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Your Love and Your Longing Behind by dapper_prose // MAINBLOGREC
When omega!Jensen married Jared's dad, Jared was still a little kid, and Jensen knows he shouldn't think of him this way, but at 17, Jared is now a hot young alpha. his husband is spending more and more time 'at work,' and Jared obviously has a crush on him too. Jensen's been taking heat suppressants for years because his husband isn't interested, but this month, he goes without, knowing his husband will be on a business trip out of town. he and Jared have plenty of privacy for their first mating frenzy.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  underage!jared  kink:knotting  mpreg  Y  haveread  omega!jensen  stepdad!jensen  hot  rating:nc-17  bottom!jensen  alpha!jared  author:dapper_prose  heat!fic  alpha/beta/omega  daddy!kink  recced  recced-abo  size!kink  kink:padacock  jensen/omc  stepson!jared  teen!jared  neglected!jensen  older!jensen  pining!jensen  forbidden-fruit  top!jared  sizequeen!jensen  flirting  secret-relationship  first-kiss  first-time  kink:public-sex  mating-problems  virgin!jared  possessive!jared  kink:comeplay  pregnant!jensen 
april 2017 by mountainstomove
The 29 Year-Old Virgin by madame_meretrix (laisserais)
having been confined to a wheelchair his entire life, jared is painfully shy and hasn't had any sexual experiences even though he's nearing thirty. that starts to change when he meets jensen. innocent!jared and lots of description would be great. Words:5457
ao3  jared/jensen  rps  au  wheelchair!jared  paralyzed!jared  virgin!jared  shy!jared  physicaltherapist!jensen  meet-as-strangers  first-time  disability  oneshot  5to9k  author:laisserais  author:madame_meretrix  clueless!jared  jensen-teaching-jared  first-date  first-kiss  slow-burn  awkward!jared  insecure!jared  kink:frottage  kink:handjob  kink:blowjob 
february 2017 by mountainstomove
Dawnbringer!verse by lexicale // MAINBLOGREC
The Dawnbringer!verse is comprised of one finished chaptered fic, several smaller interludes, and a completed sequel. The story follows Jensen and Jared, both werecats and both dealing with loss but coming from two very different situations. The fic explore their relationship as well as the world of the 'ailure,' a race of creatures capable of changing their shape from cat to human. Works included: 8. Word count: 300,395.
ao3  jared/jensen  werecreatures  mpreg  au  werecat!jared  werecat!jensen  bigbang  author:lexicale  alpha/beta/omega  verse  past-tragedy  alpha!jensen  omega!jared  hurt!jared  mommy!jared  kid!fic  alone!jared  mating-problems  favorite  caring!jared  emotional-hurt/comfort  100k  recced  recced-abo  minor-character-death  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  friend!jdm  pack-life  meet-as-strangers  slow-burn  getting-together  D  haveread  stillbirth  grieving!jensen  jared-to-the-rescue  shapeshifter!jared  shapeshifter!jensen  character:alona-tal  reclusive!jensen  clueless!jared  mating  protective!jensen  pregnant!jared  neardeath  hungry!jared  hurt/comfort  character:misha-collins  escaping-from-home  raised-by-humans  asshole!jensen  misunderstanding  near-drowning  touch-starvation  friend!misha  surprise!heat  first-time  kink:barbed-cock  older!jensen  teen!jared  first-kiss 
february 2017 by mountainstomove
Ripe and Ready by authocracy
Jared (15-16 years old) is an omega who is about to go into his first heat soon. His parents want him to impress the head alpha of their pack, Jensen (late twenties/early thirties), and invite him over to inspect Jared. This includes Jared being alone with Jensen while the Alpha sniffs, fondles, and fingers/rims him open. If the Alpha approves of him then they'll be mated by the time Jared's heat starts.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  meme:spnkinkmeme  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!jensen  omega!jared  virgin!jared  underage!jared  mating  older!jensen  mpreg  author:authocracy  insecure!jared  awkward!jared  pining!jared  first-kiss  jared-has-smaller  first-time  kink:blowjob  kink:self-lubrication  kink:rimming  kink:claiming  kink:knotting  teen!jared 
february 2017 by mountainstomove
Win-Win Situation by mediaville
The (plot device) made us do it! The boys have to make out on camera. Written for the sweet tinkabell007 for spn_j2_xmas who said she liked (among other delicious things) first-time, non-AU, top!Jared, banter, sex somewhere other than a bed, and the prompt: J2 making silly bets on set and the loser always has to do something embarrassing. Word Count: 11,700.
livejournal  author:mediaville  rating:nc-17  first-time  rps  humor  jared/jensen  non-au  kissing  detailed-body-description  kink:padacock  torec  kink:blowjob  bossy!jared  hot  friends-to-lovers  kink:voyeurism  kink:masturbation  first-kiss  all-human 
february 2017 by mountainstomove
Tied to You 1/19 by anonymous
Jensen and Jared have been best friends for years. Jared is an alpha and Jared is an omega. Everyone assumed that when the time came for Jensen's first heat, Jared would be there and they would be mates. Jensen assumed this, his parents assumed this, everyone assumed this. Except Jared it seems. Jensen catches him kissing a girl on the day of Jensen's first heat. He is upset and returns home. He is directed to the basement to the fucking machine as he will need to be fucked to survive the heat. Jensen locks himself in and is trapped for the three days of his heat. The machine will not let him go no matter what. Of course Jared finds out what has happened. He didn't intentionally kiss the girl and he comes to make it right. he sits with Jensen through his first heat. Please lots of hot fucking machine moments. Especially the machine opening him up as he is a virgin. // Some typos.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  meme:spnkinkmeme  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!jared  omega!jensen  heat!fic  top!jared  bottom!jensen  misunderstanding  kink:toys  mating  getting-together  virgin!jensen  first-time  character:christian-kane  friends-to-lovers  kink:fuck-machine  childhood-friends  caring!jared  emotional-hurt/comfort  scared!jensen  pwp  fuck-or-die  first-kiss  crying  sad!jensen  cuddling  jared-to-the-rescue  author:anonymous 
february 2017 by mountainstomove
New Start by anonymous
Kinks: RPS, AU, A/B/O, omega!Jared/alpha!Jensen, Jared/others(mentioned), non-con/dub-con, mating, knotting, coming untouched, bottom!Jared, male self-lubrication, underage (Jared’s fourteen at the beginning), heat. When Jared was little, he had no idea of his father’s debts. Why would he? He was merely a child, an omega at that, and it had nothing to do with him. That is until Jared’s parents both die in an accident when he was fourteen. Jared found out quickly that his father wasn’t the successful business man that he’d thought he was. He’d borrowed money from some unsavory people – the mod, he’d come to find out – and the pay-back was astronomical. Jared’s father hadn’t even paid back a quarter of what was owed and Jared – now orphaned – became property of the men that his father owed. They took him to a brothel on the ‘bad’ side of town
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  alpha/beta/omega  slave!jared  place:brothel  hooker!jared  mating  omega!jared  alpha!jensen  bottom!jared  top!jensen  older!jensen  underage!jared  teen!jared  rape/noncon  jared/omc  raped!jared  abused!jared  hurt!jared  meet-as-strangers  possessive!jensen  first-kiss  self-lubrication  reluctant!jared  kink:knotting  rich/poor  rich!jensen  poor!jared  businessman!jensen  heat!fic 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
Christmas Angel by Annie46fic
Jensen is a widower who has to work two jobs to keep his home. His four year old daughter wants an angel costume for her nativity and he feels a failure because he can’t even give her that. Then, on his way to work, he meets an old face from his past and, suddenly, all of his wishes look like they might very well come true.
