Adding a field name in the ORDER BY clause based on the user's choice - Treating PHP Delusions
rderby = white_list($_GET['orderby'], ["name","price","qty"], "Invalid field name");
$direction = white_list($_GET['direction'], ["ASC","DESC"], "Invalid ORDER BY direction");
$query  = "SELECT * FROM `table` ORD
8 weeks ago
Debates and the Globetrotters
ow they think.

I have other suggestions, but I won't waste time here. Call NCSE if you are going to debate or if you he
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february 2016
Mark Zuckerberg books - Business Insider
physicist, it's probably "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions."

Since its initial publication in 1962, this look at the evolution of science and its effect on the modern world has become "one of the most cited academic books of all time," according to Stanford. Zuckerberg thinks that being aware of how scientific breakthroughs are the catalysts for social progression can be a "force for social good."

Kuhn's book is best known for introducing the phrase "paradigm shift," representing instances in scientific history when a perspective was fundamentally shi
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may 2015
Banka.hr - Istjerivači duhova liberalizma
l Tribune.
Dolenec, Danijela (2015): Zašto SDP-ova vlada nije socijaldemokratska? Političke analize 20, str. 33-38.
Hayek, Friedrich A. (1960): The Constitution of Liberty.  Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
Hayek, Friedrich A. (1980): Individualism and Economic Order. Chicago: The Chicago University Press.
Hibbert, Christopher (2003): The House of Medici: Its Rise and Fall. Harper P
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march 2015
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