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snmalloc is a research allocator. Its key design features are: Memory that is freed by the same thread that allocated it does not require any synchronising operations. Freeing memory in a different thread to initially allocated it, does not take any locks and instead uses a novel message passing scheme to return the memory to the original allocator, where it is recycled. The allocator uses large ranges of pages to reduce the amount of meta-data required.
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7 weeks ago by mpm
How do you cut a monolith in half?
Using a message broker to distribute work is like a cross between a load balancer with a database, with the disadvantages of both and the advantages of neither.
load-balancing  messaging  architecture 
november 2018 by mpm
Tree Topologies for Causal Message Delivery
We propose that causal message delivery can be achieved by construction, simply by organizing the nodes of the distributed application into a tree topology, and without the need for any meta data in the messages
messaging  causal 
january 2018 by mpm
The kernel connection multiplexer
As the introduction to Tom Herbert's kernel connection multiplexer (KCM) patch set notes, TCP is often used for message-oriented communication protocols even though, as a streaming transport, it has no native support for message-oriented communications. KCM is an effort to make it easier to send and receive messages over TCP which adds a couple of other interesting features as well.
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december 2017 by mpm
The log abstraction carries with it two important promises that are difficult to fulfill at scale: highly available and durable record storage, and a repeatable total order on those records. LogDevice attempts to deliver on those two promises, so dear to the heart of a distributed system designer, at an essentially unlimited scale. It is a distributed data store designed specifically for logs
logging  messaging  storage 
august 2017 by mpm
What is SKIP LOCKED for in PostgreSQL 9.5?
The main utility of SKIP LOCKED is for building simple, reliable and efficient concurrent work queues
messaging  concurrency  database 
july 2017 by mpm
How do you cut a monolith in half
Using a message broker to distribute work is like a cross between a load balancer with a database, with the disadvantages of both and the advantages of neither.
design  messaging 
july 2017 by mpm is a networking platform for distributed and microservice applications, implementing the open Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP).
messaging  networking 
march 2017 by mpm
NATS is an open source, modern and secure messaging system for distributed systems and scalable cloud applications. NATS is ideal for cloud native applications, IoT device messaging and microservices architectures.
june 2016 by mpm
AMQP as a Network Protocol
The Advanced Message Queueing Protocol (AMQP) is usually discussed in the context of message queueing systems since it was designed as a protocol for messaging and indeed has the word “Queueing” in its name.  AMQP is, however, a general-purpose networking protocol that has real advantages over HTTP for service and API delivery
messaging  protocol 
december 2015 by mpm
Efficient reliable unicast and multicast transport protocol.
messaging  performance 
november 2014 by mpm
fq - F@#$*&%Q (MessageQueue that is fast, brokered, in C and gets out of your way)
september 2014 by mpm
LibSourcey is a collection of open source cross platform C++11 modules and classes which provide developers with a flexible high performance arsenal for the rapid development of real-time messaging and live media streaming applications
c++  messaging 
august 2014 by mpm
Sharing memory robustly in message-passing systems
Emulators that translate algorithms from the shared-memory model to two different message-passing models are presented. Both are achieved by implementing a wait-free, atomic, single-writer multi-reader register in unreliable, asynchronous networks. The two message-passing models considered are a complete network with processor failures and an arbitrary network with dynamic link failures.
messaging  memory 
june 2014 by mpm
BusyBee is a refined version of the HyperDex event loop. It exposes a "messaging" abstraction on top of TCP and automatically packs/unpacks messages on the wire. At the core of BusyBee is a thread-safe event loop that enables multiple threads to send and receive messages concurrently.
networking  messaging  concurrency 
march 2014 by mpm
Cap'n Proto
Cap’n Proto is an insanely fast data interchange format and capability-based RPC system. Think JSON, except binary. Or think Protocol Buffers, except faster
protocol  messaging 
april 2013 by mpm
Intra-cluster Replication in Apache Kafka
In the upcoming version 0.8 release, Kafka will support intra-cluster replication, which increases both the availability and the durability of the system. In the following post, I will give an overview of Kafka's replication design
messaging  consistency 
february 2013 by mpm
nanomsg library is a high-performance implementation of several "scalability protocols". Scalability protocol's job is to define how multiple applications communicate to form a single distributed application
messaging  protocol 
february 2013 by mpm
The Blink Protocol
The Blink Protocol is a standardized method for defining how to exchange messages in and between systems. Blink makes it easy for people to define what information to exchange and how. It also eliminates friction in the communications machinery.
protocol  messaging 
january 2013 by mpm
A Survey of Rollback-Recovery Protocols in Message-Passing Systems
This survey covers rollback-recovery techniques that do not require special language constructs. In the first part of the survey we classify rollback-recovery protocols into checkpoint-based and log-based
messaging  consistency  protocol 
january 2013 by mpm
NSQ is a realtime message processing system designed to operate at bitly's scale, handling billions of messages per day.

It promotes distributed and decentralized topologies without single points of failure, enabling fault tolerance and high availability coupled with a reliable message delivery guarantee
october 2012 by mpm
The goal of this module is to offer a simple queue system using the underlying filesystem for storage, security and to prevent race conditions via atomic operations. It focuses on simplicity, robustness and scalability.

This module allows multiple concurrent readers and writers to interact with the same queue
python  messaging 
august 2012 by mpm
Darner is a very simple message queue server. Unlike in-memory servers such as redis, Darner is designed to handle queues much larger than what can be held in RAM. And unlike enterprise queue servers such as RabbitMQ, Darner keeps all messages out of process, relying instead on the kernel's virtual memory manager via log-structured storage.

