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Jakobson's functions of language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Roman Jakobson defined six functions of language (or communication functions), according to which an effective act of verbal communication can be described
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december 2010 by mort
Rogue Semiotics » sdfsdf
Almost all the comments are from people that typed sdfsdf in Google
language  probability  semiotics 
july 2009 by mort
collision detection: Songbirds have a concept of grammar
For example: Male zebra finches learn their songs from their fathers. When they're exposed to taped songs from their own and other species, they wind up singing ones specific to their species. Something inside their brains is doing a bit of filtering.
language  birds  biology  ethology  brain  evolution 
april 2006 by mort
The Morning News - In Praise of Loopholes, by Matthew Baldwin
There’s something to be said for working smarter, and not harder, and humans have been looking for—and finding—loopholes to enable it for centuries. A look at some of our most celebrated loophole practitioners, and their tales.
society  culture  language  law  politics 
april 2006 by mort

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