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Appreciation for the Arts by PurpleMoon3
Harry Dresden drops some eves, and then drops a building, all at the behest of his beloved city. America can come too
fanfic  gen  fandom:dresdenfiles  genre:crossover  genre:humour  trope:reincarnation  length:ficlet  rating:g  author:purplemoon3  web:ao3 
june 2017 by moonbeamsfanfic
Avengerian Knot by PurpleMoon3
The Avengers, minus Thor who has awesome godly immunity, are struck with a TERRIBLE CURSE that prevents them from communicating! Their word's are salad, meaning lost, and SHIELD is at loss. They've been stabled until a cure can be found.

Or at least until Steve finds the lone Phonebook of Stark Tower, and decides to hire a professional. Enter Harry Dresden.
fanfic  gen  fandom:avengers  fandom:dresdenfiles  genre:crossover  genre:humour  trope:outside_pov  length:short  rating:g  author:purplemoon3  web:ao3 
march 2014 by moonbeamsfanfic
Checks and Balances by PurpleMoon3
Dean never thought much about the reaper in Maine, but it thought about him. Death doesn't like being in debt. Post Movie Dogma, Beginning Season 2 SPN.
fanfic  gen  fandom:supernatural  fandom:dogma  genre:crossover  genre:crackfic  length:ficlet  rating:pg13  author:purplemoon3  web:ffn 
december 2010 by moonbeamsfanfic
Winchester Marines by PurpleMoon3
For Winchesters, insanity is in the blood. Because I wanted a story where Ben is still crazy, but his craziness is channeled into a useful outlet. (aka the Dean leads the Blue Lady's Army fic)
fanfic  gen  author:purplemoon3  web:ffn  fandom:darkangel  fandom:supernatural  genre:au  genre:crossover  genre:kidfic  genre:pre-series  genre:metafic  trope:family  trope:outside_pov  length:short  rating:pg  note:♥ 
september 2010 by moonbeamsfanfic

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