The result is a durable queue server that uses a small amount of in-resident memory regardless of queue size, while still achieving remarkable performance
august 2012 by mpm
Topics in High-Performance Messaging
In the field of high-performance messaging systems, performance tends to be the dominant factor in making design decisions. In this context, "performance" can indicate high message rates, high payload data transfer rates, low latency, high scalability, high efficiency, or all of the above. Such factors tend to be important in applications like financial market data, satellite, telemetry, and military command & control.

Successful deployment of high-performance messaging systems requires cross-disciplinary knowledge. System-level issues must be considered including network, OS, and host hardware issues.
messaging  networking  performance 
june 2012 by mpm
An Approach to Buffer Management in Java HPC Messaging
In this paper, we present our buffering strategy, which is developed to support efficient communications and derived datatypes in MPJ Express – our implementation of the Java MPI bindings. Our memory management system uses Knuth’s buddy algorithm for optimal memory allocation. We evaluate the performance of our buffering layer and demonstrate the usefulness of direct byte buffers in a Java messaging system
java  jvm  memory  messaging 
may 2012 by mpm
Mosquitto is an open source (BSD licensed) message broker that implements the MQ Telemetry Transport protocol version 3.1.
protocol  messaging 
april 2012 by mpm
Python MQTT Client Library
python  messaging 
april 2012 by mpm
zerorpc is a flexible RPC implementation based on zeromq and messagepack
python  rpc  messaging 
march 2012 by mpm
Crossroads I/O
a fork of the ZeroMQ project
messaging  networking 
march 2012 by mpm
Hermes is a simple opensource middleware for communicating applications. Hermes follows the Publish/Subscribe messaging pattern where senders (Publishers) instead of send the messages directly to receivers (Subscribers), they publish the messages to a centralized repository (Hermes in this case) characterized into topics. Subscribers express interest in one or more topics
http  event  messaging  rest 
july 2011 by mpm
Libko is a user-space, message-based, persistant queue library that can be used to exchange messages between unrelated processes in an event-driven manner.
july 2011 by mpm
libjlog is a pure C, very simple durable message queue with multiple subscribers and publishers (both thread and multi-process safe).
messaging  event 
march 2011 by mpm
MQ Telemetry Transport
The MQTT protocol enables a publish/subscribe messaging model in an extremely lightweight way. It is useful for connections with remote locations where a small code footprint is required and/or network bandwidth is at a premium
messaging  protocol  event 
february 2011 by mpm
Mscgen is a small program that parses Message Sequence Chart descriptions and produces PNG, SVG, EPS or server side image maps (ismaps) as the output
messaging  visualization  diagram 
october 2010 by mpm
Octobot is a task queue worker for applications that must process message queues with extremely high throughput, minimal latency, and high availability - especially those sensitive to the overhead implicit in receiving and processing many lightweight tasks, such as message delivery systems.
java  messaging 
september 2010 by mpm
A simple, open, server-to-server web-hook-based pubsub (publish/subscribe) protocol as an extension to Atom (and RSS).
protocol  messaging  http  event 
september 2009 by mpm
SomnifugiJMS is an implementation of JMS that works inside a single JVM to send JMS Messages between Threads
java  messaging 
august 2009 by mpm
OSI Certified implementation of the Service Availability Forum Application Interface Specification (AIS).
reliability  networking  messaging  linux  availability  cluster 
september 2008 by mpm
maildir is a structure for directories of incoming mail messages. It solves the reliability problems that plague mbox files and mh folders.
protocol  messaging 
september 2008 by mpm
pure C, very simple durable message queue with multiple subscribers and publishers (both thread and multi-process safe).
august 2008 by mpm
zeromq: Fastest. Messaging. Ever.
ØMQ ("ZeroMQ") is to build the fastest messaging ever. The way to get performance is to optimise the whole software and hardware stack together
july 2008 by mpm
Topics in High-Performance Messaging
The background information needed for successful deployment isn't widely available. In hopes of saving others a knock or two, we have tried to collect here background information and commentary on some of the issues involved in successful deployments
messaging  scalability 
june 2008 by mpm
message-passing framwork for Java that provides ultra-lightweight threads and facilities for fast, safe, zero-copy messaging between these threads
concurrency  java  messaging 
june 2008 by mpm
Limited Lifetime Ubiquitous Protocol & Blip Messaging Development - LLUP
Limited Lifetime Ubiquitous Protocol and, not by chance, is PULL spelled backwards. This is because LLUP is a protocol for exchanging messages in a smart manner that is a hybrid of both the push and pull approaches to message dissemination.
messaging  protocol  event 
may 2008 by mpm
beanstalkd is a fast, distributed, in-memory workqueue service
distributed  messaging 
may 2008 by mpm
light-weight persistent queue server that speaks the MemCache protocol
messaging  scalability 
january 2008 by mpm
Building Reliable Network Services In Python
python  messaging 
march 2007 by mpm
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol
AMQP enables complete interoperability for messaging middleware, both the networking protocol and the semantics of broker services are defined in AMQP.
messaging  networking  protocol  amqp 
february 2007 by mpm
LAMP and the Spread Toolkit
Strip away the veritable verbosity of voluminous framework verbiage from your average application server, and the remaining skeleton will be suspiciously similar to a standard Linux distribution running Apache and a few default programming languages. Look through the features you get for free with an app server, and you'll realize you get most of them for free with Linux/Apache as well--or at least a close approximation
linux  gcs  messaging 
december 2006 by mpm

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