ao3  jared/jensen  rps  au  kid!fic  oneshot  schmoop  christmas  author:annie46  daddy!jensen  bartender!jensen  dragqueen!jared  C  haveread  emotional-hurt/comfort  singledad!jensen  widower!jensen  poor!jensen  past-classmates  meet-again-years-later  straight!jensen  sad!jensen  cheery!jared  first-kiss  kink:frottage  getting-together  all-human 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
One Kiss At A Time by sweet_lyri
Jensen, Jared's newest employee at Jay's Pad, has had a hard decade. Recently released from a rehab facility, Jensen's living at a shelter and just needs some help getting his life back on track, and Jared vows to be the one to do just that. Jensen is also an amazing guy and Jared finds himself falling hard after just a week, and he's delighted to find out that Jensen feels the same way. But Jensen still has demons he's fighting and secrets he's keeping and Jared knows that a relationship is the last thing Jensen needs right now. But his heart isn't listening, and when Jared's involved in a stomach churning ordeal, it brings up things from Jensen's past that are revealed to be the causes of all his problems. And Jared doesn't know if he can fix them all. ...70,033
ao3  jared/jensen  rps  au  past-tragedy  homeless!jensen  substance-abuse  bigbang  pining!jared  author:sweet_lyri  hurt/comfort  boss/employee  past-abuse  rape/noncon  raped!jensen  attempted-suicide  violence  place:coffeeshop  shopowner!jared  padalecki-family  asshole!padaleckifamily  addict!jensen  shy!jensen  bad-guy:tahmoh-penikett  attempted-rape  mugging  rich!jared  suicidal!jensen  asshole!acklesfamily  character:genevieve-cortese  character:danneel-harris  character:stephen-amell  bottom!jared  top!jensen  70k  recced  O  haveread  author:lyri  hurt!jensen  rich/poor  emotional-hurt/comfort  baker!jensen  caring!jared  first-kiss  character:chad-michael-murray  hurt!jared  sexual-harassment  therapy!jensen  place:hospital  hospital!jensen  place:shelter  family-drama  slurs  kink:frottage  first-time  moving-in-together  all-human 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
Rhythm and Ease by pigeongirl99 // MAINBLOGREC
Jeff is a piano player in a bar in 1946 and Jensen is the GI who was just released from service after The War and who's harboring some doubts about his sexuality. Words: 4,300
livejournal  jensen/jdm  au  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  historical  oneshot  rating:nc-17  place:bar  military!jensen  soldier!jensen  first-kiss  submissive!jensen  shy!jensen  virgin!jensen  first-time  scarred!jensen  no-sex  kink:handjob  endearments  R  haveread  recced  all-human 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
There's No Parking In the Friend Zone by dr_ducktator // MAINBLOGREC
Ten years ago Jensen was a fat kid in love with his best friend. Now, he's rich, fit, beautiful, and stranded in his hometown with a very crazy and possibly dangerous Misha. All he wants is to get Jared back, but will Jared be interested in the 'new' Jensen? Notes: Written for spn_cinema and based on the film Just Friends. Words: Around 14,500.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rating:pg-13  angst  rps  au  nerd-makeover  meme:spncinema  movie-remake  past-bullying  pining!jensen  character:misha-collins  90's  nerd!jensen  popular!jared  highschool!fic  childhood-friends  coming-of-age  adorable!jensen  embarrassed!jensen  character:jeff-padalecki  asshole!jeff  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  crazy!misha  character:christian-kane  character:michael-rosenbaum  character:chad-michael-murray  character:tom-welling  kissing  schmoop  T  meet-again-years-later  author:dr_ducktator  first-kiss  pre-slash  10k  recced  haveread  all-human 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
Given and Taken in Ink by marishna // MAINBLOGREC
Author Jared Padalecki has created a sheltered existence for himself, believing that he's happy half-living his safe life. He hides behind his pen name so few people know the real Jared, as he protects himself from others finding out his books aren't 100% fiction. His new neighbour, Jensen Ackles, knows there's something different about Jared and pushes until he has no choice but to let Jensen in. When Jared's carefully constructed life collapses around him will Jensen even care who Jared really is or will Jared's worries become reality? Words: 30,793
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  neighbors  meet-as-strangers  secret-identity  writer!jared  author:marishna  bigbang  30k  rating:R  dogs  character:sandy-mccoy  awkward!jared  past-jared/chad  flashbacks  pot-smoking  jensen/omc  first-kiss  first-time  bottom!jared  top!jensen  getting-together  actor!jensen  secrets  fighting!J2  breakup  insecure!jared  fresh-start  padalecki-family  open-ending  G  haveread  all-human  recced 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
It Begins in the Blood by kelleigh
To protect his parents, Jared makes a deal that goes against everything he believes in. Despite his fear, Jared intends to keep his end of the bargain, no matter what gets in his way. But when a man Jared hasn’t seen in years shows up just in time to prevent Jared from losing everything he is, Jared begins to wonder what kind of deal is worse –one with a known enemy, or one with Jensen Ackles. 6200 words.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  kink:bloodplay  vampire!jensen  possessive!jensen  author:kelleigh  rating:nc-17  human!jared  meet-again-years-later  slave!jared  interspecies  enemies-to-lovers  first-kiss 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
On the Way Down by bewaretheides15 // MAINBLOGREC
The Winchesters have been subjected to a lot of things in the name of hunting, but the result of a spell-gone-wrong on their latest case is still pretty high on Dean's weird scale. While their father is out searching for a way to undo the magic, Dean's stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, trying to deal with his bitchy teenage brother and his own increasingly un-brotherly feelings toward him. Who'd have thought Sammy growing a pair of giant bird wings would be the least of his problems? Warnings: Weecest (Sam is 15), wing!fic, all sorts of UST, barebacking, mild gore. Wordcount: 17,300.
livejournal  author:bewaretheides15  sam/dean  hurt!sam  pre-series  place:cabin  wing!fic  cursed!sam  winged!sam  hurt/comfort  caring!dean  kink:frottage  kink:blowjob  recced  wincest  bottom!sam  top!dean  O  haveread  teen!chesters  weecest  gore  10k  character:john-winchester  first-time  bed-sharing  massage  touch  kink:masturbation  kink:mutual-masturbation  smell!kink  kink:comeplay  kink:washing  kink:dirty-talk  baby-boy  kink:handjob  fantasies  back-injury  first-kiss  scarred!sam  kink:body-worship  kink:fingering  no-condom 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
Towels by dragonspell
After moving to the big city, small-town grown Jensen thought that his days of embarrassing crap always happening to him would be over. That was before he ended up locked out of his new apartment with only a tiny towel on and has to say hello to his hot new neighbor. Word Count: 2,060.
livejournal  oneshot  jared/jensen  rps  au  author:dragonspell  shy!jensen  humor  romance  rating:pg-13  rpf  meet-as-strangers  no-sex  embarrassed!jensen  kissing  neighbors  first-kiss  pre-slash  all-human 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
Cupid With No Wings by anonymous
Jared is a newly certified cupid, and his first assignment is Jensen, someone who other cupids have tried and failed to match up several times. He's supposed to find Jensen's true love and ensure that they're together in time for Valentine's Day. He tries his best, getting to know Jensen's personality and therefore who might be good for him, but not only can he not find anyone, he starts falling in love, and it's forbidden for a cupid to be with a human.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  meme:spnkinkmeme  cupid!jared  creature!jared  valentines  getting-together  interspecies  human!jensen  kink:blowjob  cheery!jared  mating  place:coffeeshop  wing!fic  winged!jared  sick!jared  angst  rating:nc-17  moving-in-together  clueless!jared  disability  insecure!jared  slutty!jensen  loner!jensen  first-kiss  drunk!jared  hurt/comfort  mating-problems  pining!jared  first-time  one-night-stand  breakup  meet-again-months-later  asshole!jensen  fighting!J2 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
Hour of the Wolf by aythia
When Jared found a man wounded and unconscious in the woods, he didn't hesitate to help, but he never expected for the green eyed stranger he brought home to be quite so intriguing. Or quite so...weird. Word Count: ~9,000.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  interspecies  human!jared  werecreatures  place:woods  rating:nc-17  bottom!jensen  top!jared  werewolf!jensen  author:aythia  schmoop  hurt!jensen  dogs  jared-to-the-rescue  shapeshifter!jensen  nightmares  hurt/comfort  escaping-from-home  family-drama  writer!jared  homophobia  first-kiss  virgin!jensen  first-time  kink:blowjob  kink:fingering  kink:rimming  no-condom  meet-as-strangers  getting-together  torec 
december 2016 by mountainstomove
There's Beauty In the Broken righteousbros // MAINBLOGREC
Jared works for his family's garden center as a landscape designer in Los Olivos, CA. He loves his job working alongside his sister Megan and his friend Stephen but at the end of the day he was no one to come home to other than his dog, Harley. One day, a young woman named Mackenzie walks into his shop and hires him to revive the grounds of the estate she just bought nearby. Jared then meets her brother Jensen, a reclusive former model and all around Hollywood bad boy who is now confined to a wheelchair and angry at the world after his losing his leg in a motorcycle accident. After taking the time to get to know him a little better, Jared realizes that there is something about this beautiful damaged man that he just can't get enough of. Words: 27,370.
