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Is There a Pulitzer Prize for Fanfiction? by omelet
Peter refuses to stop writing about all the ways Derek and Stiles could fall in love until it happens. Because he's a good uncle and he is nothing, if not determined. (aka the Match-Maker!Peter fic with bonus help from Greenberg, ha!)
fanfic  slash  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:crackfic  genre:humour  genre:metafic  trope:family  trope:outside_pov  trope:epistolary  length:ficlet  rating:pg13  author:omelet  web:ao3 
january 2013 by moonbeamsfanfic
One Big Happy Pack Family by omelet
Stiles should've known that it was only a matter of time before he went to the next level and adopted an honest to god wolf. It's like the slippery slope of dog ownership.

Well, at least he's got a co-parent for his pups.
fanfic  pre-slash  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:au  genre:humour  genre:crackfic  genre:fluff  trope:animals  trope:revelation  length:short  rating:pg13  author:omelet  web:ao3  note:wip 
december 2012 by moonbeamsfanfic
Derek Hale's Seduction Techniques by omelet
It doesn't sit well with Stiles, the thing at the police station and with Erica. It niggles at him from the back of his mind, screaming PAY ATTENTION TO ME. Because Derek's apparently familiar enough with flirting to do it successfully, like it's something that comes naturally to him, but what kind of broody misanthropic guy flirts?

(aka Yet Another Stiles is Oblivious Only Because No One Ever Says Anything and He's Not Bloody Mind-Reader fic)
fanfic  pre-slash  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:au  genre:humour  length:short  rating:pg13  author:omelet  web:ao3 
december 2012 by moonbeamsfanfic

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