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At least one Vim trick you might not know
This article is about some of the little tricks that I use in Vim. None of them are deep dives, and I encourage you to learn more about whatever’s interesting. They also aren’t connected to each other. But that’s fine. In total, they’re more than enough to help a lot.
9 weeks ago by mpm
ಠ_ಠ Vim plugin to disapprove deeply indented code. ಠ_ಠ
vim  fun 
march 2017 by mpm
Vim plugin that allows you to visually select increasingly larger regions of text using the same key combination
march 2013 by mpm
Vim Koans
A student enquired of Master Wq, “When will I know I have mastered Vimscript?”

Master Wq answered, “When you never use it.”
vim  fun 
july 2012 by mpm
Gundo is a plugin to make browsing this ridiculously powerful undo tree less painful
may 2011 by mpm
Fugitive.vim - working with the git index
The fugitive plugin provides an interactive status window, where you can easily stage and review your changes for the next commit
git  vim 
april 2011 by mpm
LaTeX in (g)Vim with live update-as-you-type PDF preview
using some scripts I wrote myself, using vim, BASH and the xdo­tool X automa­tion pro­gram, along with the light­weight and insanely fast PDF viewer MuPDF, I’ve now got a method work­ing that I like very much
vim  latex 
february 2011 by mpm
Conque is a Vim plugin allowing users to execute and interact with programs, typically a shell such as bash, inside a buffer window. The goal is always to keep the terminal behaviour as close as possible to its native interface, while adding the additional features of Vim on top.
july 2010 by mpm
SLIME-like communication from VIM to ipython
We can now beam blocks of code from VIM into IPython
python  vim 
february 2010 by mpm
Kotka : Projects : Clojure : VimClojure
VimClojure consists of a set of plugin for Vim to enhance the editing of Clojure files. It provides syntax highlighting and indenting
clojure  vim 
november 2009 by mpm
Small collection of useful vim tricks
small collection of tips that I've picked up
august 2009 by mpm
A slightly advanced Introduction to Vim
This introduction is about the little things. Things that help ease everyday tasks but go a long way into making you a better user, editor, programmer - a better computer user.
july 2008 by mpm
A simple yet powerful interactive template system for VIM
june 2008 by mpm
Python with a modular IDE (Vim)
we are going to talk about using Python and Vim together, reaching a state of Zen that the Dalai LLama would be jealous of and establishing more Feng Shui than Martha Stewart’s Kitchen.
python  vim 
may 2008 by mpm
Indenting Python with VIM
VIM's default configuration for Python sucks!
python  vim 
april 2008 by mpm
An attempt to emulate TextMate's snippet expansion
october 2007 by mpm
Enhanced version of the python syntax highlighting script
python  vim 
may 2007 by mpm
.vimrc and customization
vim is extremely customizable. It will read the file .vimrc in your home directory before it starts. This file can contain settings and even scripts. The below settings are ones I've found helpful -- give them a try!
linux  unix  vim 
may 2006 by mpm
Splits and multi-file editing
Perhaps one of the most limiting features of the original vi is its inability to edit more than one file at once. vim removes this limitation; it can edit many files at the same time. In typical vim fashion, it provides many ways to do this. I'll focus on the easiest way to visualize, which uses "splits," which are like independent windows that can each contain a text file.
linux  vim  unix 
may 2006 by mpm

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