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JSON Feed: Version 1
The JSON Feed format is a pragmatic syndication format, like RSS and Atom, but with one big difference: it’s JSON instead of XML.

For most developers, JSON is far easier to read and write than XML. Developers may groan at picking up an XML parser, but decoding JSON is often just a single line of code.

Our hope is that, because of the lightness of JSON and simplicity of the JSON Feed format, developers will be more attracted to developing for the open web.
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may 2017 by moonhouse
Feed validation revisited: The parallel universe of iCalendar feeds
If you were tuned into the blogosphere back in 2001, you’ll recall lots of chatter about RSS feed validation. RSS came in multiple flavors. Anyone could whip up a feed purporting to be in one or another of those formats, and many of us did. There were all kinds of questions about how and why feeds did or didn’t conform to the various specifications.

Nowadays we have even more flavors. There’s RSS 2.0. And there’s Atom, which isn’t a member of the RSS family at all, it’s a different species of feed format. And yet you rarely hear about problems with feeds that can’t be read and processed by feedreaders.

I think there are two reasons why RSS/Atom-style feeds work pretty well nowdays. First, there’s the Feed Validator. Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby put a huge amount of effort into this excellent tool. Why? Here is their explanation:

Despite its relatively simple nature, RSS is poorly implemented by many tools. This validator is an attempt to codify the specification (literally, to translate it into code) to make it easier to know when you’re producing RSS correctly, and to help you fix it when you’re not.

The second reason is that RSS/Atom-style syndication has been happening in a lot of places for a long time now. A lot of people have used, and helped to refine, the tools and techniques.

Now I’m exploring the parallel world of calendar syndication, using ICS feeds instead of RSS/Atom feeds. And it feels like 2001 all over again. There are ICS feeds out there, but nowhere near as many as RSS/Atom feeds. And my hunch is that even when ICS feeds are published, they’re often unused, so there isn’t enough feedback to flush out problems. Finally, the ICS equivalent of the RSS/Atom Feed Validator — a service called iCalendar Validator, based on a Java library called iCal4j — isn’t anywhere near as comprehensive and informative as the RSS/Atom Validator.

Here’s a chart that lists the iCalendar feeds currently being collected by the calendar aggregator.

As you can see, the results are all over the map. Some purportedly valid feeds won’t load using one iCalendar library, some won’t load using another. Some purportedly invalid feeds do load.

I expect things will get worse before they get better. There are only a handful of different ICS producers represented here, but the two labeled homegrown were created directly or indirectly in response to my project. If we recapitulate the RSS/Atom experience with ICS, and lots more ad-hoc ICS feeds arrive on the scene, charts like this will go even redder.

To make them go green, we’ll need a more robust ICS validator.
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january 2009 by moonhouse
Official Google Reader Blog: Namespaced Extensions in Feeds
"I wrote a small MapReduce program to go over our BigTable and get the top 50 namespaces based on the number of feeds that use them. This means that we only looked at feeds that have at least one subscriber, i.e. the 'feeds that matter.' Note that the def
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august 2006 by moonhouse
SuperBlog: an aggregatorsite for everybody!
"SuperBlog is a free service allowing you to create a webpage which combines the headings or articles from one or more other websites that offer RSS of ATOM feeds. Every SuperBlog you create this way will automatically be kept up to date with the latest c
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january 2006 by moonhouse
dose :: how-to: mycomments feed myblog :: January :: 2005
"As part of the evolution of the mycomment blogging discussions started by Mike L, here is a quick how-to post your comments on other blogs, back to your own site, using an rss feed of:  blog  commenting  commentstrack  feeds  via:pinkunicorn 
november 2005 by moonhouse
FeedLounge - the web-based feed reader redefined
"Subscribe to your favorite RSS and Atom feeds and enjoy the most powerful and elegant web-based feed reading experience ever created. Besides standard feed reading features, FeedLounge offers a number of unique features like tagging, saving items indefin
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august 2005 by moonhouse
Fixing (RSS/Atom) Newsfeed Subscription
"There has been a whole bunch of talk about how unusable the blogging subscription/syndication model is. The problem is that it's not an easy thing to explain, and many developers and designers have gone and made it harder by spreading around terms and co
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august 2005 by moonhouse
FeedBurner - Awareness API
"The FeedBurner Awareness API (AwAPI) allows publishers of FeedBurner feeds to reuse the detailed traffic statistics we capture for any of their feeds. Third-party applications and web services that consume feeds can leverage this data to provide useful f
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august 2005 by moonhouse
Create RSS Feeds, Edit and Publish News Feeds with Software
"FeedForAll allows users to easily create, edit and publish RSS feeds. "
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august 2005 by moonhouse
Productivity Tips For Avid Blog Readers
"Information overload is one of the biggest hurdles you'll have to deal with on the road to being more productive. There is so much out there and it's so damn easy to spend hours sorting through your favorite blogs and Web sites. I've always been pretty g
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july 2005 by moonhouse
Review of RSS Readers - The RSS Blog
"As promised, this article is a rundown of all the RSS readers that I've used over the years (and others) and a little bit about what I like and dislike about each." (via
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july 2005 by moonhouse
ongoing · Atom 1.0
"It’s cooked and ready to serve." (via Inessential)
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july 2005 by moonhouse

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