Bill Walton - NBA Hall of Famer Loves to Ride His Bike
Bill Walton was an NBA champion and MVP. These days though, you’ll find him on two wheels, taking on multiday tours and long rides in the western United States.
basketball  bikes 
2 days ago
'Birdgirl' Mya-Rose Craig receives Bristol University honorary doctorate - BBC News
Mya-Rose Craig has been campaigning for equality in the environmental movement since 2015.
avian-AF  bird-booking  bb:culture-at-large 
2 days ago
e-Rocks Mineral Auctions
turgite specimen from Esmeralda County, Nevada
2020:art  chemistry  avian-AF:habitat 
3 days ago
Online Mineral Museum powered by John Betts-Fine Minerals and
index page for the mineral museum, which can be hard to find. led here by iridescent hematite specimens.
2020:art  chemistry  avian-AF:habitat 
3 days ago
LSD Blotter Art
LSD BLOTTER ART- Acid Art Paper- Hundreds of designs
- Cheapest prices - Wholesale -

the site's grid design echoes the product
3 days ago
A Blog Post For The Masses, and By Masses I Mean “Not Many People” | NotGraphs Baseball
using the Peter Saville color code from New Order's Blue Monday single to write out every major league baseball team
2020:art  design  vis 
4 days ago
Pyrrhuloxia Portrait -
starting here: the yearbook style portrait of the Pyrrhuloxia or Desert Cardinal. A wealth of portrait ideas, hopefully they are still contact-able.
2020:art  avian-AF  bird-booking  bb:conceptual 
7 days ago
The Art of the Recommendation - The New York Times
Samanth Subramanian, a writer who often contributes to the magazine, stumbled upon a small museum dedicated to journalism in a provincial Russian village called Zadonsk. He met Alexander Kosyakin, the proprietor — as you tend to at tiny museums of this sort — and he was, Samanth learned, a longtime journalist and collector of industry paraphernalia. He had also designed every last bit of the museum’s roiling, chaotic and bizarre collection; every strange diorama and visual gag was his creation.

Samanth found this refreshing. Places like the Met and the Louvre “promise an education; they offer, impersonally, to elevate us into their realm of civilization,” he writes, but museums like this join us “in slack-jawed wonder at the teeming weirdness of the world and what we’ve made of it.”
2020:art  art 
8 days ago
Jb Liautard Photography
Profesionnal Action Sport photographer based in Lyon - France
2020:art  photography  mtb  mtb:bikes  art 
8 days ago
The Young Ones (Series) - TV Tropes
Worth a mention as a show which never relied on cliché to any extent; any tropes that popped up were usually subverted and double-subverted within minutes, if not seconds. The entire premise of the series, such as it was, was a particularly odd subversion of the Dysfunctional Family trope.
television  music 
15 days ago
NewOrder* - TrueFaith-94 (1994, Vinyl) | Discogs
Peter Saville art direction, Howard Wakefield design on the cover
music  sound  2020:art  art 
15 days ago
Coronavirus 2019-nCoV
my mom was supposed to be flying to Thailand right now but she postponed the trip because of the coronavirus.
via:popular  vis  vis:spatial 
25 days ago
CBS - Wikipedia
Fred Silverman (who would later head ABC, and then later NBC) made the decision to cancel most of those otherwise hit shows by mid-1971 in what became colloquially referred to as the "Rural Purge", with Green Acres cast member Pat Buttram remarking that the network cancelled "anything with a tree in it".
4 weeks ago
From tech bros to armed robbery, what it's like to deliver weed by bike in NYC—Hopes&Fears
ok, so looking into this makes me excited about the prospect of a career shift. kinda the same excitement i had so many years ago working my way into the photography industry. I wonder if this is a sign then?  bikes 
4 weeks ago
Too Many People Want to Travel - The Atlantic - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
avian-AF:habitat  fossil-fuel-firearms 
4 weeks ago
California Basketpacking -
finally, camera and laptop in play with the bikepacking rig
mtb  mtb:bikes  mtb:tech  bikes 
4 weeks ago
Tanya Leighton | Elizabeth McIntosh
opened an email, "Strawberry Blue", 2019, pleasant stimulation, the land, homes on- and fruit of- the earth
2020:art  art 
5 weeks ago
William Gibson: ‘I was losing a sense of how weird the real world was' | Books | The Guardian
“I was actually able to write Neuromancer because I didn’t know anything about computers,” he says. “I knew literally nothing. What I did was deconstruct the poetics of the language of people who were already working in the field. I’d stand in the hotel bar at the Seattle science fiction convention listening to these guys who were the first computer programmers I ever saw talk about their work. I had no idea what they were talking about, but that was the first time that I ever heard the word ‘interface’ used as a verb. And I swooned. Wow, that’s a verb. Seriously, poetically that was wonderful.
writing  via:popular 
5 weeks ago
The Welikia Project » Welikia Map
manhattan without the city; exploring block by block what it might be like in 1609 with potential flora and fauna that would be inhabiting. pretty incredible.
avian-AF  avian-AF:habitat  bird-booking  bb:reference 
5 weeks ago
The Psychology of Nature | WIRED
Although Olmsted took pains to design parks with a variety of habitats and botanical settings, most urban greenspaces are much less diverse.

