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The Haskell Phrasebook
The Haskell Phrasebook is a free quick-start Haskell guide comprised of a sequence of small annotated programs. It provides a cursory overview of selected Haskell features, jumping-off points for further reading, and recommendations to help get you writing programs as soon as possible
8 days ago by mpm
Book of Types
I've been working on a book about type-level programming in Haskell for a few weeks now. I'm releasing the first three chapters today
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july 2018 by mpm
Category Theory for Programmers unofficial PDF and LaTeX source
Bartosz Milewski's 'Category Theory for Programmers' unofficial PDF and LaTeX source
math  book  c++  haskell 
october 2017 by mpm
Functional Design and Architecture
This book covers many questions of the design of big applications using pure functional approach and advanced techniques. I wanted to make a complete philosophy and methodology of functional programming design that I called ‘Functional Declarative Design’ or FDD (in opposite to OOD)
book  functional  haskell 
may 2017 by mpm
UNIX pipes as IO monads
We will show uncanny similarities between monadic i/o in Haskell, and UNIX filter compositions based on pipes and redirections
io  haskell  unix 
january 2016 by mpm
Diagrams is a powerful, flexible, declarative domain-specific language for creating vector graphics
diagram  dsl  haskell 
january 2014 by mpm
If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife
latex  haskell  pdf  xml  documentation 
august 2009 by mpm

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