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tario/shikashi · GitHub
shikashi is a ruby sandbox that permits the execution of "unprivileged" scripts by defining the permitted methods and constants the scripts can invoke with a white list logic
ruby  programming  sandbox  theupstairs  scripting 
march 2013 by mort
Furcadia - Masons: Dragonspeak Tutorial
Welcome to the DragonSpeak tutorial section. DragonSpeak is probably the most confusing part about dream creation, so we wanted to put together a page that people could go use to get tips, hints and examples of how to do some of the more common and/or hard parts of DragonSpeak.
programming  scripting  theupstairs  ingame  mmorpg  furcadia 
december 2011 by mort
ChucK => Strongly-timed, On-the-fly Audio Programming Language
ChucK : Strongly-timed, Concurrent, and On-the-fly
Audio Programming Language
audio  music  programming  procedural  software  ideas  inspiration 
august 2011 by mort
Box2D - Features
Box2D the open-source physics engine used by Angry Birds (as per this blog post )
physics  programming  code 
january 2011 by mort
Sonar is an open platform to manage code quality.
development  code  programming 
january 2011 by mort
google-url - Project Hosting on Google Code
A small library for parsing and canonicalizing URLs.
google  url  parsing  programming 
january 2011 by mort
An EventMachine Tutorial
EventMachine satisfies two key requirements. First, because EventMachine is an implementation of the reactor pattern, it separates networking logic from application logic. This means you don’t have to worry about handling the low-level connections and socket logic. Instead, you just implement callbacks for the appropriate networking events.
ruby  programming  framework  messaging  networking  eventmachine  theupstairs 
february 2010 by mort
Field is an open-source software project initiated by OpenEnded Group, for the creation of their digital artworks. It is an environment for writing code to rapidly and experimentally assemble and explore algorithmic systems. It is visual, it is hybrid, it is code-based. We think that it has something to offer a diverse range of programmers and artists.
programming  art  processing  development  hacking 
november 2009 by mort - Before you start learning Lisp
This article dispels some untrue preconceptions commonly held by novices venturing into Lisp.
lisp  programming 
september 2009 by mort
Mario AI Competition 2009
This competition is about learning, or otherwise developing, the best controller (agent) for a version of Super Mario Bros.
games  gaming  programming  mario  ai 
august 2009 by mort
message threading
In this document, I describe what is, in my humble but correct opinion, the best known algorithm for threading messages (that is, grouping messages together in parent/child relationships based on which messages are replies to which others.) This is the threading algorithm that was used in Netscape Mail and News 2.0 and 3.0, and in Grendel.
threading  forums  communication  email  programming 
july 2009 by mort
Project Darkstar Community - Learn
Project Darkstar is software infrastructure that aims to simplify the development and operation of massively scalable online games, virtual worlds, and social networking applications.
gaming  programming  java  opensource  games 
june 2009 by mort
Core War Article #1
Two computer programs in their native habitat -- the memory chips of a digital computer -- stalk each other from address to address. Sometimes they go scouting for the enemy; sometimes they lay down a barrage of numeric bombs; sometimes they copy themselves out of danger or stop to repair damage. This is the game I call Core War.
games  corewar  programming 
april 2009 by mort
Gamasutra - News - Analysis: Corewar - The Ultimate Video Game?
Corewar is a battle for survival between two or more opponents, all of whom happen to be computer programs.
ai  games  programming  corewar 
april 2009 by mort
Inside the precision hack « Music Machinery
Remembering the awesome p0wning of the Time Person of the Year poll by 4chan
security  programming  culture  time  recommendation  datamining 
april 2009 by mort
Matt Legend Gemmell – Cocoa Source Code
This page contains some of my Cocoa/Objective-C source code for fellow Mac OS X developers.
osx  mobile  cocoa  iphone  programming 
april 2009 by mort
Why the Wii will never get any better
This isn’t a coincidence. As it turns out, Nintendo chose not to have any operating system or common code at all running on the Broadway CPU. When you run a game, everything that shows up on your screen, ever, is being loaded from that spinning polycarbonate disc.
wii  nintendo  software  programming  gaming 
march 2009 by mort
About Scrum - Overview
Scrum is an iterative, incremental process for developing any product or managing any work.
agile  programming  development  methodology 
february 2007 by mort
Python Programming for Beginners | Linux Journal
If you want to outsmart the Spanish Inquisition, learn Python. This article is a practical introduction to writing non-trivial applications in Python.
python  programming  tutorial 
september 2006 by mort
SitePoint Blogs » Eliminating async Javascript callbacks by preprocessing
The Catch 22 of AJAX is, for the sake of an easy life, most of the time we want to write “synchronous code” but asynchronous is the only way to avoid some rather nasty usability issues.
javascript  ajax  programming 
september 2006 by mort
Python 101 cheat sheet
Python columnist Evelyn Mitchell brings you a quick reference and learning tools for newbies who want to get to know the language.
python  programming  cheatsheet 
september 2006 by mort
musika - SWiK
Musika is a PHP5 based proxy, as well as an alternative Javascript+PHP based track list.  music  programming  php  javascript  social  proxy 
august 2006 by mort
develop:twisted_aggregator [phpPatterns]
Following something Christian Stocker brought up in Fetching a looot of feeds with PHP , this is a hack for an Rss aggregator with twisted to add Conditional GET support.
python  rss  atom  twisted  aggregator  programming  syndication  mdm 
august 2006 by mort

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