can have a machine learning system misclassify the target."
machine_learning  hack  netpolicynotes  panagiota_kiourti  kacper_wardega  susmit_jha  wenchao_li 
3 days ago
Easy to Follow Hypermedia Controls with Ketting | APIs You Won't Hate - A community that cares about API design and development.
The Ketting library is a generic hypermedia client written in JavaScript. It supports an opinionated set of modern features REST services might have, including HAL, JSON:API, Web Linking (HTTP Link Header) and HTML5 links. Ketting v5.0 just released with support for Siren and other neat new features.
ketting  javascript  netapinotes  hypermedia  siren  oauth  evert_pot 
3 days ago
Our GraphQL Experience - Sainsbury’s Tech Engineering - Medium
Here at Sainsbury’s, as well as building products for our customers, we also build applications to help support some of our 200k colleagues. Last year, we began the development of a new application…
chris_grice  graphql  sainsbury's  netapinotes  case_study 
3 days ago
Toy Federation - Home | Facebook
Toy Federation - 104 Middleton Way, Greer, South Carolina 29650 - Rated 5 based on 86 Reviews "Drove two hours from Georgia to see this place. Not many...
travel  toys  greenville_sc  retro 
5 days ago
Exploring Microservices boundaries through network science by Nicki Watt - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
nicki_watt  microservices  video  netapinotes  software_architecture  graph_theory 
13 days ago
What API: Your Guide to API Styles - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
zdenek_nemec  graphql  grpc  video  netapinotes 
15 days ago
Automated Style Guides for REST, GraphQL and gRPC | APIs You Won't Hate - A community that cares about API design and development.
Create API style guides using linting tools for any API paradigm. Avoid "API Governance" teams sitting there reviewing every single API change that comes through, and automate that menial task away to the bots.
phil_sturgeon  grpc  graphql  api_documentation  netapinotes 
15 days ago
servicemesh.es | Service Mesh Comparison
Service Mesh Feature Comparison — including Istio, Linkerd 2, AWS App Mesh, Consul Connect, Maesh, Kuma
service_mesh  netapinotes  istio  linkerd  consul  maesh  kuma 
15 days ago
U.S. Supreme Court to hear Google bid to end Oracle copyright suit - Reuters
The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear Google's bid to escape Oracle Corp's multi-billion dollar lawsuit accusing Google of infringing software copyrights to build the Android operating system that runs most of the world's smartphones.
andrew_chung  google  oracle  netapinotes  copyright  java 
15 days ago
The Service Mesh: What Every Software Engineer Needs to Know about the World's Most Over-Hyped Technology
If you’re encountering the idea of service mesh for the first time, you can be forgiven if your first reaction is mild horror. The design of the service mesh means that not only does it add latency to your application, it also consumes resources and also introduces a whole bunch of machinery. One minute you’re installing a service mesh, the next you’re suddenly on the hook for operating hundreds or thousands of proxies. Why would anyone want to do this?

There are two parts to the an...
william_morgan  service_mesh  netapinotes  microservices 
16 days ago
Miscellaneous Subject Fixing cracking and flaking leather (pleather)
* 1-6th Sixth Scale 12" Inch Action Figure News & Reviews * Collect. Kitbash. Customize. Community. *
projects  toys 
21 days ago
The blockers and catalysts of digital transformation – part 1 | MuleSoft Blog
How many have you heard that you need APIs for digital transformation? How about that this also requires cultural transformation? Let me guess: too many! | MuleSoft Blog
amancio_bouza  digital_transformation  netapinotes  non-profits 
21 days ago
I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb - VICE
While searching for the person who grifted me in Chicago, I discovered just how easy it is for users of the short-term rental platform to get exploited.
allie_conti  airbnb  con  crime 
21 days ago
5 Stages of an API Product Lifecycle | MuleSoft Blog
Just like any product, APIs have their own lifecycle with distinct phases. And recognizing them means you can take advantage of them by focusing on the right | MuleSoft Blog
mike_amundsen  api_lifecycle  netapinotes 
21 days ago
An algorithm gave treatment to white patients over sicker black ones - Business Insider
The study's findings point to one of the many risks to implementing more AI in healthcare. Healthcare AI is projected to grow 48% between 2017-2023.
