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Data Laced with History: Causal Trees & Operational CRDTs
if two documents could always be made to merge, then most of that coordination hullabaloo could go out the window. Each part of the system could be made to work at its own pace.
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6 weeks ago by mpm
Ensuring referential integrity under causal consistency
Referential integrity (RI) is an important correctness property of a shared, distributed object storage system. It is sometimes thought that enforcing RI requires a strong form of consistency. In this paper, we argue that causal consistency suffices to maintain RI. We support this argument with pseudocode for a reference CRDT data type that maintains RI under causal consistency. QuickCheck has not found any errors in the model.
consistency  causal 
december 2018 by mpm
Tree Topologies for Causal Message Delivery
We propose that causal message delivery can be achieved by construction, simply by organizing the nodes of the distributed application into a tree topology, and without the need for any meta data in the messages
messaging  causal 
january 2018 by mpm
A Publish/Subscribe System Using Causal Broadcast Over Dynamically Built Spanning Trees
In this paper we present VCube-PS, a topic-based Publish/Subscribe system built on the top of a virtual hypercube-like topology. Membership information and published messages to subscribers (members) of a topic group are broadcast over dynamically built spanning trees rooted at the message's source. For a given topic, delivery of published messages respects causal order. Performance results of experiments conducted on the PeerSim simulator confirm the efficiency of VCube-PS in terms of scalability, latency, number, and size of messages when compared to a single rooted, not dynamically, tree built approach
alm  protocol  broadcast  causal  consistency 
july 2017 by mpm
Saturn: a Distributed Metadata Service for Causal Consistency
This paper presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of Saturn, a metadata service for geo-replicated systems. Saturn can be used in combination with several distributed and replicated data services to ensure that remote operations are made visible in an order that respects causality, a requirement central to many consistency criteria.
causal  consistency  replication 
april 2017 by mpm

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