ao3  jared/jensen  rps  au  gardener!jared  landscaper!jared  reclusive!jensen  grumpy!jensen  bigbang  boss/employee  famous-averagejoe  pining!jared  rating:nc-17  permanent-injury  leg-injury  paralyzed!jensen  amputated!jensen  amputation  ackles-family  character:stephen-amell  character:mackenzie-ackles  first-time  bottoming-from-top  bottom!jared  top!jensen  recced  author:righteousbros  T  haveread  celebrity!jensen  padalecki-family  torec  wheelchair!jensen  past-tragedy  emotional-hurt/comfort  asshole!jensen  meet-as-strangers  slow-burn  character:misha-collins  suicidal-ideation  past-attempted-suicide  first-kiss  place:garden 
december 2016 by mountainstomove
When the Snow Melts Away, You'll Want to Stay by embroiderama // MAINBLOGREC
One snowy evening, Jeff brings his neighbor in to warm up and they find a different kind of heat (Jeff is 35, Jensen is 23.) / This author has many other jensen/jdm fics too. Words:2,448
ao3  jensen/jdm  au  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  author-rec  author:embroiderama  neighbors  snow  oneshot  first-time  W  haveread  kink:handjob  kink:frottage  first-kiss  recced 
december 2016 by mountainstomove
Only A Day Away by bewaretheides15
(212): ok so I'm texting you now like I promised instead of drunktexting jensen and telling him how badly I want his cock tonight. aren't you proud? (1-212): this is Jensen, hi. Word count: 2,000.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  author:bewaretheides15  drunk!jared  embarrassed!jared  oneshot  college!fic  humor  friends-to-lovers  kissing  torec  sexting  O  haveread  first-kiss  pre-slash  all-human 
december 2016 by mountainstomove
Curiosities by bewaretheides15
“You have a kitty-cat tongue?” comes out far too high-pitched and incredulous, but c’mon – Jensen has a kitty-cat tongue? Word count: 8,400.
livejournal  jared/jensen  author:bewaretheides15  felinoid!jensen  animal-traits  au  rps  rating:nc-17  first-time  humor  angst  slash  oneshot  creature!jensen  non-au  actor!jensen  actor!jared  torec  blowjob  touch  cuddling  interspecies  living-together  friends-to-lovers  first-kiss  kink:oral-fixation  getting-together  C  haveread 
december 2016 by mountainstomove
Into Oblivion by cherie_morte
AU after 8x23: Sam dies before completing the last trial, leaving Dean alone and desperate. After a month of trying to bring Sam back with no luck, Dean gets a tip from the most unlikely of places: Metatron. Now reigning in Heaven, the angel is still looking for stories—one story in particular. Sam and Dean broke destiny when they derailed the apocalypse, rewrote the book Metatron had penned himself, and now theirs is the only history the Scribe of God can't access. Although he has Sam's soul captive in Heaven, no amount of torture has convinced Sam to give up his and Dean's life story. Metatron makes a bet: if Dean can follow the instructions and return Sam's soul to his body within three days, then Heaven will relinquish its claim on Sam. If he can't? Dean will forget he ever had a brother, and all of his memories of Sam will belong to Metatron. From the moment Dean reads the instructions, he begins to forget Sam and his quest. Word Count: 24,390.
livejournal  bigbang  character:metatron  amnesia!dean  wincest  hurt!sam  au  sam/dean  author:cherie_morte  permanent-injury  temporary-character-death  SPNS8  trials  supernatural-fanart  artist:petite_madame  author-rec  sad  favorite  I  haveread  grieving!dean  major-character-death  place:bunker  dead!sam  soulmates  eye-injury  demon-deal  first-kiss  established-relationship  sad!dean  drunk!dean  bed-sharing  flashbacks  bottom!sam  top!dean  dean-to-the-rescue  wee!chesters  scarred!dean  hurt!dean  place:heaven  inked!dean  self-harm  pot-smoking  tortured!sam  all-human 
december 2016 by mountainstomove
Show Me Your Hand, I'll Give You My Heart by gaialux
Left in a motel room in the middle of a snowstorm and unable to contact John, Sam and Dean take matters of a hunt into their own hands. The spell they find and use backfires -- or, at least, that's what they think at first. Rather, it just shows them some things Dean might rather have kept hidden. Words: 6,961.
ao3  author:gaialux  sam/dean  alone!boys  hunt-gone-wrong  cursed!sam  soulmates  wincest  oneshot  first-time  character:bobby-singer  bobby-finds-out  virgin!sam  bottom!sam  top!dean  kissing  no-condom  S  haveread  storm  underage!sam  teen!chesters  john-leaves-for-hunt  first-kiss  snow  hurt!sam  bed-sharing  cuddling 
november 2016 by mountainstomove
In retrospect (I’d rather have been a poet. Or a farmer.) by jasmasson
“It’s in the car,” Jared said, slightly sheepishly. Jensen’s look spoke volumes. “What? It was just an errand.” Jared said, shrugging. “You shouldn’t need automatic weapons just to go to the bank. And anyway. You always do the shooting. I do the talking. The planning. The charming.” Jensen snorted indelicately. “Thank you, 007.” Words: 23,533
ao3  jared/jensen  rps  au  violence  undercover!jensen  undercover!jared  author:jasmasson  oneshot  20k  bigbang  bad-guy:jdm  place:bank  criminals  bamf!jared  bamf!jensen  agent!jared  agent!jensen  suspense  workplace-romance  hurt!jared  gunshot  grumpy!jensen  minor-jared/alexis  past-tragedy  past-abuse  abused!jensen  character:eric-kripke  pining!jensen  past-jensen/jdm  assassin!jensen  kidnapped!jensen  secrets  gay!jensen  straight!jared  fresh-start  meet-again-years-later  character:steve-carlson  place:airplane  hostage!jensen  minor-jensen/steve  fighting!J2  jared-to-the-rescue  gay/straight  getting-together  past-rape  raped!jensen  first-kiss  first-time  blowjob  bottom!jensen  top!jared  bottoming-from-top  I  haveread 
november 2016 by mountainstomove
Operation: Mistletoe by dimpleforyourthoughts
FBI Agent Jensen Ackles is a damn good agent, but his devil-may-care attitude, gut instinct, and sheer dumb luck have finally run out. With his job and reputation on the line, Jensen is assigned to a new partner: the overzealous and overachieving Agent Jared Padalecki. Their mission: Infiltrate a ring of drug dealers hiding out in Suburbia in the midst of the Holiday season. The only catch? They have to pretend to be head-over-heels in love with each other. Words:39,965
ao3  jared/jensen  rps  au  meet-as-strangers  workplace-romance  enemies-to-lovers  agent!jared  agent!jensen  christmas  pretend!couple  bamf!jared  bamf!jensen  possessive!jensen  hurt!jared  bigbang  30k  author:dimpleforyourthoughts  confident!jensen  asshole!jensen  place:new-york  jared-and-candy  cheery!jared  reluctant!jensen  case!fic  grumpy!jensen  character:genevieve-cortese  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  loner!jensen  moving-in-together  drugs  secret-identity  humor  bed-sharing  shower  character:christian-kane  fighting!J2  past-mistakes  jensen-and-food  thanksgiving  jared-and-food  drugged!jared  horny!jared  clothes-sharing  cuddling  hurt/comfort  place:supermarket  first-kiss  pining!jared  pining!jensen  drunk!jared  domestic  jensen-to-the-rescue  hurt!jensen  gunshot  character:stephen-amell  breakup  all-human  undercover!jensen  undercover!jared 
november 2016 by mountainstomove
On Your Mark by veronamay // MAINBLOGREC
Jared is a high-priced assassin working for an underground agency called Admin. When he starts shadowing his latest mark, he gets caught up in a situation beyond his control, and it's up to him to keep the man he's been paid to kill out of the line of fire. Word Count: 24,976
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  author:veronamay  assassin!jared  victim!jensen  protective!jared  20k  rating:nc-17  physicaltherapist!jensen  glasses!jensen  meet-as-strangers  stalker!jared  bamf!jared  ex-army!jared  kink:voyeurism  masturbation  pining!jared  past-jared/chris  enemies-to-lovers  hurt!jensen  stabbing  escaping-from-home  coffee  first-kiss  violence  secret-identity  minor-character-death  kidnapped!jensen  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  needy!jensen  first-time  handjob  bottom!jensen  top!jared  fingering  virgin!jensen  switching  bottom!jared  top!jensen  blowjob  recced  target!jensen 
november 2016 by mountainstomove
Kiss Me With a Bullet by sinestrated
Notes: AU. Very, very loosely inspired by the Korean movie Daisy. Summary: Jared is a barista at a small coffee shop who promptly falls for Jensen, his newest customer. But Jensen is hiding something big, and it just might have something to do with the mob family across the street. Words: 8,821
