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Dropgangs, or the future of darknet markets • Opaque Link
On the ways in which the use of the internet for selling drugs etc is evolving to a) avoid single points of failure and b) make it harder to infiltrate.

It’s all very Gibsonian.
culture  crime  darknet  grim-meathook-future  business 
5 days ago by mr_stru
How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation
On the perfectionism of millennials and the burnout it causes.
anne-helen-petersen  millenials  culture  work 
15 days ago by mr_stru
Learning China’s Forbidden History, So They Can Censor It - The New York Times
Before you can censor the internet in China you have to learn all the things that you didn’t know because they were censored.
china  censorship  politics  history  culture 
16 days ago by mr_stru
Gout Is Gaining on Wellness in 2019
Rich food is back and so is gout? Or something.
food  culture  grim-meathook-future 
17 days ago by mr_stru
New Study: Open Offices Kill Teamwork |
If you have an open office people use instant messaging, email etc more than with cubicles or separate offices which rather destroys the “it helps people collaborate” thing.
work  culture  office 
21 days ago by mr_stru
Triathlons, ultramarathons and ambitious baking: why is modern leisure so competitive? | Life and style | The Guardian
On people who can't just do a thing to relax but have to excel at it. Partly about the bleeding of management measurement culture into our free time.
hobbies  culture 
8 weeks ago by mr_stru
How Tech Bros Fell in Love With Baking Bread - Eater
When just baking bread is not enough, you have to get all metrics on it.
cooking  bread  culture  silicon-valley 
8 weeks ago by mr_stru
Private jokes in a public forum | My Misanthropic Musings
On making in jokes in public and the excluding effect it has.
10 weeks ago by mr_stru
How E-Commerce Is Transforming Rural China | The New Yorker
Largely on JD, the largest e-commerce site in China and how it relies on trust as a brand distinguisher, which includes hiring local delivery drivers as people trust them more. Also interesting on providing a luxury experience for selling online.
china  ecommerce  business  culture 
july 2018 by mr_stru
Steve Smith: What turned one of Australia's greatest cricketers into a cheat?
On the effect of Australian cricket's win at all costs culture and the insular nature of high end sports people. Also worth noting the insider/outsider culture and the lack of outside influence at almost any level.
australia  cricket  sport  culture 
june 2018 by mr_stru
Post-Authenticity and the Ironic Truths of Meme Culture
Interesting on how memes allow people to say things they might not otherwise say thanks to the detachment it allows. Lots of other interesting things on fake news, authenticity and facebook meme groups.
social-media  culture  yoof  memes 
april 2018 by mr_stru
“Journalism Is Not About Creating Safe Spaces”: Inside the Woke Civil War at The New York Times | Vanity Fair
The olds want trad balanced journalism, the youngs think there are opinions that should not be printed uncritically. Also interesting on the news/opinion social media divide and also how weird the social media policy seems to the kids.
journalism  culture  social-media 
april 2018 by mr_stru
Why OpenStreetMap is in Serious Trouble — Emacsen's Blog
another bit of despair about OSMs hobbyist emphasis, also some of the underlying technical problems - no layers, inconsistent representation of things. And the notion that OSM is a database and not a map - other people use the data to make maps. Which is a ridiculous distinction in most people's eyes.
openstreetmap  culture  maps  mapping 
february 2018 by mr_stru
Slack is the opposite of organizational memory
This is as much about culture as slack and it’s a bit too rangy to offer great insight other than “sometimes a bit of peace and quiet is needed”
slack  rant  culture 
february 2018 by mr_stru
A Meritocracy is a Trailing Indicator – Rands in Repose
If you built it right a meritocracy will follow but saying you have a meritocracy is often a way to justify broken systems.
management  culture  work 
december 2017 by mr_stru
Different languages: How cultures around the world draw shapes differently — Quartz
not everyone draws circles the same way and some of it is cultural, possibly related to how you write as a culture.
november 2017 by mr_stru
Culture is the Behavior You Reward and Punish – jocelyngoldfein
Culture isn’t about stating values, it’s about rewarding the things you want or punishing those you don’t. Asking what people need to do to become successful in an org is an excellent way of discovering the actual values of an org.
culture  work 
november 2017 by mr_stru
In Silicon Valley, Working 9 to 5 Is for Losers -
Mostly on the "get rich or die trying" mentality of silicon valley with a bit about the counter "perhaps a work-life balance is not a bad thing" movement coming from DHH among others.
silicon-valley  silicon-valley-groupthink  work  culture 
september 2017 by mr_stru
Trickle-down workaholism in startups – Signal v. Noise
YA article on the nonsense that is working all the hours available.
productivity  work  venture-capital  overwork  dhh  culture  business 
june 2017 by mr_stru
The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death - The New Yorker
Rah Rah! Yay for working all the time! Work is our future! Hustle is the only way.

or not.
business  lifestyle  culture  working  grim-meathook-future 
march 2017 by mr_stru
Putting strings into databases and then taking them back out again – Medium
This is totally what I do to.

