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Text Rendering Hates You
Rendering text, how hard could it be? As it turns out, incredibly hard! To my knowledge, literally no system renders text "perfectly". It's all best-effort, although some efforts are more important than others.
17 days ago by mpm
Sans Bullshit Sans — Leveraging the synergy of ligatures
Is your friend a rockstar brogrammer? Are you being asked to cause a paradigm shift? Does your co-worker have the job title “social media guru”?

There is a solution.
typography  fun 
february 2015 by mpm
The Toolbox
A collection of the best time-saving apps, tools, and widgets from around the web
css  design  webdesign  icons  typography 
may 2012 by mpm
Font sizing with rem
The rem unit is relative to the root—or the html—element
css  typography 
may 2011 by mpm
How to Choose a Typeface
If you work systematically through the options below, you’ll have a winning typeface choice in no time
march 2011 by mpm
MathJax is an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all modern browsers
javascript  typography 
december 2010 by mpm
Include this file at the bottom of your pages and it will hyphenate and justify your text
javascript  design  typography 
april 2010 by mpm
The website dedicated to webfonts & @font-face embedding
typography  web  typeface 
october 2009 by mpm
The League of Moveable Type
Here, you'll find only the most well-made, free & open-source, @font-face ready fonts.
typography  web  typeface 
october 2009 by mpm
Typedia: A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces
Typedia is a resource to classify, categorize, and connect typefaces.
typography  design  typeface 
august 2009 by mpm
Text Rotation with CSS
many of the popular browsers of today support the ability to rotate HTML elements. Even better? We can make it work in Internet Explorer
css  typography  webdesign 
july 2009 by mpm
Give your résumé a face lift
Even if you can’t hire a fancy designer and are stuck with Microsoft Word, a few tweaks can turn your blasé résumé into an elegant and functional showpiece.
resume  typography 
may 2009 by mpm
Open Font Library
Typefaces we can all share
typography  typeface 
april 2009 by mpm
8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography In Your Designs
Measure, leading, quotes, rhythm, windows, emphasis, scale, rags
typography  design  webdesign 
april 2009 by mpm
automatically hyphenates texts on websites
typography  webdesign 
april 2009 by mpm
Typography Keyboard Layout
The main idea was to provide the web design community with a handy tool that would let designers enter characters that are usually unavailable on a keyboard easier and quicker
typography  design 
april 2009 by mpm
Cufón vs. Typeface.js
Cufón and Typeface.js both work by converting a regular font file into an internal format. On execution, they display the font using Canvas in modern browsers, and VML in Internet Explorer
webdesign  typography 
march 2009 by mpm
The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard
Most websites are crammed with small text that’s a pain to read. Why? There is no reason for squeezing so much information onto the screen. It’s just a stupid collective mistake that dates back to a time when screens were really, really small. So…
webdesign  typography  design  usability  typeface 
december 2008 by mpm
LaTeX Tips n Tricks for Conference Papers « Reflections
A fine paper writing strategy is to write as much as possible, and then to shrink the material to the required number of pages. Close to a paper submission deadline, when you and your co-authors have bleary eyes and empty coffee mugs, the following tricks and tips might help you shrink the size of your paper!
latex  typography 
september 2008 by mpm
Inconsolata is a humanist sans design
typography  typeface 
july 2008 by mpm
Dingbats Roundup
16 Incredibly Detailed, Useful (and free) Dingbat Fonts
typography  webdesign  design  typeface 
february 2008 by mpm
Ban Comic Sans
Putting the Sans in Comic Sans
design  fun  typography 
april 2007 by mpm
Compare fonts for the screen
design  typography 
february 2007 by mpm
Five simple steps to better typography
Typography, I find, is still a bit of mystery to a lot of designers. The kind of typography I'm talking about is not your typical "What font should I use" typography but rather your "knowing your hanging punctuation from your em-dash" typography. Call me a little bit purist but this bothers me
december 2006 by mpm

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