livejournal  author:sinestrated  jared/jensen  rps  au  meet-as-strangers  customer!jensen  barista!jared  place:coffeeshop  secrets  criminals  bamf!jensen  violence  rating:pg-13  oneshot  5to9k  movie-remake  character:chad-michael-murray  place:chicago  pining!jared  escaping-from-home  first-kiss  murderer!jensen  suicidal!jensen  jared-to-the-rescue  attempted-suicide  past-tragedy  mobster!jared  mobster!jensen  rich!jared  family-drama  getting-together  revenge  minor-character-death  K  haveread  secret-identity  pre-slash 
november 2016 by mountainstomove
Jensen's Choice by Zara_Zee // MAINBLOGREC
Seven years ago talented pool hustler Jensen Ackles fled LA for his home state of Texas—with a price on his head and HellSpawn MC on his tail. Now, Jensen’s past has finally caught up with him. His debt has been bought out by the Vice-President of HellSpawn, Jared Padalecki, who expects Jensen to satisfy his dark sexual appetites. But even worse than life as the VP’s beck-and-call boy is the very real possibility that Jensen just might be falling for the sinfully sexy biker. Words:44,034 Additional tags: jealous!jared, possessive!jared, kink:dirty-talk, kink:orgasm-denial, kink:feminization, kink:somnophilia, jealous!jared, possessive!jared, manipulative!jensen, panty!kink, rich!jensen, artist!jensen, drunk!jared, past-abuse, abused!jared, poor!jared, shower, character:jim-beaver, character:ruth-connell, kink:cock-cage, character:misha-collins, jared-to-the-rescue, character:samantha-ferris, character:steve-carlson, inked!jared
ao3  jared/jensen  rps  au  criminal!jared  criminal!jensen  mobster!jared  bottom!jensen  kink:spanking  panty!kink  kink:bondage  possessive!jared  character:misha-collins  author:zara_zee  character:mark-pellegrino  rating:nc-17  bigbang  40k  biker!fic  criminals  crimeboss!jared  past-mistakes  bamf!jared  past-abuse  dark-themes  violence  minor-character-death  kink:rough-sex  drugs  verse  supernatural-fanart  beer  place:bar  poolplayer!jensen  scammer!jensen  inked!jensen  fresh-start  smoking!jensen  bamf!jensen  addict!jensen  therapy!jensen  jensen/omc  family-drama  homophobia  asshole!acklesfamily  character:christian-kane  escaping-from-home  bad-guy:pellegrino  kidnapped!jensen  substance-abuse  kink:manhandling  meet-again-years-later  first-kiss  sizequeen!jensen  padacock  prize!jensen  tied!jensen  kink:toys  kink:crying  kink:jared's-hands  size!kink  slutty!jensen  mild-d/s  submissive!jensen  inked!jared  marking  kink:comeplay  fucktoy!jensen  non-con  top!jared  J  haveread  recced 
october 2016 by mountainstomove
Opus Amore by Skylee // MAINBLOGREC
Sam and Dean go undercover at a couples retreat for Alphas and their Omegas to root out a monster. Dean hates being an Omega so the fact that he'll have to openly be one and stop taking his suppressants pisses him off. Still, the more they pretend to be a happy Omega and Alpha couple, the more he starts to think that maybe being an Omega isn't so bad, not if Sam is his Alpha.. Words: 31,649 Chapters: 17/17.
ao3  author:skylee  wincest  alpha/beta/omega  sam/dean  alpha!sam  omega!dean  first-time  heat!fic  knotting  case!fic  ghosts  recced  pretend!couple  O  haveread  pining!dean  first-kiss  kink:rimming  size!kink  recced-abo  reluctant!dean 
october 2016 by mountainstomove
as though nothing could fall by kellifer_fic // MAINBLOGREC
Jared Padalecki is born with power into a world of superheroes, but when you’re a minor player in a world of champions it’s easy to lose your way. Assigned a sidekick, Jensen, that seems to find him exasperating and part of a team that couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, Jared starts thinking that maybe all he’s destined for is obscurity. Word count: 21,900
jared/jensen  rps  au  powers!jared  superhero!jared  powers!jensen  superhero!jensen  grumpy!jensen  assistant!jensen  secret-identity  violence  minor-character-death  character:danneel-harris  character:milo-ventimiglia  bamf!jensen  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  bigbang  20k  first-kiss  first-time  blowjob  author:kellifer_fic  fighting!J2  secrets  suspense  shapeshifter!jared  handjob  getting-together  enemies-to-lovers  first-date  kidnapped!jared  hurt!jared  jensen-to-the-rescue  tied!jared  A  haveread  recced 
october 2016 by mountainstomove
Black Flag Over Texas by electricalgwen // MAINBLOGREC
Jensen belongs to a team of mercenary vigilantes that is trying to stop a group of anarchists whose goal is the dissolution of the USA. They get information that a student group on UT Dallas campus is harboring at least one of the major players, and Jensen is assigned to an undercover mission to infiltrate the group. His first day on campus, he meets a final-year PhD student named Jared who would be exactly Jensen’s type – if he weren’t a prime suspect. Words: ~32,000
ao3  author:electricalgwen  jared/jensen  rps  au  vigilante!jensen  undercover!jensen  college!fic  student!jared  meet-as-strangers  suspect!jared  bigbang  30k  suspense  criminals  character:katie-cassidy  character:aldis-hodge  character:christian-kane  coffee  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  activist!jared  political  character:sandy-mccoy  grumpy!jensen  cheery!jared  student!jensen  secret-identity  place:bar  drugged!jared  hurt!jared  kidnapped!jared  kink:manhandling  frottage  handjob  public-sex  coming-untouched  first-time  getting-together  slurs  bamf!jensen  jensen-to-the-rescue  amnesia!jared  character:ofc  terrorist-attack  grieving!jared  sad!jared  caring!jensen  emotional-hurt/comfort  first-kiss  blowjob  agent!jensen  character:julie-mcniven  minor-character-death  orphan!jared  B  haveread  recced 
october 2016 by mountainstomove
I Think I Love You (But I Don't Even Know You) by keep_waking_up // MAINBLOGREC
After five years away on his mating quest, Jensen is forced to return home mateless and marry his best friend so he can become Alpha of his pride. In an ironic twist of fate, it is back at home that he finally finds his mate in the least acceptable person possible: Jared Padalecki, an outcast and half-breed. Words:13,725
ao3  jared/jensen  rps  au  werecreatures  meet-again-years-later  arranged-marriage  author:keep_waking_up  halfbreed!jared  werecat!jensen  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!jensen  past-bullying  werecat!jared  oneshot  10k  mating  author-rec  I  haveread  favorite  pining!jared  ackles-family  alone!jensen  jensen/ofc  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  character:danneel-harris  character:ofc  prejudism  loner!jared  shopowner!jared  place:bookstore  human!jared  interspecies  mating-problems  beta!jared  coffee  getting-together  fighting!J2  bamf!jared  first-kiss  animal-traits  first-time  blowjob  bottom!jared  top!jensen  kink:barbed-cock  recced  pack-life 
october 2016 by mountainstomove
Picturesque by ShaynainShambles // MAINBLOGREC
On July 4, Sam and Dean live out Dean's happiest memory; car ride, fireworks, and his first kiss with Sam. Warnings: Wincest, weecest, schmoop, first kiss. Words: 2,414
fanfiction-net  sam/dean  weecest  SPNS5  first-kiss  oneshot  dark-side-of-the-moon  schmoop  P  haveread  recced 
october 2016 by mountainstomove
July 4th, 1996 by magicbubblepipe // MAINBLOGREC
Not all of the fireworks were literal (or why that night really made Dean's greatest hits). Words:2,052
ao3  sam/dean  weecest  SPNS5  dark-side-of-the-moon  pre-series  underage!sam  blowjob  impala!sex  fluff  oneshot  first-kiss  first-time  frottage  baby-boy  handjob  J  haveread  recced 
october 2016 by mountainstomove
Fireworks by femmefatales // MAINBLOGREC
Written for this prompt: Dean first realizing he’s /in love/ with Sam.Words:391
ao3  sam/dean  weecest  short  dean-pov  oneshot  SPNS5  no-sex  fluff  dark-side-of-the-moon  first-kiss  F  haveread  recced 
october 2016 by mountainstomove
7/4/1996 by riyku // MAINBLOGREC
We've all seen what happened when Dean took Sam out to that field to light off fireworks, but we don't know what might have happened after. Words:2,566
ao3  sam/dean  weecest  author:riyku  pre-series  oneshot  SPNS5  dark-side-of-the-moon  underage!sam  pining!dean  beautifully-written  favorite  forbidden-fruit  7  haveread  first-kiss  dean-teaching-sam  needy!sam  handjob  fingering  first-time  virgin!sam  bottom!sam  top!dean  no-condom  spit-as-lube  coming-untouched  teen!chesters  recced 
october 2016 by mountainstomove
Growing Pains by spn_wincest_etc (babybrotherdean)
Growing pains are a bitch, distant in Dean’s memory, but he imagines that his brother has it worse, considering just how much he’s been growing. Sam has trouble sleeping most nights, lies awake letting out soft whimpers as he tries to get comfortable. One day, Dean decides that he’s had enough of it. Listening to his little brother suffer is far from his idea of a good time, and he figures he can at least try to do something about it. Words: 1,481.
