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plogg is a combined smart meter plug (kWh) and data logger, especially suited for demand response at the point of use - the appliance level.
physical  ubicomp  api  restful  energy  webofthings 
may 2009 by mort
Children Designing Tangible and Wearable Computing for Playful Educational Purposes
arduino  tangible  ubicomp  hacking  physical 
march 2009 by mort
Extended Environments Markup Language (EEML)
This site provides information about the Extended Environments Markup Language (EEML) protocol for sharing data between remote environments, both physical and virtual.
xml  eeml  physical  enviroment  metadata  ubicomp  internetofthings 
february 2008 by mort
Phidgets - Physical widgets for prototyping physical user interfaces
Phidgets™, or physical widgets, are building blocks that help a developer construct physical user interfaces.
physical  hacking  hardware  interaction  ambient 
june 2007 by mort

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