Instead, the typical city park is little more than an expansive lawn, punctuated by a few trees and playing fields.

I've got nothing against grass and Little League, but it's probably worth pointing out that, if you want to maximize the psychological perks of greenspace, this is probably the wrong approach.

I sometimes wonder if, when we look back at the mass cognitive mistakes of the 21st century, we'll worry less about the internet and multitasking - people have been multitasking forever - and instead fret about our turn away from nature.
avian-AF  avian-AF:habitat  bird-booking  bb:mentals 
6 weeks ago
Web 1.0 was - ideologically - the most healthy model for the internet we have ever seen, as it was decentralized and far less constrained by the jaws of capitalism. Web 1.0 was a glimpse into a sustainable, communal, anarchist internet that was promptly crushed by capitalism. Fan sites and webrings were communities in the real sense of the word - individuals voluntarily banding together in mutual interest and group aid to build a network stronger than the sum of its parts. It may sounds silly out of context, but webrings were actually a brilliant model of anarchist web communities - a show of support for your comrades and a pledge to assist each other when needed and in turn promote crossover. Giving people accessible/open tools and space to make their own websites and connect them together will always be healthier and more sustainable than closed, locked-down platforms run by capitalists. TBH the closest thing we have to a modern version of this model is the delightful Neocities project.
history  internet  homepages  netcritique  via:mikael 
6 weeks ago
The wild and remote islands that help ease climate anxiety - BBC Future
Wilderness can have a profound effect on how you think and feel about climate change, writes Sophie Yeo.

something I've thought about, how a large abstract problem like climate change is dealt with at the individual level.
avian-AF  avian-AF:habitat  bird-booking  bb:mentals 
6 weeks ago
Trickstuff MAXIMA
the most beautiful brakes in the world
mtb  mtb:tech  design 
7 weeks ago
S O S Band The Finest 1986 ((Stereo)) - YouTube
the original which Foul Play sampled in their 1993 breakbeat hardcore classic "Finest Illusion"
music  via:andosteinmetz 
7 weeks ago
A London-based design studio working in the fields of art, culture and commerce.

Founded in 2008 by Oliver Knight & Rory McGrath, the studio is a collaborative practice engaged in ongoing partnerships with artists, curators, editors, architects, designers and institutions. Recent projects include exhibition design for the Design Museum, books for artists Shezad Dawood and Haegue Yang, the art direction of Strelka Press and the ongoing creative direction of the Strelka Institute in M...
design  2020:art  art 
7 weeks ago
I cannot reset my caliper pistons. What now? | Epic Bleed Solutions
too much mineral oil in the system after a bleed with worn pads
mtb  mtb:tech 
10 weeks ago
The designers crafting the world of tomorrow - BBC Reel
interesting speculative proposal - entirety of human civilization living in a single city the size of a US state, leaving the rest of the planet to become wild once more. not sure i think that's feasible, but curious about more futures that involve less technology and development.

also in this proposed vision where architecture responds to the machine eye: a group of car factory workers goes raving to blow off steam, using camouflage like that from A Scanner Darkly to avoid detection by autonomous vehicles and cameras.
avian-AF  avian-AF:habitat  nice-thinking  architecture 
10 weeks ago
If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel - A tediously accurate map of the solar system
nice vis, it is a little tedious though, kinda blew by all the text trying to find landmarks as the internet has trained me to behave
nice-thinking  vis  spatial 
10 weeks ago
Gallery of Fluid Motion
~1:59 the moment a sphere falls into a Worthington jet created by a sphere that had just fallen before it
physics  physics:fluid-dynamics  avian-AF 
11 weeks ago
Paintings → Humphrey Ocean
beauty, simplicity, satisfaction
2019:art  art 
11 weeks ago
Crunchyroll - Forum - Why do people enjoy Hunter x Hunter so much? - Page 4
1) It has a really slow tonal and pace burn, but keep with it and it pays off tremendously right around the Yorknew City Arc. It starts off a tad bit slow and pretty upbeat and cheerful. By around the 40th episode there's a drastic tone shift from "Wow, what a fun, upbeat show" to "Oh god...holy shit, did that just happen?"
2) Gon and Killua, our two MC's, aren't always in the center of the conflict or are the resolvers of said conflict. While these two kids are incredibly powerful, they realize that they are merely small sharks in an ocean with megalodons. Whenever they do have to fight and resolve the conflict, aka "Gon fights the big baddie of the arc", it really only happens once, and even then our heroes really have to out-think their opponents and truly earn their victories. '