allana_akhtar  ai  fairness  justice  ethics  healthcare 
26 days ago
GRIT: a Protocol for Distributed Transactions across Microservices
In general, consensus is this is a bad idea; rather than creating the tightly coupled system that requires ACID assurances between different systems, create a better architecture
grit  microservices  acid  netapinotes  gene_zhang  jung-sang_ahn  kun_ren  mohammad_roohitava  ebay 
26 days ago
AWS APIs and Extending Style in OpenAPI · Transposit
AWS APIs use a header (i.e. X-Amz-Target) to identify the actual operation. In order to support OpenAPI and AWS APIs and still keep the same code for both, we had to create something in-between that looks mostly like OpenAPI but allows multiple APIs with the same path. We basically moved the operationId in OpenAPI to be the top level ID and the HTTP method and path to be a property of the API operation.
morad_ankri  aws  netapinotes  openapi 
26 days ago
Eli Pariser: What obligation do social media platforms have to the greater good? | TED Talk
Social media has become our new home. Can we build it better? Taking design cues from urban planners and social scientists, technologist Eli Pariser shows how the problems we're encountering on digital platforms aren't all that new -- and shares how, by following the model of thriving towns and cities, we can create trustworthy online communities.
eli_pariser  social_media  urban_planning  facebook  twitter  linkedin  video  cities  community  ted 
26 days ago
Kubernetes made my latency 10x higher
Last week my team was busy with the migration of one microservice to ourcentral platform, which bundles CI/CD, a Kubernetes based runtime,metrics and other g...
galo_navarro  microservices  netapinotes  kubernetes  aws  dns  testing 
4 weeks ago
The Bones We Leave Behind — Real Life
It’s not enough to make facial recognition illegal when its infrastructural legacy remains
os_keys  surveillance  netpolicynotes  facial_recognition 
5 weeks ago
GraphQL vs. REST: What’s the Advantage?
An unfortunate argument in favor of graphql using straw man arguments
drew_powers  graphql  netapinotes 
5 weeks ago
Dapr Aims to Simplify the Creation of Resilient and Portable Microservices
hitecture follows the sidecar pattern, meaning its components can be deployed either as independent processes or as containers to provide isolation and encapsulation and do not re
sergio_de_simone  dapr  microsoft  service_mesh  netapinotes  microservices 
5 weeks ago
the_good_the_bad_the_openplan/README.md at master · joejag/the_good_the_bad_the_openplan · GitHub
Contribute to joejag/the_good_the_bad_the_openplan development by creating an account on GitHub.
joe_wright  open_office  workspace_planning 
5 weeks ago
Openness and Transparency: why is openness and transparency important for good data analysis and how does OpenPrescribing embody it?
We think it is unhelpful that so much NHS data analysis is outsourced, or done behind closed doors. This blog sets out the steps we take with OpenPrescribing.net to ensure all our analysis and methodology is freely available for inspection, review, and importantly re-use, by anyone.
ebm_datalab  responsible_ai  data_management  nhs  standards  transparency  brian_mackenna 
5 weeks ago
donovan2019.pdf - Google Drive
stop the presses - from strategic silence to strategic amplication
ethics  joan_donovan  danah_boyd  whitepaper  media  journalism 
5 weeks ago
150 successful machine learning models: 6 lessons learned at Booking.com – the morning paper
150 successful machine learning models: 6 lessons learned at Booking.com Bernadi et al., KDD'19 Here’s a paper that will reward careful study for many organisations. We’ve previously looked at the deep penetration of machine learning models in the product stacks of leading companies, and also some of the pre-requisites for being successful with it. Today’s…
adrian_coyler  machine_learning  booking.com  whitepaper 
5 weeks ago
dunglas/vulcain: Use HTTP/2 Server Push to create fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs
Use HTTP/2 Server Push to create fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs - dunglas/vulcain
vulcain  netapinotes  http/2  hypermedia  openapi  rest  graphql  kévin_dunglas 
7 weeks ago
Why is everyone so emotional about GraphQL? | MuleSoft Blog
GraphQL offers a new style of API design intended to provide API consumers with unified access to back-end data and services. In spite of this seemingly | MuleSoft Blog
matt_mclarty  graphql  netapinotes 
7 weeks ago
A Book Apart, Resilient Management

Bring your best self to any management role.
lara_hogan  management  books 
7 weeks ago
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