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Partisan is the design of an alternative runtime system for improved scalability and reduced latency in actor applications
erlang  actors  performance  overlay 
5 weeks ago by mpm
Erlang/OTP 21's new logger
With OTP-21 came a new logging library in Erlang called logger. It comes as an attempt to offer a built-in alternative to long successful projects such as lager, which have seen years of battle testing and tweaking for performance. I've seen few articles written about the new logger and what it can do, so I've decided to do just that.
erlang  logging  queuing 
december 2018 by mpm
Partisan is a flexible, TCP-based membership system for Erlang/Elixir
protocol  erlang  membership 
february 2018 by mpm
HydrOS Project
HydrOS is a multikernel research operating system written to withstand complete software failure, as well as partial hardware failure, in Erlang. HydrOS uses the multikernel model to seperate a multicore computer into a set of individual computing nodes, each capable of withstanding the failure of the others.
fault-tolerance  reliability  erlang 
december 2017 by mpm
A description of the Erlang Runtime System ERTS and the virtual Machine BEAM.
book  erlang 
april 2017 by mpm
Handling Overload
In this text, I'm going to dig through the common overload patterns that can be encountered in Erlang with the regular workarounds available today for your systems. Do note, however, that the overall criticism of flow-control remain true in other concurrent platforms
erlang  concurrency 
november 2016 by mpm
Craft bulletproof firmware in the stunningly productive elixir language
erlang  elixir 
june 2016 by mpm
Plumtree is an implementation of Plumtree[1], the epidemic broadcast protocol. It is extracted from the implementation in riak_core[2]. Instead of the riak_core ring and riak's ring gossip protocol, it includes a standalone membership gossip, built around riak_dt[3]'s ORSWOT[4]
broadcast  gossip  erlang 
october 2015 by mpm
The Exometer Core package allows for easy and efficient instrumentation of Erlang code, allowing crucial data on system performance to be exported to a wide variety of monitoring systems
erlang  monitoring 
march 2015 by mpm
Socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols
erlang  scalability 
february 2015 by mpm
Stuff Goes Bad: Erlang in Anger
This book intends to be a little guide about how to be the Erlang medic in a time of war. It is first and foremost a collection of tips and tricks to help understand where failures come from, and a dictionary of different code snippets and practices that helped developers debug production systems that were built in Erlang.
erlang  book 
september 2014 by mpm
barrel is a generic TCP acceptor pool with low latency in Erlang
erlang  tcp 
august 2013 by mpm
Logplex is a distributed syslog log router, able to merge and redistribute multiple incoming streams of syslog logs to individual subscribers
erlang  logging 
july 2013 by mpm
Don't lose your ETS Tables
may 2013 by mpm
The Concurrent Schemer
"The Concurrent Schemer" (CSCM) is an implementation of the Scheme programming language built on top of the Erlang Virtual Machine. CSCM combines the sequential programming model of Scheme with the concurrent, distributed, and fault-tolerant programming model of Erlang. Simply put, the goals of CSCM are concurrent Scheme, distributed Scheme, and fault-tolerant Scheme.
april 2013 by mpm
How Erlang does scheduling
In this, I describe why Erlang is different from most other language runtimes. I also describe why it often forgoes throughput for lower latency.
january 2013 by mpm
The Safety Valve Erlang application provides overload protection for Erlang systems. It provides queueing facilities for tasks to be executed so their concurrency and rate can be limited on a running system.
erlang  reliability 
december 2012 by mpm
SHA-3 (KECCAK) Erlang NIFs (based on NIST reference C implementation)
october 2012 by mpm
Hashing algorithm to find near-duplicates in binary data
erlang  algorithm 
october 2012 by mpm
Erlang on Xen
Erlang on Xen is a highly compatible Erlang VM capable of running as Xen guest OS
august 2012 by mpm
This project implements a single (heavily commented) file, lens.erl which implements functional lenses in Erlang
functional  erlang 
july 2012 by mpm
Solving Embarassingly Obvious Problems In Erlang
If your functions have more than a few lines of code (four is a good benchmark), you need to look closely at them — chances are you have an opportunity to factor them into smaller, more tightly focused functions
erlang  functional 
june 2012 by mpm
This is a simple visualizer for erlang systems using Ubigraph
erlang  visualization 
may 2012 by mpm
tiny Erlang app that works in conjunction with statsderl in order to generate information on the Erlang VM for graphite logs.
