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GitHub CLI Beta | Take GitHub to the command line
GitHub CLI is ready for your terminal. It’s free and open source—getting better with every fork.
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6 weeks ago by mortonfox
Easily print GitHub markdown as beautiful PDFs
Simply view any Markdown file on GitHub, then in your URL bar replace the part of the URL with — your markdown file will be rendered to a beautiful, printable PDF.

Try an example (
github  markdown  printing  pdf 
september 2019 by mortonfox
Code snippet organizer for pros | Cacher
The code snippet organizer for pro developers
Build a cloud-based snippet library for you and your team
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february 2019 by mortonfox
Clean Up Unused GitHub Repositories! – Can I Haz Edit – Medium
Ugh. Github forces me to type my password for every fork and repository I want to delete. That’s smart and all, but what if one wants to mass-delete a bunch of old, unused, forgotten, dirty little repositories that make his repository list look like a mess? well, that person follows this short guide:
github  git  maintenance  HowTo 
january 2019 by mortonfox serves raw files directly from GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab with proper Content-Type headers
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october 2018 by mortonfox
Sourcegraph - Code search and intelligence
Sourcegraph is a fast, solid, full-featured code navigation engine.
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october 2018 by mortonfox
CoderStats - View Statistics for Millions of GitHub Users
CoderStats is a free service that displays statistics for coders with public Git repositories on GitHub.
github  statistics 
july 2018 by mortonfox
What I learned from an old GitHub project that won 3,000 Stars in a Week
As of release 1.0, I wanted more people to know about this project. I believed this project was worth more than what it looked like at that point. I did a few things to accomplish that, and as a result it got 2,000 stars in 4 days and 3,000 stars in a week! Now It has over 5,500 stars and full issues and pull requests. It happened in only one month.
github  marketing  OpenSource 
february 2018 by mortonfox
GitHub Desktop - Simple collaboration from your desktop
GitHub Desktop is a seamless way to contribute to projects on GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.
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january 2017 by mortonfox
RawGit serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type headers.
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december 2016 by mortonfox
You are a JavaScript developer looking for free webspace to host your project? Check out GitHub Pages. To make things perfect we provide you with a free and sleek URL as shown in the examples above.
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april 2015 by mortonfox
The Quickest Way to Blog on GitHub Pages. | ruhoh universal static blog generator
Jekyll-Bootstrap is a full blog scaffold for Jekyll based blogs. Don't know what Jekyll is? Read the Jekyll Introduction.

Jekyll Blogs are cool because:

Create content in markdown or textile.
Manage everything with git.
Publish from terminal.
No database.
No hosting headaches.
blog  github  Software  generator  webdesign 
april 2015 by mortonfox
Gitter — Where developers come to talk.
Get unlimited public rooms and one-to-one chats, free forever. Private team plans start from $2 per user per month. No credit card required.
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march 2015 by mortonfox
girl is a Github Readme Link Checker. This is a free service that checks the broken links in the READMEs of the top 1000 GitHub repositories by number of stars. Results are cached for 24 hours.
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march 2015 by mortonfox
VimSwitch: Use Your Vim Settings Everywhere
So you've customized vim just the way you want it. But as soon as you jump on a remote machine or a friend's PC, you lose all your settings. Well fear no longer! VimSwitch is here to save the day.

VimSwitch makes it easy to switch to your vim profile on any machine. As long as you have your vim settings up on GitHub (For example: priomsrb/vimrc), switching to it is as easy as:

github  vim  editor  config  Software 
october 2014 by mortonfox
A collection of cool hidden and not so hidden features of Git and GitHub. This cheat sheet was inspired by Zach Holman's Git and GitHub Secrets talk at Aloha Ruby Conference 2012 (slides) and his More Git and GitHub Secrets talk at WDCNZ 2013 (slides).
github  git  HowTo 
may 2014 by mortonfox
GitHub Résumé
As a software startup owner I really enjoy when people send us their résumés and they include their github account so we can see tangible work they have done.
github  career  resume 
may 2014 by mortonfox
RawGit serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type headers.
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may 2014 by mortonfox
Waffle is a free project management solution powered by your GitHub issues & pull requests.
github  projectmanagement  Programming 
april 2014 by mortonfox
Build beautiful interactive books using GitHub/Git and Markdown.
documentation  git  markdown  writing  Software  github 
april 2014 by mortonfox
Popular Coding Convention on Github
Analyze Github commits to know which convention is popular.
Programming  github  statistics 
september 2013 by mortonfox
Useful GitHub patterns | Quick People Blog
Both my day job and my open-source work involve constant use of git and GitHub. These are some useful patterns that I’ve found myself using regularly.
github  HowTo 
july 2013 by mortonfox
Octopress is a framework designed for Jekyll, the static blogging engine powering Github Pages.
blog  Software  github 
june 2013 by mortonfox
The Open Source Report Card
Enter a GitHub username to see a dynamically generated progress report for their open source contributions
github  stats 
june 2013 by mortonfox
Vim Scripts
This mirror provides access to any of the scripts on using Git. It was inspired by Pathogen's simple approach to Vim plugins.
vim  plugins  github 
may 2013 by mortonfox
Pro-tip: How To Backup All Of Your GitHub Repositories In One Go
Today, I’m going to present solutions for easily backing up all of your GitHub repositories in just a step or two. Minimal knowledge of GitHub fundamentals are assumed but if you have experience with writing in Ruby that'll be a plus. This won't however hinder your ability to get the most out of this post, so let's get started.
git  github  backup  HowTo 
may 2013 by mortonfox
Moving Projects from Google Code to GitHub at Frederick Giasson’s Weblog
Last week we slowly migrated Structured Dynamics‘ Google Code Projects to GitHub.We have been thinking about moving to GitHub for some time now, but we only wanted to move projects to it if no prior history and commits were dropped in the process. One motivation for the possible change has been the seeming lack of support by Google for certain long-standing services: we are seeing disturbing trends across a number of existing services. We also needed a migration process that would work with all of our various projects, without losing a trunk, branch, tag or commits (and their related comments).
github  svn  tutorial 
april 2013 by mortonfox
Team Collaboration With Github | Nettuts+
Github has become the corner stone for all things open source software. Developers love it, collaborate on it and are constantly building awesome projects through it. Apart from hosting our code, Github’s main attraction is using it as a collaborative tool. In this tutorial, let’s explore some of the most useful Github features, especially for working in teams, making it all the more efficient, productive and, most importantly, fun!
github  git  tutorial 
march 2013 by mortonfox
gmarik/vundle · GitHub
Vundle is short for Vim bundle and is a Vim plugin manager.
vim  plugins  github  Software  editor 
february 2013 by mortonfox
Plunker - Welcome to Plunker!
Plunker is a RESTful service for hoisting web snippets online

To try it out, paste the id or url of a gist below and cross your fingers
github  gist  programming 
february 2012 by mortonfox

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