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A non-optimal, Decentralized, Parameter-less Network Buffer Size
In this paper, we propose a sizing of network buffers that is easy to deploy, requires no application-level state or semantics, requires no measurements from the network, and is fully decentralized. Our approach does not rely on machine learning or other complex algorithms. The tradeoff inherent in our proposed buffer size is that it is very likely inefficient across a wide range of deployments. However, there is likely a small, finite number of networks where our proposed buffer size is optimal. This paper is tailored to such networks.
6 weeks ago by mpm
Everything Isa
Some software, languages and models that have HobbyHorses.
7 weeks ago by mpm
to make something worse in an honest but failed attempt to improve it
april 2018 by mpm
Algorithms in the style of IKEA instructions
fun  algorithm 
march 2018 by mpm
ಠ_ಠ Vim plugin to disapprove deeply indented code. ಠ_ಠ
vim  fun 
march 2017 by mpm
Falsehoods Programmers Believe
I'm in love with these lists of "Falsehoods Programmers Believe About X." In case you haven't had pleasure, I've collected all the ones I know of here.
april 2016 by mpm
New features in C++1xx
To help novice programmers, undefined guard-common lambda fuctions need to bind variadic auto interfaces
c++  fun 
october 2015 by mpm
Sans Bullshit Sans — Leveraging the synergy of ligatures
Is your friend a rockstar brogrammer? Are you being asked to cause a paradigm shift? Does your co-worker have the job title “social media guru”?

There is a solution.
typography  fun 
february 2015 by mpm
the function hashing mechanism was strlen the function hashing mechanism was strlen the function hashing mechanism was strlen the function hashing mechanism was strlen the function hashing mechanism was strlen the function hashing mechanism was strlen the function hashing mechanism was strlen the function hashing mechanism was strlen
fun  php 
december 2013 by mpm
Beating the CAP Theorem Checklist
Your ( ) tweet ( ) blog post ( ) marketing material ( ) online comment advocates a way to beat the CAP theorem. Your idea will not work. Here is why it won't work
august 2013 by mpm
Fuck Off As A Service (FOAAS)
FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.
july 2013 by mpm
Vim Koans
A student enquired of Master Wq, “When will I know I have mastered Vimscript?”

Master Wq answered, “When you never use it.”
vim  fun 
july 2012 by mpm
HTML9 Responsive Boilerstrap JS
H9RBS.js isn't your granddad's framework
may 2012 by mpm
Re: "Python for Lisp Programmers"
Don't worry, van Rossum seems smart. I'll bet that generic functions, type annotations, and macros will appear in Python sometime.
fun  python 
august 2011 by mpm
LaTeX Coffee Stains
A lot of time can be saved by printing stains directly on the page rather than adding it manually.
latex  fun 
november 2010 by mpm
Writing Your First Novel Should Happen Only After You've Written a Tome On Business Strategy.
don't write the book yet. Write a book about post-acquisition integration strategy first.
october 2010 by mpm
Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening.
february 2010 by mpm
Bert & Ernie Ante Up
Fool what you want? Your life or your jewels?
december 2009 by mpm
Rotate full page
Rotate full web page with javascript & css bookmarklet
javascript  fun 
august 2009 by mpm
Do not fuck with graphic designers
By releasing your chart, instead of meaningfully educating the public, you willfully obfuscated an already complicated proposal. There is no simple proposal to solve this problem. You instead chose to shout "12! 16! 37! 9! 24!" while we were trying to count something.
visualization  fun  flame 
august 2009 by mpm
Did you just tell me to go fuck myself?
fun  fault-tolerance  erlang  hadoop 
july 2009 by mpm
The Programmer Heirarchy
Consider themselves superior to
java  fun 
july 2009 by mpm
I find your lack of faith disturbing
june 2009 by mpm
Nullsoft Beep
Nullsoft Beep is an application that makes your computer sound like computers sound in the movies
march 2009 by mpm
How To Criticize Computer Scientists
This short essay is an effort to help faculty make their remarks more pointed, and help avoid wimpy vindictives. It explains how to insult CS research, shows where to find the Achilles' heel in any project, and illustrates how one can attack a researcher.
january 2009 by mpm
The Unofficial Unix Administration Horror Story Summary
linux  fun  unix 
december 2008 by mpm
an absolutely vital program for turning text into happy ASCII cows
december 2008 by mpm
All Are Skill Unaware
many psychologists have noted Kruger and Dunning's main data is better explained by positing simply that we all have noisy estimates of our ability and of task difficulty
november 2008 by mpm
Stupid Interview Questions
Obviously if I’m going to write a file copy method, instead of using one of the many extant file copy routines in various libraries and frameworks, it’s going to be fulfilling a specialized set of requirements
november 2008 by mpm
fit-PC is a tiny, noiseless, extremely power-efficient PC
fun  home-it 
september 2008 by mpm
Round Manhole Covers, or: If Richard Feynman applied for a job at Microsoft
Round covers are used when the hole they are covering up is also round. It's simplest to cover a round hole with a round cover.
september 2008 by mpm
Going toastal
The product shipped. It weighs 72 lb and costs $325. Chuck was promoted to CEO.
august 2008 by mpm
How to be an instant Web me-2.0 developer
No visible difference from Web 1.0, apart from IE showing the text 'Javascript error' in its status bar.
july 2008 by mpm
Your Company's App
What can we learn about usability…
design  fun  usability 
june 2008 by mpm
Principles of economics, translated
"Mankiw's 10 principles of economics, translated for the uninitiated", by Yoram Bauman,
june 2008 by mpm
Six Word Methods
In the spirit of six-word memoirs, here are the sometimes dubious responses that various technology and development methods' offer to the overwhelming demand for software production.
june 2008 by mpm
Things That Will Never Happen
The bomb will never go off. I speak as an expert in explosives.
may 2008 by mpm
IT Influences
Some of the many reasons for shitty software
fun  business 
march 2008 by mpm
The World Question Center 2008
When thinking changes your mind, that's philosophy. When God changes your mind, that's faith. When facts change your mind, that's science. WHAT HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND ABOUT? WHY?
january 2008 by mpm
"Enterprise software" is a social, not technical, phenomenon
the executives of a large, risk-averse company have chosen to flatter themselves by pretending that they're engaged in something brave, noble, and dangerous
fun  business  flame 
september 2007 by mpm
ecards for when you care enough to hit send
I don't see what's so gay about wanting to see a song-and-dance man play a brooding superhero prone to wearing tank tops
august 2007 by mpm
HTTP errors - a photoset on Flickr
illustrated set of common http error codes for use on your blog or site or what have you
http  fun 
august 2007 by mpm
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