ao3  schmoop  wincest  sam/dean  caring!dean  hurt!sam  body-worship  massage  oneshot  getting-together  author:spn_wincest_etc  teen!chesters  underage!sam  pre-series  author:babybrotherdean  cuddling  hurt/comfort  G  haveread  kissing  first-kiss  no-sex 
october 2016 by mountainstomove
Conquest by legion_of_zelda
Answer to take_the_knot meme prompt: "Omegas significantly outnumber alphas. Jensen has never had an alpha show interest in him, so he he doesn't immediately realize Jared wants to mate him. Humor, sexiness, pretty!Jensen."
dreamwidth  oneshot  au  alpha/beta/omega  omega!jensen  reluctant!jensen  alpha!jared  wooing  mating  kink:knotting  humor  oblivious!jensen  pining!jared  torec  kink:toys  embarrassed!jensen  flirting  first-kiss  possessive!jared  getting-together  first-time  blowjob  bottom!jensen  top!jared  marking  G  haveread 
september 2016 by mountainstomove
His Pretty Lips, Another’s Lies by ladycrystal_c
A painful encounter with a Shapeshifter leaves Sam shaken and starts taking a toll on the boys’ relationship. Unwilling to let the son of a bitch destroy everything, Dean decides he and Sam need a break from saving people if they’re going to save themselves. Spoilers : Skin. Word count : 36,300.
livejournal  author:ladycrystal_c  rating:nc-17  wincest  sam/dean  hurt/comfort  hurt!sam  angst  non-con  protective!dean  30k  SPNS1  first-time  hunt-gone-wrong  shapeshifter!dean  pining!dean  tied!sam  pining!sam  attempted-rape  abused!sam  bad-guy:omc  crying  sad!sam  embarrassed!sam  dean-to-the-rescue  emotional-hurt/comfort  caring!dean  jealous!sam  past-dean/omc  place:bar  drunk!sam  brothers-fighting  first-kiss  nightmares  bed-sharing  cuddling  holiday!fic  jealous!dean  dean-and-food  forbidden-fruit  kink:frottage  place:bath  kink:blowjob  place:shower  kink:rimming  virgin!sam  kink:fingering  bottom!sam  top!dean  H  haveread  no-condom  schmoop 
september 2016 by mountainstomove
Misplaced Childhood by etoile_etiolee
Jared Padalecki is 7 years old, Jensen Ackles barely five, when they get kidnapped and sexually abused. Rescued but struggling with the consequences, the boys share a special bond that seems unbreakable. Growing up in different environments, they each deal with the aftermath the best they can. Now, Jensen is 22 years old, addicted to drugs and still suffering from PTSD. Although they haven't seen each other in years, Jared doesn't hesitate to come to his aid when he hits rock bottom. With his help, maybe Jensen can finally have a second chance at life. Happiness is just around the corner, however unlikely and impossible it might seem. Words:58,455
dark-themes  rape/noncon  jared/jensen  au  wee!J2  childhood-friends  kidnapped!jensen  kidnapped!jared  protective!jared  raped!jensen  raped!jared  bad-guy:omc  jensen/omc  jared/omc  bigbang  character:felicia-day  character:christian-kane  inked!jensen  character:alaina-huffman  character:misha-collins  neglected!jensen  padalecki-family  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  coming-of-age  kissing  slutty!jensen  drugs  addict!jensen  author:etoile_etiolee  ptsd  past-tragedy  psychological-trauma  touch  cuddling  cuddly!jensen  loner!jensen  younger!jensen  older!jared  asexual!jared  smoking  broken!jensen  kink:masturbation  kink:voyeurism  living-together  asshole!acklesfamily  codependency  author-rec  M  haveread  favorite  rps  abused!jared  abused!jensen  50k  hurt!jared  hurt!jensen  place:hospital  hospital!jared  hospital!jensen  meet-again-years-later  self-harm  bed-sharing  badboy!jensen  pierced!jensen  flashbacks  student!jared  mechanic!jensen  first-kiss  place:chicago  tattooartist!jensen  fighting!J2  place:cabin 
september 2016 by mountainstomove
A Handful of Rain by riyku
Life on the streets had taught Jensen that everything came with a price. Family was a word that meant the people who kicked you out, religion was nothing more than a free meal, and salvation something that he could buy for ten bucks a hit down on the bad side of town. Scoring had become his full-time job, and finding a safe place to sleep was what he did in his time off. It was only a matter of time until this life caught up with him. Now, strung out and with no where else to go, Jensen finds himself following his feet to a place he never thought he would go--to the home of a stranger who can unfailingly see past Jensen's mistakes, and who can see right through to the good that is still left within him. The challenge is getting Jensen to see it as well.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  angst  bigbang  torec  rating:nc-17  author:riyku  hurt!jensen  homeless!jensen  socialworker!jared  first-time  hurt/comfort  bottom!jensen  top!jared  drugs  sad  neardeath  addict!jensen  overdose  place:hospital  hospital!jensen  hallucinations  caring!jared  alone!jensen  emotional-hurt/comfort  character:chad-michael-murray  place:halfwayhouse  character:christian-kane  character:steve-carlson  character:katie-cassidy  scarred!jensen  therapy!jensen  past-mistakes  past-tragedy  author-rec  orphan!jensen  jared-to-the-rescue  secrets  bed-sharing  first-kiss  kink:blowjob  kink:handjob  kink:fingering 
august 2016 by mountainstomove
Soldier's Heart by bandit_queen_1 (Bandit_Queen) // MAINBLOGREC
Because of horrific nightmares and crushing guilt, Doctor Jensen Ackles hasn't practiced medicine since the end of the Civil War. He has only one thing left to live for--saving his sister from a life of working in a saloon. After losing his parents and brother during the war, Jared Padalecki struggles to hold on to the family ranch. And though he never planned to marry, he's obligated to wed his widowed sister-in-law to provide her and his niece and nephew a home. When Jensen finds himself working for Jared, he's afraid his terrible secrets will be exposed. However, Jared has his own secret. Words: 42,258
ao3  jared/jensen  rps  au  historical  ptsd  emotional-trauma  broken!jensen  guilty!jensen  doctor!jensen  fresh-start  author:bandit_queen_1  arranged-marriage  jensen/ofc  past-tragedy  jared/ofc  secrets  meet-as-strangers  bigbang  40k  rancher!jared  protective!jensen  ex-army!jensen  character:jim-beaver  character:samantha-ferris  western  place:ranch  ranch-hand!jensen  alone!jared  sad!jared  minor-character-death  grumpy!jensen  dogs  drunk!jensen  kid!fic  summer  first-kiss  place:lake  first-time  blowjob  plot-twist  hurt!jared  gunshot  jensen-to-the-rescue  character:jeff-padalecki  emotional-hurt/comfort  character:mckenzie-ackles  neardeath  family-drama  S  haveread  recced  place:war  all-human 
august 2016 by mountainstomove
Where the Love Light Beams by Saklani // MAINBLOGREC
Jared is a man without a home, just searching for a place to spend a cold night. Jensen is a farmer, living alone after losing his long-time partner. But when they meet one December day, they may have each found the best possible gift for Christmas. Word Count: 17,737.
