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Stuck Conversations: The “WTF Moment” and How to Deal With It
There is, of course, the possibility that your patience and time will run out, and that you will judge that this conversation has to end, and a decision be made. That happens.
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6 weeks ago by mpox
Are you out of alignment? – Camille Fournier – Medium
Many individual contributors (ICs) get stuck at a certain point in their career because they can’t see that they are out of alignment with their company, and they don’t realize that the way alignment is achieved has changed for them
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march 2018 by mpox
The Stages of Teamwork Complexity | CoderHood
ou had to you could theoretically scale this to a TOLL3 which could organize up to 2401 engineers. In practice, you’d want to manage things differently using independent engineering divisions. I’ll tackle this topic in the future.
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november 2017 by mpox
Visualizing Algorithms
This design lets you inspect many aspects of the system. For example, should you make a large down payment? Yes, if the down payment rate slopes down; or no, if the down payment rate slopes up, as with a higher investment return rate. This suggests that the optimal loan size depends o
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june 2014 by mpox
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