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I Was an Atheist Until I Read “The Lord of the Rings”
Interesting that recognizing the beauty and goodness in nature, like the sunset, was part of the tip off that there should be more than the atheist view.
catholic  Lord.of.the.Rings  truth  beauty  good 
september 2018 by mpcasey
LOST TAPES 8 - BEST OF VOCAL MELODIC TRANCE (2015) by MrMakarov | Mixcloud
Had to skip "Desperate Religion" by ATB; the other tracks seem to be ok. The last one is good.
good  trance  vocal  melodic  mrmakarov 
july 2015 by mpcasey
LOST TAPES 4 (2014) - BEST VOCAL MELODIC TRANCE by MrMakarov | Mixcloud
Pretty good, though I had to skip one of the "classics" of which I have tired.
good  vocal  melodic  trance  mrmakarov 
july 2015 by mpcasey
O7 - BEST OF VOCAL TRANCE (2015): by MrMakarov
I only had to skip three times; namely exodus and forever and Ramelia;
the lyrics for the last song were also not good, unfortunately.
good  melodic  vocal  trance  mrmakarov 
july 2015 by mpcasey
▶ Jose Zamora vs. Damian DP feat. Paleday - Transatlantic (Andy Moor Remix) - YouTube
The music doesn't really start until 2:37. It's the beginning of iqy: vocal expressions 01.
trance  good  iqy 
june 2015 by mpcasey

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