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Build and run tiny vms from Dockerfiles. Small and sleek.
9 weeks ago by mpm
I/O Is Faster Than the CPU – Let’s Partition Resources and Eliminate (Most) OS Abstractions
We therefore proposea structure for an OS called parakernel, which eliminates most OS abstractions and provides interfaces for applications to leverage the full potential of the underlying hardware. The parakernel facilitates application-level parallelism by securely partitioning the resources and multiplexing only those resources that are not partitioned.
memory  performance  virtualization 
may 2019 by mpm
LinuxKit, a toolkit for building custom minimal, immutable Linux distributions
linux  deployment  virtualization 
april 2018 by mpm
We achieve lightweight VMs by using unikernels for specialized applications and with Tinyx, a tool that enables creating tailor-made, trimmed-down Linux virtual machines. By themselves, lightweight virtual machines are not enough to ensure good performance since the virtualization control plane (the toolstack) becomes the performance bottleneck. We present Lightvm, a new virtualization solution based on Xen that is optimized to offer fast boot-times regardless of the number of active VMs. Lightvm features a complete redesign of Xen’s control plane, transforming its centralized operation to a distributed one where interactions with the hypervisor are reduced to a minimum.
hypervisor  virtualization  unikernel 
november 2017 by mpm

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