3) It's variation in story arcs. This show drastically changes up it's episode formula from arc to arc. You get arcs ranging from shonen battle tournaments, video game/fantasy esque battles, a crime thriller, a political arc, and a small scale war.
12 weeks ago
Rethinking plastics
interesting survey
People from different backgrounds share their measures to reduce plastic use in their everyday life.
avian-AF  avian-AF:habitat  Thai  thailand  bird-booking  bb:environment  bb:culture-at-large 
november 2019
Digital Strategies in Genre Defining-Magazines
Digital Strategies in Genre-Defining Magazines

Yes, many things that catch the eye, but also the name of the thing itself.
nice-thinking  design  photography 
november 2019
More Soon

lol didn't know there was a launch film, i shot the lookbook for them at the same time
photography  design 
november 2019
Merijn Hos, Artist, represented by Hugo & Marie | Hugo & Marie
Dutch artist with an ever-evolving portfolio of illustration, animation, and live-action film focused on graphic and surrealistic hand-illustration techniques.

pretty illustration of gravity, but really saving for the agency
design  photography  2019:art  art 
november 2019
Zeit Magazin by Tom Darracott
im not the biggest fan of this digitally rendered look, but the compositions and groupings of objects catch my atttention
2019:art  design  photography  art 
november 2019
Pointless work meetings 'really a form of therapy' - BBC News
More managerial jobs generate more meetings, but they are not about making decisions, says a study.

OK BBC, are meetings therapy or are they worthless?

I realize it is a boon to be able to hold two opposing viewpoints in one's mind. So perhaps the conclusion is BBC likes to report the culture of meetings.

My guess is somebody - or many people - are using a break between meetings to read about meetings.
november 2019
Blame your worthless workdays on ‘meeting recovery syndrome’ - BBC Worklife
Even psychologists acknowledge that a workplace too heavy on meetings can sap your brain of the ability to actually get work done.
november 2019
Designing urban spaces with climate in mind | Kotchakorn Voraakhom - YouTube
"this is my version of climate change" wow what a picture (three men carrying an alligator across a flooded city street in Bangkok)
avian-AF:habitat  nice-thinking 
november 2019
Hinamatsuri - Vol. 1 Ch. 1 A Psychokinetic Girl Appears! - MangaDex
enjoyed this anime so much that I want to dig into the manga
2019:art  japanese  manga  art 
november 2019
are you confused?
Website dedicated to the work of the artist Guy de Cointet
2019:art  booooooks  design  language:artists-using  language  art 
november 2019
Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario Has a Plan to Fix Capitalism | Time
I won't think too much about this being a Time magazine article.
“Business has to pick up the mantle when government fails you,” says Marcario, eating a bowl of hemp pesto pasta from the company’s organic cafeteria. “I think we’ve all realized that we have to go beyond ‘Do no unnecessary harm,'” a reference to part of the company’s former motto.
nice-thinking  avian-AF:habitat  via:linkedin 
november 2019
Corporate Background Music Is Taking Over Every Part of Our Lives | Topic
something about the phrase "sanctifying background music by law"
Riders filed a lawsuit after D.C. streetcars and buses began piping in Muzak for commuters in 1948. The next year, in a separate case, New Yorker editor Harold Ross testified at a public hearing of the New York Public Service Commission about music in Grand Central Station. “The individual becomes captive of soundmakers and loses the right to choose whether he listens or doesn’t listen,” he wrote about the hearing in The New Yorker.

The D.C. transit case made it to the US Supreme Court in 1952, and the court ruled in favor of broadcasts on public transit, affirming the right of free expression for music providers and denying that it interfered with the rights of commuters—sanctifying background music by law.
music  sound  nice-thinking  via:HN 
november 2019
Exploring How and Why Trees ‘Talk’ to Each Other - Yale E360
You used radioactive isotopes of carbon to determine that paper birch and Douglas fir trees were using an underground network to interact with each other. Tell me about these interactions.
I don’t think there’s ever going to be a shortage of an ability to form a network, but the network might be different. For example, there will probably be different fungi involved in it, but I think these networks will go on. Whether they’re beneficial to native plant species, or exotics, or invader weeds and so on, that remains to be seen.
nice-thinking  avian-AF:habitat 
november 2019
Historic recordings of Maine's Passamaquoddy Tribe restored more than a century later | CANVAS Arts
More than a century ago, an anthropologist recorded songs, words and stories from members of the Passamaquoddy Tribe in Maine. For years, these field recording were largely hidden from public view. But now, they have been digitally enhanced and shared with the tribe.
via:HN  standing-rock 
november 2019
Commencal Meta HT AM Essential 2019 Review | OutdoorGearLab
Pros:  Excellent descender, high-end fork, *excellent pop out of corners*
mtb  mtb:bikes 
november 2019
Designing the Facebook Company Brand
A new brand system designed for clarity, inspired by people.
design  social-media 
november 2019
USModernist Paul Rudolph
nice images from varied sources over time
architecture  2019:art  photography  art 
november 2019
Home : BirdCast
simple migration forecast maps, 2-3 nights in advance
avian-AF  nice-thinking  vis  bird-booking  bb:reference 
october 2019
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