erlang  monitoring 
april 2012 by mpm
a set of statistics functions for erlang
erlang  statistics 
april 2012 by mpm
This erlang-based storage engine implements a structure somewhat like LSM-trees (Log-Structured Merge Trees)
erlang  storage  datastructure 
january 2012 by mpm
Debugging for the Erlang programmer
you have a running Erlang system, which is misbehaving in some way, and you want to inspect it.
january 2012 by mpm
A decentralized, k-ordered id generation service in Erlang
distributed  erlang 
january 2012 by mpm
TCP incast: What is it? How can it affect Erlang applications?
you can’t pour two buckets of manure into one bucket.
networking  erlang 
january 2012 by mpm
Erlang Priority Queue
december 2011 by mpm
Sync is an Erlang utility that helps you code faster by automatically compiling and hot-loading changed code.
november 2011 by mpm
Adding Live Updates to Your Erlang Library
Here’s a simple procedure to live-update-ize your Erlang application
erlang  deployment 
november 2011 by mpm
Overlay variables and rebar
a number of releases need to be generated, each with their own set of app.config and vm.args. Using rebar and reltool, this process is actually quite simple. Here are a few tips for making it work.
erlang  build  deployment 
october 2011 by mpm
basho_metrics is an open source Erlang library for efficient calculation of service performance metrics.
erlang  monitoring 
september 2011 by mpm
Erlang DNS server that supports DNSSEC, Long Lived Queries and Update Leases
erlang  dns 
september 2011 by mpm
Lager (as in the beer) is a logging framework for Erlang. Its purpose is to provide a more traditional way to perform logging in an erlang application that plays nicely with traditional UNIX logging tools like logrotate and syslog.
erlang  logging 
july 2011 by mpm
meck and eunit best practices
some useful tips for how to get the most out of [meck] when using eunit
erlang  testing 
june 2011 by mpm
'cut' and 'do' for Erlang.
erlang  functional 
may 2011 by mpm
NIF-based ossp-uuid binding for Erlang
may 2011 by mpm
Erlang LevelDB Driver
erlang  database  storage 
may 2011 by mpm
Erlang bindings to Google's Snappy compression library
erlang  storage 
may 2011 by mpm
Erlang state "monad" with merge/conflict-resolution capabilities
may 2011 by mpm
Folsom is an Erlang based metrics system
erlang  metrics 
april 2011 by mpm
riak_zab is an extension for riak_core that provides totally ordered atomic broadcast capabilities. This is accomplished through a pure Erlang implementation of Zab, the Zookeeper Atomic Broadcast protocol invented by Yahoo! Research
erlang  coordination  consistency  consensus  leader-election 
april 2011 by mpm
JSON NIFs for Erlang
javascript  erlang 
april 2011 by mpm
Easy building and installing of Erlang/OTP instances
april 2011 by mpm
Simulator for message passing protocols, supporting (really) unfair process scheduling and dropped messages
protocol  testing  networking  erlang 
april 2011 by mpm
Generating Releases And Upgrades With Rebar
This article will walk you through using rebar to create an application, lay it out properly, package and deploy it, and create and install new versions without downtime.
