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X Art
Wonderful fanart by X, multiple fandoms, all slashy. Also has some stories.
fanart  author:x  fandom:highlander  fandom:magnificent7  fandom:fast&furious  web:personaldomain  homepage 
november 2011 by moonbeamsfanfic
K. Ryn's Tales of the Sentinel
Sentinel author K. Ryn's fanfiction. All Gen, previously 'zine-published.
homepage  k.ryn  fandom:sentinel  web:brothersinarmsfiction 
july 2009 by moonbeamsfanfic
X Marks The Spot
Homepage for the amazing fanart of X: Highlander, Star Wars, LOTR, Mag7, SG-1, etc...
homepage  fanfic  author:x  note:multimedia 
december 2008 by moonbeamsfanfic
Lorelei Sieja's Stories
Forever Knight fanfiction by author Lorelei Sieja. Includes the Dance series and the best Star Trek crossovers ever written.
homepage  loreleisieja  fandom:foreverknight  web:angelfire 
july 2008 by moonbeamsfanfic
The Tenth Muse1's Fanfiction
Fanfiction in dozens of fandoms. Slash, het, and femmeslash. Often dark and/or kinky. (Home of the extensive multifandom Romanology universe, which I personally don't like but to which author is famous for.) Site is password protected.
homepage  slash  web:personaldomain  genre:kink  note:locked  author:tenthmuse1 
march 2008 by moonbeamsfanfic
Missed the Saturday Dance by Zeotrope
Multi-media World War II SGA AU, including video, audio, images, and text that all work together fabulously. I especially like the "radio broadcast".
fanfic  homepage  video  slash  author:zeotrope  web:personaldomain  fandom:sga  pairing:john/rodney  genre:au  genre:adventure  note:multimedia  length:long  rating:nc17  note:▲ 
february 2008 by moonbeamsfanfic
The Cell
Mamoru's excellent fanvids. Mostly SGA, creator of such classics as "Cartoon Heroes" and "Only One". Awesome cutting and synching work.
homepage  video  web:personaldomain  fandom:sga 
december 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
The Morgan's Web Site - Gargoyles
Homepage of Christine Morgan's numerous Gargoyles fanfiction and art. Read the whole saga, it spans time and characters -- just like the show. Mostly Goliath/Elisa romance, some other pairings.
homepage  het  christinemorgan  web:personaldomain  fandom:gargoyles  genre:au 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
The Magician Trilogy (in 4 parts) Homepage
Homepage for the classic X-Files fantasy novels by authors Jennifer Lyon and Suzanne Bickerstaffe. Links to first two books expired, but homepage still has various accompanying pictures and the map of the Realm.
homepage  fanfic  het  author:suzannebickerstaff  jenniferlyon  fandom:x-files  pairing:mulder/scully  genre:au  genre:adventure  note:multimedia  web:waybackmachine  author:jeniiferlyon 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
Francesca's Sentinel Fiction
Homepage of Sentinel author Francesca (aka Cesperanza). Famous for her Nature series. All slash, mostly NC17.
homepage  slash  author:cesperanza  web:personaldomain  fandom:sentinel  pairing:jim/blair 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
Written by the Stars by Cesperanza: Ars Atlantiadae Archive
A collection of loving tributes (art, poetry, songs, podfics, stories) written based in the Written by the Victors AU by Cesperanza. Various artists contributed.
fanfic  homepage  video  author:cesperanza  web:personaldomain  fandom:sga  genre:au  genre:futurefic  trope:outside_pov  note:multimedia  note:▲ 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
Lilacs in the Summer
Homepage of Sailor Moon author Lilac Summers. (Note: Classic Serena/Darien romance author.)
homepage  gen  het  web:personaldomain  fandom:sailormoon  author:lilacsummers  pairing:mamoru/usagi 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
Stayka's Dark Kingdom Home
Homepage of Stayka and several other Sailor Moon authors who focus on the relationship of the Dark Kingdom Generals. Mostly Kunzite/Zoisite slash, some gen and het.
homepage  web:personaldomain  fandom:sailormoon  pairing:kunzite/zoisite 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic Uncensored
Homepage of author and artist Gumnut, aka Nutty. Mostly gen, some slash.
homepage  gen  web:personaldomain  fandom:knightrider  fandom:sg-1  author:gumnut 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
fiction of the wolf
Homepage of author Red Wolf. Multifandom, many crossovers, many drabbles. All genres, but mostly PG-13 or less. Some guest authors.
homepage  web:personaldomain  fandom:buffy  fandom:doctorwho/torchwood  fandom:highlander  trope:originalcharacters  author:redwolf 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
Author DL Witherspoon's homepage of fanfiction stories. Several fandoms, many crossovers. All gen. (Note: Her older work is much better than her newer stuff, more rich and detailed and exciting.)
homepage  gen  fandom:highlander  fandom:sentinel  genre:crossover  web:skeeter63  author:dlwitherspoon 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
Homepage for Pru's fanfiction. Several fandoms. Mostly slash. (Note: Has some of the funniest turns of phrase I've ever read, very clever writing.)
homepage  slash  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:house  fandom:sga  fandom:smallville  web:talkoncorners  author:pru 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
Homepage of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues author Marge Shasberger. Gen and het stories.
homepage  gen  author:margeshasberger  web:onemain  fandom:kftlc 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
the dmz: Domenika Marzione's fanfic
Homepage for Domenika Marzione, aka Miss_Porcupine, fanfiction. Stargate: Atlantis, X-Men, DCU. All gen. (Note: Excellent military realism! Makes canon actually *make sense*!)
homepage  gen  web:personaldomain  fandom:sga  fandom:x-men  author:miss_porcupine 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
Ramoniciu´s Artworks
Homepage for fanvidder Ramoniciu. NCIS, Supernatural, and Stargate: SG-1.
homepage  video  web:personaldomain  fandom:ncis  fandom:sg-1  fandom:supernatural 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
Vids by Porthos
Collection of all fanvids made by Porthos. TMNT and GateTrek are especially good. Mostly Stargate: Atlantis vids.
homepage  video  fandom:sga  web:defunct 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic
FLAGNet - Fire & Ice AU by Gryph (aka Macx)
This is it, the immensely popular and crazily addictive Fire & Ice AU that all Knight Rider fans *must* read. Link goes to the main page where all the stories can be found -- read them all!
homepage  fanfic  gen  web:personaldomain  fandom:knightrider  genre:au  genre:crossover  genre:adventure  trope:family  trope:originalcharacters  length:epic  rating:r  note:♥  trope:worldbuilding  author:gryph/macx 
october 2007 by moonbeamsfanfic

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