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Leveraging eBPF for programmable network functions with IPv6 Segment Routing
With the advent of Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) or Service Function Chaining (SFC), operators expect networks to support flexible services beyond the mere forwarding of packets. The network programmability framework which is being developed within the IETF by leveraging IPv6 Segment Routing enables the realisation of in-network functions. In this paper, we demonstrate that this vision of in-network programmability can be realised. By leveraging the eBPF support in the Linux kernel, we implement a flexible framework that allows network operators to encode their own network functions as eBPF code that is automatically executed while processing specific packets. Our lab measurements indicate that the overhead of calling such eBPF functions remains acceptable. Thanks to eBPF, operators can implement a variety of network functions. We describe the architecture of our implementation in the Linux kernel. This extension has been released with Linux 4.18. We illustrate the flexibility of our approach with three different use cases: delay measurements, hybrid networks and network discovery. Our lab measurements also indicate that the performance penalty of running eBPF network functions on Linux routers does not incur a significant overhead.
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9 weeks ago by mpm
The eXpress Data Path: Fast Programmable Packet Processing in the Operating System Kernel
In XDP, the operating system kernel itself provides a safe execution environment for custom packet processing applications, executed in device driver context.
ebpf  linux  networking  performance 
january 2019 by mpm
BPFtrace is a high-level tracing language for Linux enhanced Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) available in recent Linux kernels
ebpf  linux  observability 
october 2018 by mpm
Introducing ebpf_exporter
In this blog post we'll talk about how we measure low level metrics and share a tool that can help you to get similar understanding of your systems
linux  ebpf  observability 
october 2018 by mpm
Open-sourcing Katran, a scalable network load balancer
Katran offers a software-based solution to load balancing with a completely reengineered forwarding plane that takes advantage of two recent innovations in kernel engineering: eXpress Data Path (XDP) and the eBPF virtual machine.
networking  performance  ebpf  linux 
june 2018 by mpm
bpftool allows for inspection and simple modification of BPF objects on the system.
june 2018 by mpm
Tracing a packet journey using Linux tracepoints, perf and eBPF
At the end of this post, we’ll have a simple and easy to use low level packet tracer
ebpf  observability  networking 
may 2018 by mpm
eBPF, Sockets, Hop Distance and manually writing eBPF assembly
A friend gave me an interesting task: extract IP TTL values from TCP connections established by a userspace program. This seemingly simple task quickly exploded into an epic Linux system programming hack
ebpf  networking  overlay 
april 2018 by mpm
DTrace-style dynamic tracing tool for Linux
ebpf  linux  observability 
march 2018 by mpm

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