jared/jensen  rps  au  rating:nc-17  author:saklani  homeless!jared  post-wwi  farmer!jensen  historical  christmas  pets  place:ranch  loner!jensen  meet-as-strangers  past-tragedy  grieving!jared  grieving!jensen  protective!jared  homophobia  virgin!jared  cuddling  first-kiss  emotional-hurt/comfort  clueless!jared  kink:frottage  glasses!jensen  handjob  praise!kink  kink:nipple-play  blowjob  schmoop  W  haveread  recced  favorite  dogs  10k  widower!jensen  insecure!jared  first-time  no-sex  jensen-teaching-jared 
august 2016 by mountainstomove
You Go To My Head by ras_elased // MAINBLOGREC
The year is 1938, and Jared Padalecki has just bought a small vineyard in the midst of Depression-era California. He has poured his heart and soul into working the land and creating the perfect wine, but he is still struggling to make ends meet. When he hires a drifter named Jensen to help during the summer harvest, he thinks his biggest problem is coming up with the money to pay Jensen’s wage, but he soon finds himself inexplicably drawn to the mysterious man. Jensen’s got street smarts and a mean right hook, but he’s unprepared for the challenge of fighting off Jared’s advances as well as his own simmering attraction. Jared’s attention threatens to uncover the dark past Jensen left behind in Chicago, a past he’s been running from, and a past that is about to catch up with them both… Quote: "I see you got a giant sized ego to go with that giant head of yours." - "They came in a set, along with my giant cock." Words: 35,765
livejournal  author:ras_elased  jared/jensen  au  rps  bigbang  historical  wine  recced  loner!jensen  criminals  Y  haveread  secrets  california  30k  farmer!jared  place:california  poor!jared  poor!jensen  homeless!jensen  summer  fresh-start  meet-as-strangers  prejudism  escaping-from-home  past-mistakes  angst  character:chad-michael-murray  boss!jared  boss/employee  worker!jensen  dogs  hurt!jensen  grumpy!jensen  sunburn  caring!jared  pining!jared  fighting!J2  slow-burn  reluctant!jensen  moving-in-together  friends-to-lovers  boxer!jensen  drunk!jared  first-kiss  first-time  straight!jensen  gay/straight  blowjob  cuddling  past-bullying  bottom!jared  top!jensen  fingering  no-condom  rain  switching  bottom!jensen  top!jared  suspect!jensen  violence  author:porthos 
august 2016 by mountainstomove
Two-Spirits by slashboyz // MAINBLOGREC
Jensen is a disgraced British soldier and exiled to a regiment in the New World to serve under Captain Morgan. There he befriends a brash young lieutenant, Rosenbaum. Jared was adopted as a small child and raised by a native tribe. He has chosen the path of a two-spirit. When their worlds collide, the lives of all four men are changed forever.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  historical  soldier!jensen  tribal  healer!jared  author:slashboyz  bigbang  meet-as-strangers  homophobia  past-bullying  scarred!jensen  army  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  torture  hurt!jensen  character:michael-rosenbaum  loner!jensen  insecure!jensen  kidnapped!jensen  warprize!jensen  jared-to-the-rescue  caring!jared  leg-injury  feral!jared  first-time  virgin!jensen  past-tragedy  bottom!jensen  top!jared  genderfluid!jared  reluctant!jensen  embarrassed!jensen  handjob  blowjob  crying  sad!jensen  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  detailed-body-description  first-kiss  fresh-start  friend!michael  switching  bottom!jared  top!jensen  violence  suspense  powers!jared  powers!jensen  minor-character-death  magic  warrior!jared  different-language  T  haveread  recced 
august 2016 by mountainstomove
Hold the Whipped Cream by dimpleforyourthoughts
International Best Selling Author Jensen Ackles is all kinds of specific with the details of his life. He likes privacy, writing, and coffee; black, no sugar, hold the cream. He’s become a fixture at the local coffee shop, writing from his table every day for the past two years. His vices include routine, neatness, and structure. Jensen doesn’t do messes. Then there is Jared, recent post-grad basket case, who’s been coming in every day for caffeine he doesn’t need and bringing the increasing disaster in his life with him. Jared is a mess in all the ways Jensen is not and so Jensen offers to help Jared in the only way he knows how: by buying Jared a cup of coffee. Words: 37,606.
ao3  author:dimpleforyourthoughts  jared/jensen  au  coffee  writer!jensen  meet-as-strangers  30k  fluff  frottage  schmoop  secret-identity  reclusive!jensen  character:genevieve-cortese  sea  drunk!jared  cheery!jared  grumpy!jensen  badluck!jared  famous-averagejoe  rich/poor  poor!jared  character:osric-chau  crying  sad!jared  dogs  minor-character-death  pining!jensen  awkward!jensen  character:danneel-harris  inked!jensen  secrets  fanboy!jared  torec  favorite  H  haveread  anxiety  loner!jensen  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  barista!jared  customer!jared  customer!jensen  past-jensen/misha  singer!jensen  slow-burn  getting-together  friends-to-lovers  shy!jensen  fighting!J2  character:chad-michael-murray  older!jensen  past-jared/stephen  domestic-violence  first-kiss  kink:manhandling  famous!jensen  place:coffeeshop  author-rec  celebrity!jensen 
july 2016 by mountainstomove
Treat Her Like a Lady by causeways
You can never tell when a conversation with a really smokin' woman is going to come back and bite you in the ass. Dean gets cursed into dating Sam. Word Count: 6,042.
livejournal  oneshot  cursed!dean  rating:R  sam/dean  wincest  author:causeways  crack  first-time  humor  5to9k  touch  wooing  witches  coffee  character:bobby-singer  torec  embarrassed!sam  bed-sharing  cuddling  awkward!sam  awkward!dean  first-kiss  pining!dean  pining!sam  kink:handjob  place:bath  T  haveread 
july 2016 by mountainstomove
The Cause Sanguine by glasslogic // MAINBLOGREC
Dean is lonely and depressed following the death of his father in a hunting accident. Guilt and grief are causing his life to spiral out of control, so he takes a rare moment of sobriety to walk away from everything and move to a remote cabin in the wilds of Montana. But it’s a very different world up there for him than the town-to-town drifting he has known all his life. Overhearing gossip one night in a local bar, he gets into an argument over the reality of werewolves and stumbles out into the woods in an ill-advised attempt to prove his point. But things never go smoothly for Dean, and what he finds changes everything he understands about hunting, his father, and even his own purpose in life. Dean has seen and done a lot in his time on the planet, but nothing has ever prepared him to navigate the strange roads of a relationship with someone who is only human three nights a month. Words: 48,432.
