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Wikipedia Miner
WikipediaMiner is a toolkit for tapping the rich semantics encoded within Wikipedia.
api  data  datamining  wikipedia  semanticweb 
september 2011 by mort
Mike Subelsky's Blog: Using Goliath as an API Proxy
RT @subelsky: How I'm using the Goliath server as an API proxy to an external service
goliath  ruby  api 
september 2011 by mort
Google JSON Style Guide
This style guide documents guidelines and recommendations for building JSON APIs at Google.
json  google  rest  api  web  http  theupstairs  tech  code 
june 2011 by mort
Exploring OAuth-Protected APIs :: Drive-by Digressions
Getting a feel of building my own Oauth-enabled API with the help of
api  auth  oauth  curl  theupstairs 
june 2010 by mort
Quickstart - Overview - Quickstart - OpenAmplify
The OpenAmplify API is a web service you can access through a simple request to a URL.

At its simplest, the API reads text you supply and returns linguistic data explaining and classifying the content. What you do with that analysis is, in the fine tradition of APIs and mashups, up to you. Some possibilities might include pairing ads with articles, creating rich tag-clouds, or monitoring the tone of forum threads.
api  semantic  text  datamining  theupstairs 
june 2010 by mort
flickr™ wrappr
The flickr wrappr extends DBpedia with RDF links to photos posted on flickr. For each of the 1.95 million DBpedia concepts, the wrappr generates a collection of flickr photos that depict the concept.
api  data  semanticweb  flickr  wikipedia  dbpedia 
november 2009 by mort
TimeAPI is an API to get dates/times from natural language queries based on Chronic.
ruby  http  rest  api  date 
september 2009 by mort
ruby-hmac's ruby-hmac-0.3.1 Documentation
This module provides common interface to HMAC functionality. HMAC is a kind of "Message Authentication Code" (MAC) algorithm whose standard is documented in RFC2104. Namely, a MAC provides a way to check the integrity of information transmitted over or stored in an unreliable medium, based on a secret key.
ruby  authentication  rest  api 
june 2009 by mort
The Echo Nest : API : Remix : remix
Remix is an open source SDK for Python that allows you to manipulate audio files with ease.
api  python  music  hacking  mp3  sdk 
june 2009 by mort
Wikipedia Webservice
This service comes in two flavors. You can either pass the lat/long or a postalcode/placename.
api  wikipedia  json  gps  geonames 
may 2009 by mort
plogg is a combined smart meter plug (kWh) and data logger, especially suited for demand response at the point of use - the appliance level.
physical  ubicomp  api  restful  energy  webofthings 
may 2009 by mort
Twilio: Web Service API for Making and Receiving Phone Calls, building hosted IVR and PBX telephone applications
Twilio provides an in-cloud API for voice communications that leverages existing web development skills, resources and infrastructure.
voip  phone  api 
march 2009 by mort
Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Panda Tuesday; The History of the Panda, New APIs, Explore and You
Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing both return photos they are currently interested in, both have slightly different tastes in photos depending on their mood. The (currently) third Panda Wang Wang returns photos that have recently been geotagged, not quite realtime but close.
api  flickr  data  pandas 
march 2009 by mort
Account Authentication API - Google Code
The AuthSub API lets your web application access a user's Google data without handling the user's login information.
google  api  authsub  oauth  security 
february 2008 by mort
XMaps Library - A Google Maps API Extension - Documentation
The XMaps Library is an extension to the already terrific Google Maps API that adds more convenience to using the API and adds some cool new features, too!
xmaps  googlemaps  javascript  api  mapping  geolocation 
february 2008 by mort - Profiler
Give Profiler your Attention Data - in the form of RSS feeds or Web pages - and it will generate an APML file you.
api  rss  atom  apml  attention 
january 2008 by mort
FUTEF API provides a search API to explore and find Wikipedia content
wikipedia  api  mashups 
january 2008 by mort
idGettr - Find your Flickr ID
Use this tool to find your Flickr user or group id. Just enter the address of your photostream or group pool and it'll find the number for you.
flickr  api  flickrid 
october 2007 by mort
Optimizing Web Performance
Keeping the 400lb. Gorilla at Bay
http  latency  api  cgi  performance  mdm 
november 2006 by mort
The storage can store and retrieve arbitrary values via alphanumeric
keys, and is subdivided into accounts.
json  greasemonkey  javascript  web  api 
october 2006 by mort
omar kilani - projects - php-json
php-json is an extremely fast PHP C extension for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) serialisation.
php  json  api  mdm 
october 2006 by mort
TRYNT Movie IMDB Web Service // Trynt Heavy Technologies
The TRYNT Movie IMDB Web Service provides programatic access to a sub-set of IMDB data. While the IMDB is a very useful data-set (you can even download your own copy!) it lacks an API. This API was developed to bridge the gap.
api  imdb  mdm 
september 2006 by mort
geopy - Geocoding Toolbox for Python
geopy makes it easy for developers to locate the coordinates of addresses, cities, countries, and landmarks across the globe using third-party geocoders and other sources of data, such as wikis.
python  geocoding  geolocation  api 
september 2006 by mort
How to Add an API to your Web Service
In an attempt to get everyone on the bus in one piece, we’ve tried to filter through the hard stuff and give an easy to understand starting point for anyone on a quest to API’ify their web service.
api  webservices  rest  web20 
august 2006 by mort
pydelicious allows you to access the web service of via it's API through python.
python  api  rest 
august 2006 by mort
FAlbum at RandomByte
This is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to display your Flickr photos and photosets on your site. This plugin uses the Flickr API.
wordpress  gallery  flickr  api 
august 2006 by mort
My 'Future of Web Apps' slides... (
A estás alturas he descartado cualquier posibilidad de no sonar como un fanboy de Tom Coates
data  api  web20  services  platform  webapps  plasticbag  tomcoates 
february 2006 by mort
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