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Beamer Theme Matrix
Gives a preview of many of the beamer theme configurations.
beamer  latex  presentation  themes 
april 2016 by mpcasey
Vim Color Scheme Preview LaTeX
Many of the vim color schemes may be previewed in LaTeX here;
it takes a while to load.
vim  color  scheme  editor  latex 
march 2016 by mpcasey
nodes - TikZ: Bend text so that it follows a line - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
For use with mind maps; it may be possible to have dot or dot2tex help with the initial format, then use this method afterwards.
graphs  visualization  tikz  bend  bent  text  edge  line  latex  tex  mind  maps  mindmap 
january 2016 by mpcasey
LaTeX Conditional Expression - LaTeX StackExchange
For keeping solutions in the same document in exams, or different types of comments to print. Specifically the etoolbox package.
latex  conditional  comments  reference  useful 
october 2015 by mpcasey
Private Installation of LaTeX Packages in a Local Tree
Useful for working on school computers when the version of texlive is not up to date and you need a more recent version of a particular package.
latex  local  Installation  tree  package  tex 
july 2015 by mpcasey
tikz pgf - Good way to make textcircled numbers? - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
\node[shape=circle,draw,inner sep=2pt] (char) {#1};}}

For circled numbers to label faces of category theory diagrams.
latex  tikz  commutative  diagrams 
july 2015 by mpcasey
Commutative diagrams in tikz, streamlined according to .
tikz  latex  commutative  diagrams  graphs 
march 2015 by mpcasey
XY-Pic: Typesetting Graphs and Diagrams in LaTeX
We may like this better for commutative diagrams than graphviz.
latex  xy-pic  graphs  diagrams  commutative  typesetting 
march 2015 by mpcasey
LaTeX/Bibliography Management - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
A list of standard templates for the bibtex entries is included here.
bibtex  latex  reference  wikibook 
january 2015 by mpcasey
Managing a one-person TeX system
How to manage a one-person, local-machine, TeX system such as a one-user Linux system, or a Microsoft win32 system, or a Macintosh. It has particular directions for installing additional packages etc.
howto  installation  package  latex  tex  linux  texlive 
june 2008 by mpcasey

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