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Partisan is the design of an alternative runtime system for improved scalability and reduced latency in actor applications
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5 weeks ago by mpm
In search of a simple consensus algorithm
In this post: (1) covered an availability limitation of the Raft protocol (2) demonstrated that modern implementations of Raft are subject to it (3) described an existing simpler approach to the problem of consensus (4) showed that its toy 500-lines implementation has performance similar to Etcd but doesn't suffer from Raft's performance penalty
consensus  paxos  availability  actors 
april 2017 by mpm
Boost UDP Transaction Performance
Kernel configuration to fix udp latency & throughput issues
udp  performance  networking  actors 
february 2017 by mpm
History of Actors
Today I’m going to talk about the actor model. I’ll first put the model in context, and then show three different styles of actor language, including two that aim to be realistic programming systems
october 2016 by mpm
Pony - High Performance Actor Programming
Pony is an open-source, object-oriented, actor-model, capabilities-secure, high performance programming language
language  actors 
november 2015 by mpm
Multiparty Session Actors
Actor coordination armoured with a suitable protocol description language has been a pressing problem in the actors community. We study the applicability of multiparty session type (MPST) protocols for verification of actor programs. We incorporate sessions to actors by introducing minimum additions to the model such as the notion of actor roles and protocol mailbox. The framework uses Scribble, which is a protocol description language based on multiparty session types. Our programming model supports actor-like syntax and runtime verification mechanism guaranteeing type-safety and progress of the communicating entities. An actor can implement multiple roles in a similar way as an object can implement multiple interfaces. Multiple roles allow for inter-concurrency in a single actor still preserving its progress property. We demonstrate our framework by designing and implementing a session actor library in Python and its runtime verification mechanism.
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june 2014 by mpm
Orleans: Distributed Virtual Actors for Programmability and Scalability
The Orleans programming model introduces the novel abstraction of virtual actors that solves a number of the complex distributed systems problems, such as reliability and distributed resource management, liberating the developers from dealing with those concerns. At the same time, the Orleans runtime enables applications to attain high performance, reliability and scalability.
actors  concurrency 
march 2014 by mpm
libcppa is an LGPL C++11 actor model implementation featuring lightweight & fast actor implementations, pattern matching for messages, network transparent messaging, and more
actors  concurrency  c++ 
march 2014 by mpm
Theron is a lightweight C++ concurrency library based on the Actor Model. Its Actor Model foundations make Theron an intuitive and productive way to write parallel and distributed applications.
actors  concurrency  c++ 
november 2013 by mpm
JActor is a high-performance actor implementation in Java released under LGPL
java  actors 
april 2012 by mpm
Actorom is a pure Java implementation of the Actors Concurrency Model, aimed at making message-passing concurrency mainstream in everyday Java development
java  concurrency  actors 
august 2009 by mpm
RESTful Distributed Fault-tolerant Persistent Transactional Actors
actors  java  distributed  rest 
august 2009 by mpm
The Mantra programming language
If Mantra has anything new and interesting, it's POP: pipeline-oriented programming or pipe-oriented programming. The pipeline statement implicitly launches threads on the actors in the pipeline and hooks up their input and output streams
antlr  java  language  actors 
november 2007 by mpm
SALSA Programming Language
a general-purpose actor-oriented programming language, especially designed to facilitate the development of dynamically reconfigurable open distributed applications
actors  concurrency  java 
september 2007 by mpm
Actors and Continuous Functionals
This paper presents precise versions of some "laws" that must be satisfied by computations involving communicating parallel processes. The laws take the form of stating plausible restrictions on the histories of computations that are physically realizable. The laws are very general in that they are obeyed by parallel processes executing on a time varying number of distributed physical processors.
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august 2007 by mpm

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