sam/dean  werecreatures  soulmates  violence  au  werewolf!sam  hunter!dean  hurt!dean  switching  bottom!sam  bottom!dean  top!dean  top!sam  40k  bigbang  flashbacks  wee!sam  drunk!dean  place:shower  shapeshifter!sam  masturbation  adorable!sam  character:bobby-singer  depressed!dean  mating-problems  bobby-finds-out  not-related  verse  author:glasslogic  grieving!dean  T  haveread  recced  livejournal  secrets  meet-again-years-later  favorite  slow-burn  hurt!sam  alone!dean  fresh-start  interspecies  human!dean  loner!dean  mating  animal-traits  pining!sam  wooing  smell!kink  slash  feral!sam  scarred!sam  angst  breakup  bed-sharing  selective-mutism  touch  bi!dean  protective!sam  first-kiss  first-time  kink:frottage  kink:blowjob  christmas  domestic  living-together  fighting!J2  kink:marking  kink:rough-sex  getting-together  kink:blood-drinking  author-rec  moving-in-together  place:cabin  place:woods 
july 2016 by mountainstomove
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bad-guy:tahmoh-penikett  badboy!jensen  badluck!jared  baker!jared  baker!jensen  bamf!jared  bamf!jensen  barbarian!jared  barista!jared  bartender!jared  bartender!jensen  bearded!jared  bearded!jensen  beautifully-written  bed-sharing  beer  beta!dean  beta!jared  beta!jensen  bi!dean  bi!jared  bigbang  biker!fic  biker!jensen  biting  blind!dean  blind!jensen  blind!sam  blind-date  blowjob  boatowner!jared  bobby-finds-out  body-modification  body-worship  book-remake  boss!jared  boss/employee  bossy!dean  bossy!jared  bossy!jensen  bottom!dean  bottom!jared  bottom!jensen  bottom!sam  bottoming-from-top  boxer!jensen  breakup  broken!jensen  brothers-fighting  brothers-raised-apart  buff!jared  bullying  businessman!jensen  C  cabin  california  camping  caretaker!jared  caretaker!jensen  caring!dean  caring!jared  caring!jensen  caring!john  caring!sam  carrier!jared  carrier!jensen  case!fic  cashier!jared  celebrity!jensen  character:adrianne-palicki  character:alaina-huffman  character:aldis-hodge  character:alona-tal  character:bobby-singer  character:castiel  character:chad-michael-murray  character:christian-kane  character:danneel-harris  character:eric-kripke  character:felicia-day  character:gabriel  character:genevieve-cortese  character:jeff-padalecki  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  character:jessica-moore  character:jim-beaver  character:john-winchester  character:josh-ackles  character:julie-mcniven  character:katie-cassidy  character:kim-manners  character:mackenzie-ackles  character:mark-pellegrino  character:matt-cohen  character:mckenzie-ackles  character:megan-padalecki  character:metatron  character:michael-rosenbaum  character:milo-ventimiglia  character:misha-collins  character:missouri-moseley  character:ofc  character:omc  character:osric-chau  character:pastor-jim  character:sam-wesson  character:samantha-ferris  character:sandy-mccoy  character:stephen-amell  character:steve-carlson  character:timothy-omundson  character:tom-welling  character:traci-dinwiddie  character:trickster  cheating  cheery!jared  childhood-friends  christmas  claiming  class-difference  closeted!jensen  clothes-sharing  clueless!jared  clueless!jensen  clueless!sam  codependency  coffee  college!fic  coma  coming-of-age  coming-untouched  commentfic_meme  companion!jared  confident!dean  confident!jared  confident!jensen  convention  courtesan!jensen  crack  crazy!misha  creature!jared  creature!jensen  crimeboss!jared  crimeboss!jensen  criminal!jared  criminal!jensen  criminals  crossover  crying  cuddling  cuddly!jensen  cupid!jared  cursed  cursed!dean  cursed!jared  cursed!jensen  cursed!sam  customer!jared  customer!jensen  customerservice!jared  D  daddy!dean  daddy!jared  daddy!jensen  daddy!kink  dancer!jared  dark-side-of-the-moon  dark-themes  dead!sam  dean-and-food  dean-hunts-with-dad  dean-pov  dean-teaching-sam  dean-to-the-rescue  dean/omc  deleted-journal  demon-blood  demon-deal  depressed!dean  detailed-body-description  different-language  disability  doctor!jared  doctor!jensen  dog!people  dogs  domestic  domestic-violence  dominant!jensen  double-link  dragon!jared  dragon!jensen  dragonrider!jared  dragons  dragqueen!jared  drama  dreamwidth  drugged!jared  drugs  drunk!boys  drunk!dean  drunk!jared  drunk!jensen  drunk!sam  dub-con  E  elf!jared  embarrassed!jared  embarrassed!jensen  embarrassed!sam  emotional-hurt/comfort  emotional-sex  emotional-trauma  empath!jensen  endearments  enemies-to-lovers  episode:all-hell-breaks-loose  escaping-from-home  established-relationship  ex-agent!jensen  ex-army!jared  ex-army!jensen  ex-chubby!jensen  eye-injury  F  fairytale  family-drama  famous!jensen  famous-averagejoe  fanboy!jared  fanfiction-net  fantasies  fantasy  farmer!jared  farmer!jensen  favorite  felinoid!jensen  feminine!jensen  feral!jared  feral!sam  fighting!J2  fighting-with-john  fingering  first-date  first-kiss  first-time  fisherman!jared  flashbacks  flirting  fluff  food  forbidden-fruit  forced!werecreature  forced-mating  fresh-start  friend!chris  friend!jdm  friend!jeff  friend!michael  friend!misha  friends-to-lovers  friends-with-benefits  frottage  fuck-or-die  fucktoy!jensen  G  gardener!jared  gardener!jensen  gay!jensen  gay/straight  genderfluid!jared  genderfluid!sam  getting-caught-masturbating  getting-together  ghosts  gladiator!jared  glasses!jensen  gore  grieving!dean  grieving!jared  grieving!jensen  grieving!sam  grumpy!jensen  guilty!dean  guilty!jared  guilty!jensen  guilty!sam  gunshot  H  hair-washing  halfbreed!jared  hallucinations  hand-injury  handjob  haveread  head-injury  headaches  healer!jared  healer!jensen  heat!fic  high!jared  highschool!fic  historical  hitman!jensen  holiday!fic  homeless!jared  homeless!jensen  homophobia  hooker!jared  hooker!jensen  horny!dean  horny!jared  horny!sam  hospital!dean  hospital!jared  hospital!jensen  hostage!jensen  hot  human!dean  human!jared  human!jensen  humor  hungry!jared  hunt-gone-wrong  hunter!dean  hunter!jensen  hurt!dean  hurt!jared  hurt!jensen  hurt!sam  hurt/comfort  I  imaginary-friend  impala!sex  implied-jared/gen  implied-mpreg  independent!jared  inked!dean  inked!jared  inked!jensen  insecure!dean  insecure!jared  insecure!jensen  interspecies  J  j2_everafter  jared-and-candy  jared-and-food  jared-has-smaller  jared-to-the-rescue  jared/jdm  jared/jensen  jared/ofc  jared/omc  jared/sandy  jealous!dean  jealous!jared  jealous!jensen  jealous!sam  jensen-and-food  jensen-teaching-jared  jensen-to-the-rescue  jensen/danneel  jensen/jdm  jensen/ofc  jensen/omc  john-finds-out  john-leaves-for-hunt  journalist!jensen  K  kid!fic  kidnapped!jared  kidnapped!jensen  kidnapped!sam  king!jensen  kink.fingering  kink:barbed-cock  kink:belly-bulge  kink:biting  kink:blood-drinking  kink:bloodplay  kink:blowjob  kink:body-modification  kink:body-worship  kink:bondage  kink:bottoming-from-top  kink:claiming  kink:cock-cage  kink:comeplay  kink:coming-untouched  kink:crossdressing  kink:crying  kink:d/s  kink:dirty-talk  kink:ecouteurism  kink:feminization  kink:fingering  kink:frottage  kink:fuck-machine  kink:hair-pulling  kink:handjob  kink:hate-sex  kink:hipbones  kink:hot-dogging  