Or concentrate on making useful things and not on doing clever things.
silicon-valley  working  programming  culture 
march 2017 by mr_stru
Metafoundry 4: Indicator Species
On the influx of brogrammers to tech firms as an indicator that all is not well with the culture.
venture-capital  silicon-valley  silicon-valley-groupthink  money  culture 
march 2017 by mr_stru
Mlems, Bleps, and Boops | The Imgur Blog
A primer on animal tongue picture nomenclature.
memes  cats  culture  via:mefi 
march 2017 by mr_stru
Failing to See, Fueling Hatred. – Medium
Mocking and belittling people without understanding where they are coming from is no way to solve anything. Also good on how struggling and living standards are subject to local norms and perceptions.
danah-boyd  privelege  culture  politics  society 
march 2017 by mr_stru
4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump – Medium
On the evolution of 4chan into Trump supporters and why it makes sense. Trump as a despair vote as they recognise in him something of themselves.
donald-trump  anonymous  politics  usa  4chan  culture  internet 
february 2017 by mr_stru
PDF of the cultural significance of colours in different countries.
design  !pdf  colour  culture 
february 2017 by mr_stru
The rocket doesn’t come with a moral compass. — Medium
You might learn a lot from dropping out and joining/starting a startup, but they may not be good lessons, and they might be quite narrowly focused lessons.
culture  startups  silicon-valley  silicon-valley-groupthink  education 
june 2016 by mr_stru
We R Cute Shoplifters  | GOOD
On the teenage girl shoplifting community on tumblr. Most hilarious aspect is they share a tag with the weightlifting community.
crime  culture  tumblr  a-tumblr-for-all-things-under-the-heavens 
june 2016 by mr_stru
paperplanes. From Open (Unlimited) to Minimum Vacation Policy
Unlimited holiday systems with no lower bound can actually reduce how much holiday people takes. Also, minimum holiday days and "no work when on holiday" policies have to apply to everyone, including people at the top.
business  culture  management  holiday 
may 2016 by mr_stru
Deciphering Glyph :: Stop Working So Hard
Good on countering the "more hours -> more productive" mentalism that pervades the software industry.
work  culture 
april 2016 by mr_stru
Appy medium: could Instagram start an artistic revolution?
Jonathan Meades on social media, mostly instagram, and how it could be a place for a new type of photography. Or something, he may just be taking the piss.
instagram  jonathan-meades  art  culture  social-media  from instapaper
april 2016 by mr_stru
How 'Maintainers,' Not 'Innovators,' Make the World Turn
most work is just maintaining things rather than creating new things and yet no one lionises the maintainers
work  business  culture  from instapaper
april 2016 by mr_stru
Why do we work so hard? | 1843
I cannot tell if this is the sound of someone trying to convince themselves that their choices are good ones or an insight into an alien mindset.
capitalism  work  economics  culture  grim-meathook-future 
march 2016 by mr_stru
Is group chat making you sweat? — Signal v. Noise — Medium
On the feeling of always being in a meeting that always on group chat creates and how it affects concentration etc.
slack  work  culture  chat  communication 
march 2016 by mr_stru
Read what happens when a bunch of over-30s find out how Millennials handle their money - Quartz
Young people think nothing of publishing everything they pay using apps, old people think it is crazy.
culture  yoof  money  mobile  apps  venmo 
march 2016 by mr_stru
The Propaganda of Pantone: Colour and Subcultural Sublimation — LOKI
On pantone's colours of the year and the cultural appropriation involved. Also, bonus internet based aesthetics that you've never heard of.
colour  pantone  counterculture  design  tumblr  culture 
march 2016 by mr_stru
Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 197, Umberto Eco
"If by intellectual you mean somebody who works only with his head and not with his hands, then the bank clerk is an intellectual and Michelangelo is not. And today, with a computer, everybody is an intellectual. So I don’t think it has anything to do with someone’s profession or with someone’s social class. According to me, an intellectual is anyone who is creatively producing new knowledge. A peasant who understands that a new kind of graft can produce a new species of apples has at that moment produced an intellectual activity. Whereas the professor of philosophy who all his life repeats the same lecture on Heidegger doesn’t amount to an intellectual. Critical creativity—criticizing what we are doing or inventing better ways of doing it—is the only mark of the intellectual function."