erlang  deployment  build 
march 2011 by mpm
Smerl is an Erlang library that simplifies the creation and manipulation of Erlang modules in runtime
march 2011 by mpm
A generic library to load balance communication between Erlang nodes
march 2011 by mpm
Don’t Lose Your ets Tables
Crashing a process when something unexpected occurs is perfectly fine, since coding defensively introduces problems of its own, but you can still avoid losing your ets tables like this relatively easily
erlang  fault-tolerance 
march 2011 by mpm
Erlang packaging on Debian and live upgrade
The first section of this article describes briefly how Erlang manages to support live upgrade (or downgrade), then what is the approach chosen by official Debian packages for Erlang and a common software, Ejabberd. The second section presents how we integrate our Erlang applications in the Debian packaging system to support live upgrade
erlang  deployment 
march 2011 by mpm
emetric creates a high level view of the resources that a running erlang system consumes over time. This is useful for long running stress tests
erlang  monitoring  testing 
march 2011 by mpm
Erlang port driver for interacting with syslog via syslog(3)
erlang  logging 
march 2011 by mpm
Erlang binding for 0MQ (v2).
erlang  zmq 
march 2011 by mpm
Erlang/OTP releases: rebar, release_handler, .appup, etc
If you want to start doing complex updates that change internal state, amongst other things, you really want to be doing it in the proper OTP way.
february 2011 by mpm
Generic Load Regulation Framework for Erlang
A robust way of managing high-load conditions is to regulate at the input edges of the system, and sampling known internal choke points in order to dynamically maintain optimum throughput
erlang  reliability  scalability 
february 2011 by mpm
Running a code server in erlang
For as old as Erlang is, there's a distinct lack of documentation about some aspects of it. I've had a hard time finding information about how to run a code server, so I'm going to write down what I've learned here.
january 2011 by mpm
erlv8 is a NIF-based Erlang application that connects Erlang and V8 JavaScript engine
javascript  erlang 
december 2010 by mpm
Whenever a local function call is made within a module where the arity of the call is less than the next highest arity function definition, the call will be replaced by a fun definition requiring the remaining arguments
erlang  functional 
december 2010 by mpm
Parsing text and binary files with Erlang
There is a way to describe reading and writing of structured data and generally save ourselves time and typing
erlang  parser  protocol 
december 2010 by mpm
Destructuring JSON in Erlang Made Easy
Does the thought of pulling apart a deeply nested JSON object in Erlang make you wince?
erlang  javascript  parser 
november 2010 by mpm
Erlang library and packrat parser-generator for parsing expression grammars
erlang  parser 
november 2010 by mpm
conc Lists in Erlang
conc lists point in two directions instead of just one. They’re really more like trees
erlang  datastructure 
november 2010 by mpm
This application contains some utility functions that make it easier to write maintainable parse transforms for erlang
november 2010 by mpm
10 steps to a target system with rebar generate
I was able to create a complete target system using "rebar generate"
erlang  deployment 
november 2010 by mpm
How to Create an Erlang First Target System
One of the neatest aspects of erlang is the OTP release system, which allows you to do real-time upgrades of your application code. But before you can take advantage of it, you need to create a embedded first target system
erlang  deployment 
november 2010 by mpm
Erlang Build Tools
november 2010 by mpm
9 Erlang pitfalls you should know about
9 mistakes which are easily made in Erlang that I consider to be important to know about.
november 2010 by mpm
A project to unify various implementations of the Erlang library gen_leader into a modern, robust single implementation
erlang  distributed  leader-election  gcs 
october 2010 by mpm
Best practice for defining functions with edoc,erlc,eunit and the dialyzer
I'd like to try and define "best practice" for writing documenting and testing Erlang code
october 2010 by mpm
Erlang Release Handling with Fab and Reltools
This article will show you how to setup make and fab commands that use reltools to build & install new releases
erlang  deployment 
october 2010 by mpm
Erlang performance and debugging tools
october 2010 by mpm
Erlang Latency Guide
Latency is a tricky subject, sometimes it's not even clear what or how to measure it. I've had the experience of writing a fairly complex system requiring low latencies in Erlang. Fortunately Erlang provides really good baseline performance. Most of the time you simply write your program and it will perform well. There are however a few tricks that can be used to lower the latencies of a specific path in the system. This document describes a few of these tricks.
october 2010 by mpm
A NIF wrapper around a basic bloom filter.
erlang  bloomfilter 
august 2010 by mpm
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