kink:humiliation  kink:implied-mpreg  kink:jared's-hands  kink:knotting  kink:manhandling  kink:marking  kink:masturbation  kink:mild-d/s  kink:mirror!sex  kink:mutual-masturbation  kink:nipple-play  kink:oral-fixation  kink:padacock  kink:pain  kink:phone-sex  kink:piercings  kink:public-sex  kink:rimming  kink:rough-sex  kink:self-lubrication  kink:sexting  kink:shotgunning  kink:somnophilia  kink:spanking  kink:switching  kink:tent-sex  kink:toys  kink:voyeurism  kink:washing  kink:watersports  kissing  knight!jared  knotting  L  landscaper!jared  landscaper!jensen  lawyer!jared  leaving-for-stanford  leg-injury  librarian!jared  livejournal  living-together  loner!dean  loner!jared  loner!jensen  M  mage!jared  magic  major-character-death  manipulation  manipulative!jared  manipulative!jensen  marathon-sex  marking  married!J2  massage  master!jared  master!jensen  masturbation  mating  mating-problems  mechanic!dean  mechanic!jensen  medication!jensen  meet-again-months-later  meet-again-years-later  meet-as-strangers  meme:blindfoldspn  meme:j2everafter  meme:spncinema  meme:spnkinkmeme  mentallychallenged!jared  mentallyill!jensen  merman!jensen  mild-d/s  military!jared  military!jensen  minor-character-death  minor-jared/alexis  minor-jensen/steve  missing!jared  misunderstanding  mobster!jared  mobster!jensen  mommy!jared  monster  movie-remake  moving-in-together  mpreg  mugging  murderer!jared  murderer!jensen  mutant!jensen  mute!jared  mute!sam  mutual-masturbation  mystery  near-drowning  neardeath  needy!dean  needy!jared  needy!jensen  needy!sam  neglected!jensen  neighbors  nerd!jensen  nerd-makeover  nesting  nightmares  no-condom  no-permanent-injury  no-sex  noble!jensen  nomad!jensen  non-au  non-con  not-john-friendly  not-related  notsingle!jared  O  oblivious!jared  oblivious!jensen  older!jared  older!jensen  omega!dean  omega!jared  omega!jensen  omega!sam  one-night-stand  oneshot  online-relationship  open-ending  orphan!jared  orphan!jensen  overdose  P  pack-life  padacock  padalecki-family  panic-attacks  panty!kink  paralyzed!jared  paralyzed!jensen  past-abuse  past-attempted-suicide  past-bullying  past-classmates  past-dean/omc  past-friends  past-jared/chad  past-jared/chris  past-jared/gen  past-jared/stephen  past-jensen/chris  past-jensen/jdm  past-jensen/misha  past-jensen/omc  past-jensen/tom  past-miscarriage  past-mistakes  past-rape  past-relationship  past-tragedy  permanent-injury  pets  phone-calls  phonesexworker!jensen  photographer!jared  photographer!jensen  physicaltherapist!jensen  pierced!jared  pierced!jensen  pining  pining!dean  pining!jared  pining!jensen  pining!sam  place:airplane  place:bank  place:bar  place:bath  place:bathroom  place:bobby's-house  place:bookstore  place:boston  place:brothel  place:bunker  place:cabin  place:california  place:camp  place:canada  place:chicago  place:club  place:coffeeshop  place:desert  place:diner  place:foster-home  place:funeral  place:gallery  place:garage  place:garden  place:halfwayhouse  place:harem  place:heaven  place:hospital  place:lake  place:library  place:museum  place:new-york  place:party  place:ranch  place:sea  place:seattle  place:shelter  place:shower  place:spa  place:stripclub  place:supermarket  place:tent  place:war  place:wedding  place:woods  plot-twist  political  poolplayer!jensen  poor!jared  poor!jensen  popular!jared  porn  possessed!dean  possessive!dean  possessive!jared  possessive!jensen  possessive!sam  post-hell  post-wwi  pot-smoking  powers!jared  powers!jensen  praise!kink  pre-series  pre-slash  pregnant!dean  pregnant!jared  pregnant!jensen  prejudism  pretend!couple  prince!jared  prince!jensen  privatedetective!jensen  prize!jensen  profiler!jared  proposal  protective!dean  protective!jared  protective!jensen  protective!john  protective!sam  psychological-trauma  ptsd  public-sex  punk!jensen  pwp  R  rain  raised-by-humans  ranch-hand!jensen  rancher!jared  rape/noncon  raped!dean  raped!jared  raped!jensen  rating:nc-17  rating:pg  rating:pg-13  rating:R  recced  recced-abo  reclusive!jensen  religious-themes  reluctant!dean  reluctant!jared  reluctant!jensen  reluctant!sam  restricted  revenge  rich!jared  rich!jensen  rich/poor  roadtrip  romance  roommates  royal!au  rpf  rps  S  sad  sad!dean  sad!jared  sad!jensen  sad!sam  sam!centric  sam-and-food  sam-to-the-rescue  sam/dean  samdean-archive  samulet  scammer!jensen  scared!jared  scared!jensen  scared!sam  scarred!dean  scarred!jared  scarred!jensen  scarred!sam  schmoop  scientist!jensen  sea  secret-identity  secret-language  secret-omega  secret-relationship  secrets  seduction  selective-mutism  self-harm  self-lubrication  separated!boys  serialkiller!jensen  servant!jared  sexting  sexual-harassment  shapeshifter!dean  shapeshifter!jared  shapeshifter!jensen  shapeshifter!sam  shaving  sheikh!jensen  shopowner!jared  shopowner!jensen  short  shower  shy!jared  shy!jensen  shy!sam  sick!jared  sick!jensen  sick!sam  sinful-desire  singer!jensen  singledad!jared  singledad!jensen  size!kink  sizequeen!jared  sizequeen!jensen  skinny!jensen  slash  slave!jared  slave!jensen  sleepy!sam  slow-burn  slurs  slutty!jared  slutty!jensen  smell!kink  smoking  smoking!jensen  snow  socialworker!jared  socialworker!sam  soldier!jensen  soulmates  sparring  spit-as-lube  spnkinkmeme  SPNS1  SPNS2  SPNS3  SPNS4  SPNS5  SPNS7  SPNS8  spn_meanttobe  stabbing  stalker  stalker!jared  stanford!era  stepbrothers  stepdad!jensen  stepson!jared  stillbirth  storm  straight!jared  straight!jensen  stripper!jared  stripper!jensen  student!jared  student!jensen  student!sam  stutter  sub!jared  submissive!jared  submissive!jensen  substance-abuse  suicidal!jensen  suicidal-ideation  summer  sunburn  superhero!jared  superhero!jensen  supernatural-fanart  surprise!heat  surprise!omega  surprise!werecreature  suspect!jared  suspect!jensen  suspense  switching  T  tail!sex  target!jared  target!jensen  tattooartist!jensen  teen!chesters  teen!J2  teen!jared  teen!jensen  teen!sam  temporary-character-death  terrorist-attack  thanksgiving  therapy!jared  therapy!jensen  thief!jared  tied!dean  tied!jared  tied!jensen  tied!sam  top!dean  top!jared  top!jensen  top!sam  toread  torec  torture  tortured!jared  tortured!sam  touch  touch-starvation  trials  tribal  turned!jensen  twin!jared  twink!jared  U  under-5k  underage  underage!dean  underage!jared  underage!jensen  underage!sam  undercover!jared  undercover!jensen  unrequited  valentines  vampire!jensen  verse  verse:bitten  victim!jared  victim!jensen  vigilante!jared  vigilante!jensen  viking!jared  violence  virgin!jared  virgin!jensen  virgin!sam  voice!kink  W  waiter!jared  waiter!jensen  warprize!jensen  warrior!jared  wee!chesters  wee!J2  wee!sam  weecest  werecat!jared  werecat!jensen  werecreatures  werewolf!jared  werewolf!jensen  werewolf!sam  western  wheelchair!jared  wheelchair!jensen  widower!jensen  wincest  wine  wing!fic  winged!jared  winged!sam  wip  witches  witness!jared  witness-protection-program  wooing  workaholic!jensen  worker!jensen  workplace-romance  worried!dean  worried!sam  writer!jared  writer!jensen  Y  younger!jensen 

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