Also, a fan of Columbo and Starsky and Hutch.
umberto-eco  culture  writing  from twitter
february 2016 by mr_stru
The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens | New Republic
Tumblr as the outlet for teen angst plus stuff on how to make money from a tumblr blog and the ways that can run afoul of t&cs.
tumblr  socialnetwork  advertising  culture  yoof 
february 2016 by mr_stru
Splain it to Me | Status 451
On the interpretation of people correcting you and whether it is an act of status assertion or just trying to be helpful. And how defaulting to assuming the latter makes life a bit more pleasant.
january 2016 by mr_stru
Everything I wish I’d known about startups and the technology speculation industry — Medium
On how Silicon Valley funding works, how that results in the long hours and pressure, and how it's mostly stacked against the workers.
startups  culture  venture-capital  business  silicon-valley  silicon-valley-groupthink 
january 2016 by mr_stru
What's the middle ground between "F.U!" and "Welcome!"? - uninvited guests houseguests | Ask MetaFilter
Ask Culture ( ask anyway but realise you might get no ) vs Guess Culture ( only ask if you are reasonably sure of the answer ) and why the two can interact badly. Also, no idea if these are standard terms.
culture  communication  psychology 
january 2016 by mr_stru
Contempt Culture - The Particular Finest
On the ass hattery of 'php is for losers' etc.
culture  programming 
january 2016 by mr_stru
How Trigger Warnings Are Hurting Mental Health on Campus - The Atlantic
On trigger warnings, micro aggressions and the fear of causing offence and the effect it's having on free speech and teaching on US campuses. Partly this is as a result of fear of being sued due to broadly specified laws. Worth noting that one of the authors runs an org that promotes free speech.
education  usa  psychology  free-as-in-speech  culture 
november 2015 by mr_stru
The Web We Have to Save — Matter — Medium
Iranian blogger on how the web has changed while he was in jail for blogging. Another Facebook et al are killing the web piece in essence.
blogging  culture  internet  iran 
july 2015 by mr_stru
The Virtues of Know-Nothing Criticism | The Los Angeles Review of Books
"To understand what a sitcom is you have to ask not just those who watch sitcoms, but those who don’t". And on what the non-expert can bring to criticism, plus the idiocy of the you can't critique because you've not read/watched/heard everything/enough in the genre dismissal
culture  criticism 
january 2015 by mr_stru
James Surowiecki: The Costs of Working Too Much : The New Yorker
"all analysts, on average, should be working no more than seventy to seventy-five hours a week" - mental
finance  work  culture 
january 2014 by mr_stru
OK, Cupid: giving your love life to Google Glass and the hive mind | The Verge
While I can see being able to tap into advice during business meetings especially in foreign countries could be useful, for social interaction it just seems mental and also just a bit depersonalising. Social prosthetic is an excellent neologism.
culture  technology  grim-meathook-future  wearables  social-prosthetic 
january 2014 by mr_stru
How Netflix Reinvented HR - Harvard Business Review
basically summed up as treat people like adults which really should not be a revolutionary concept.
business  culture  hiring  netflix 
december 2013 by mr_stru
Elizabeth Kolbert: The Science of Sleeplessness : The New Yorker
mostly we still don't really understand sleep other than that a lot of people aren't getting enough or good enough sleep and that what we define as enough/good sleep may not actually be that. Might be better off sleeping in two blocks, modern 9-5 office culture is probably unhelpful forcing people to sleep to meet societal needs rather than natural patterns. And bad sleep isn't good for you, obviously.
sleep  society  modern-living  culture 
december 2013 by mr_stru
The Decline of Wikipedia: Even As More People Than Ever Rely on It, Fewer People Create It | MIT Technology Review
As Wikipedia grew it needed more rules but now rule lawyer ism and those that practice it are putting off contributors and are as much of a hindrence as a help. On accidentally creating a priesthood essentially.
wikipedia  culture  growth  community  from instapaper
october 2013 by mr_stru
Call Me Fishmeal.: Success, and Farming vs. Mining
yay for over using a metaphor and yay for people questioning the build and flip model of starting a company
business  culture  software  startup 
april 2011 by mr_stru / FT Magazine - The world needs French lessons
on france as a source of think different and how little people pay attention due to the decline of french among the elite
culture  france  language 
december 2010 by mr_stru
on the internal culture at netflix
culture  netflix  presentation 
august 2009 by mr_stru
Japan, Ink: Inside the Manga Industrial Complex
interesting stuff about dojinshi - tacitly approved manga fanfic in Japan - and how it might be be a way forward for media in general
copyright  media  japan  culture  business  manga  books 
november 2007 by mr_stru

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