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Why do some developers at strong companies like Google consider Agile development to be nonsense?
This style of short-term planning, direct customer contact, and continuous iteration is well suited to software with a simple core and lots of customer visible features that are incrementally useful. It is not so well suited to software which has a very simple interface and tons of hidden internal complexity, software which isn’t useful until it’s fairly complete, or leapfrog solutions the customer can’t imagine.
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Books about Nodejs, Angular2, Agile, Clean Code, Docker, Golang, Microservices, REST, TDD, BDD, and Startups.
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september 2018 by mpm
The role of leadership in software development
So how many leaders should there be, what should they do, what shouldn't they do, and what skills do they need?
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june 2008 by mpm
A New Agile IT Project Management Application - ThoughtWorks Studios
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march 2007 by mpm
Waterfall 2006 - International Conference on Sequential Development
After years of being disparaged by some in the software development community, the waterfall process is back with a vengeance
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february 2007 by mpm
contracts whose purpose is to assure that the parties act in a just and equitable manner and yield to the other their due
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december 2006 by mpm
Big Visible Charts
Here are a few specific charts that I’ve seen used, and a few suggestions for what I’d like to see.
december 2006 by mpm

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