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Design of a Modern Cache
Caching is a common approach for improving performance, yet most implementations use strictly classical techniques. In this article we will explore the modern methods used by Caffeine, an open-source Java caching library, that yield high hit rates and excellent concurrency.
caching  concurrency  memory  scalability 
7 weeks ago by mpm
EC-Cache: Load-balanced, Low-latency Cluster Caching with Online Erasure Coding
EC-Cache is a load-balanced, low latency cluster cache that uses online erasure coding to overcome the limitations of selective replication. EC-Cache employs erasure coding by: (i) splitting and erasure coding individual objects during writes, and (ii) late binding, wherein obtaining any k out of (k+r) splits of an object are sufficient, during reads. As compared to selective replication, EC-Cache improves load balancing by more than 3x and reduces the median and tail read latencies by more than 2x for typical parameters, while using the same amount of memory. EC-Cache does so using 10% additional bandwidth and a small increase in the amount of stored metadata. The benefits offered by EC-Cache are further amplified in the presence of background network load imbalance and server failures.
storage  availability  caching 
august 2017 by mpm
Pelikan Cache
Pelikan is a cache framework written in C. It provides an expanding collection of cache services, and a common library used to build them
march 2017 by mpm
A high performance caching library for Java 8
java  caching 
january 2016 by mpm
Page Cache stat: get page cache stats for files on Linux
linux  performance  caching 
september 2014 by mpm
Apache DirectMemory
Apache DirectMemory is a off-heap cache for the Java Virtual Machine
java  jvm  memory  caching 
september 2013 by mpm
groupcache is a caching and cache-filling library, intended as a replacement for memcached in many cases
go  caching 
july 2013 by mpm
LRU cache implementation in C++
A key-value container providing caching with a least-recently-used replacement strategy is a useful tool in any programmer’s performance optimisation toolkit; however, with no ready-to-use implementations provided in the standard library or the widely used boost libraries, C++ developers are likely resort to inefficient or incorrect approximations to the logic. This document describes a couple of simple implementations built on top of the C++ standard library’s map types and on the boost library’s “bimap” types in the hope of making this useful pattern more accessible to coders not already familiar with it
c++  caching 
january 2012 by mpm
High-Throughput, Thread-Safe, LRU Caching
A couple of years ago I implemented an LRU cache to lookup keyword IDs for keywords. The data structure turned out to be an interesting one because the required throughput was high enough to eliminate heavy use of locks and the synchronized keyword —the application was implemented in Java.
concurrency  caching  datastructure  java 
september 2011 by mpm
DirectMemory is a multi layered cache implementation featuring off-heap memory storage (a-la BigMemory) to enable caching of java objects without degrading jvm performance
java  jvm  caching 
september 2011 by mpm
DNS Prefetching
In short, DNS Prefetching is a method of informing the browser of domain names referenced on a site so that the client can resolve the DNS for those hosts, cache them, and when it comes time to use them, have a faster turn around on the request
http  dns  caching 
may 2011 by mpm
cdn js
We host the other stuff
javascript  caching 
may 2011 by mpm
Varnish System Tuning
Chances are that you will need to do some serious kernel tuning before you will really run in to the limits of what varnish can do. If you're using linux using IPV4 have a look at the following parameters in /proc/sys/net/ipv4
linux  networking  performance  caching 
december 2010 by mpm
bloom filters in a nutshell
The filters are quite simple, but the math is a little slippery until you get the right grip on it. Here’s the way I like to grab it, presented in case it helps anyone else.
datastructure  bloomfilter  caching 
february 2009 by mpm
Some Motley Bloom Tricks
There is a bag of tricks that can easily overcome many of the more obvious shortcomings of Bloom filters.
datastructure  bloomfilter  caching 
february 2009 by mpm
All you ever wanted to know about writing bloom filters
how do you generate an indefinite number of hashes? Even small filters will use three or four; a dozen or more is not unheard of.
datastructure  bloomfilter  caching 
january 2009 by mpm
The SHOP.COM Cache System is an object cache system that is an in-process cache and external, shared Cache
scalability  caching 
december 2008 by mpm
Scaling memcachd at Facebook
This ever increasing demand has required us to make modifications to both our operating system and memcached to achieve the performance that provides the best possible experience for our users.
networking  linux  scalability  caching 
december 2008 by mpm
a web cache system base on nginx web server. faster and more efficient than squid.
proxy  http  scalability  caching 
december 2008 by mpm
Oops! proxy server homesite
Oops! is a proxy server; the main aims of its development being stable operation, service speed, main protocols support, modularity, ease at use
proxy  http  caching 
november 2008 by mpm
A memcached implementation in JGroups
PartitionedHashMap is an implementation of memcached on top of JGroups, written completely in Java. It has a couple of advantages over memcached:
java  caching 
october 2008 by mpm
A High Performance Memory Database for Web Application Caches
architecture and characteristics of a memory database intended to be used as a cache engine for web applications. Primary goals of this database are speed and efficiency while running on SMP systems with several CPU cores
database  datastructure  caching 
september 2008 by mpm
magent is a simple but useful proxy program for memcached servers.
proxy  scalability  caching 
september 2008 by mpm
Unbound is a validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver.
dns  networking  caching 
may 2008 by mpm
Bloomier Filter
An Efficient Data Structure for Static Support Lookup Tables
datastructure  bloomfilter  caching 
april 2008 by mpm
Varnish is a state-of-the-art, high-performance HTTP accelerator
http  proxy  web  caching 
march 2007 by mpm
Michael J. Radwin talks
Hacking Apache HTTP Server at Yahoo! etc.
web  http  scalability  caching 
october 2006 by mpm
nginx [engine x] is a HTTP server and mail proxy server
http  web  caching 
september 2006 by mpm
Http Caching (not as easy as it first appears)
REST is all the rage and so as we start to read and actually use the specification that powers the internet it appears that practice does not follow theory.
rest  http  caching 
august 2006 by mpm
Using Bloom Filters
Bloom filters allow you to perform membership tests in just a fraction of the memory you'd need to store a full list of keys, so you can avoid the performance hit of having to use a disk or database to do your lookups
datastructure  bloomfilter  caching 
june 2006 by mpm

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